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The Skeleton Dance of the Penis!

A dancing skeleton may invoke Halloween, the Day of the Dead, Samhain, or any such Fall Festival related to harvest, Ancestors, or turning inward. This festival also honors all the men who have ever masturbated and how that incredible legacy guides your hands as you pleasure yourself here and now.

Your boner actually does have a skeleton--of a kind! This is why your penis can not only stand up, but dance! Of course it is not solid, dense bone. Instead, there is the marvel of the collagen framework of those two parallel rigid chambers and the septum between them, which work together with increased internal blood pressure to produce the glory of the human male erection!

Collagen Sheaths of the firmer inner chambers are shown in white…

Collagen is a structural protein that actually comprises about 1/3rd of the protein mass of your body. The "septum" of collagen that connects the two chambers in the middle is like binding two stalks of bamboo together. It adds to the rigidity of the entire shaft.

The inner structures and functions of your penis, which conspire to produce the wonders of this vascular organ that exists in a continuum from flaccid to erect states, are a complex marvel that you need not understand in detail to appreciate and enjoy experiencing it.

You may already know about the two major internal chambers that run the length of your penis. These two grow rigid when blood flows increases into them and then gets inhibited from flowing back out. Thus, internal blood pressure rises, and so does your erection.

Penis Cross-section upon the Full Moon

(October 31, 2020 is a Blue Moon, meaning the second Full Moon within a month!)

Those two major inner chambers feel quite soft and highly flexible until they begin to fill with increased blood pressure. The chambers are enclosed by an inner layer of collagen rings, like rings on a finger, and just outside of that, a layer of collagen fibers runs lengthwise.

Thus, these two layers comprise a kind of weave of collagen fibers at perpendicular angles: +++. The two firmer inner chambers comprise most of the bulk of the erect shaft, while the third, softer spongy chambers runs along the underside of your majestic Sky Pillar.

My Glans Penis resembles the Lunar Orb

(And so does Yours!)

This third, spongy chamber (which contains the urethra through which you pee and ejaculate) does something remarkable as it nears the end of your penis: it flares out and the end expands to form that fabulous and admirable mushroom head of your penis!

You can see in his firm erection that this young man proudly displays (above), how the third spongy chamber that runs along the underside can sometimes be visible as a lengthwise ridge called the "penile raphe."

Anyway, let's not forget the fun spirit of this holiday weekend (artwork above by Joe Phillips) and different possible meanings for the Skeleton Dance of the Penis, with a rainbow diversity of Witch Boys dancing around the Samhain Fire! (You may recognize the naked one in the yellow hat and scarf as Young Russell, my Erotic Wizard's Apprentice!)

Though many men wish their penis was longer and thicker, a really large penis like the endowment of this happy young fellow (above) may prove so heavy when filled with blood, that it does not stand up at an angle so easily as more modest-sized organs. Actually, all penises are beautiful and perfect!

All kinds of men from the most clean-cut butch-looking dudes to latter day young long-hairs enjoy the same Skeleton Dance of the Penis when those twin inner chambers get engorged and the blood presses outward against that weave of collagen fibers (+++) to render the shaft stiff and erect and responsive to touch.

Still, that same inner structure is there in all states of the continuum of this vascular organ, from erect to flaccid, and informs its elegant shape when it hangs soft, or even just slightly engorged.

The penis is worthy of celebration, veneration, and adoration in all states, and the man attached to it can always dance, regardless of whether it is totally soft and jiggles as such, or begins to swell and extend a bit heavier before it starts to lift, as you see above.

When the increasing blood flowing in and getting more or less trapped within the inner chambers of the penis triggers the organ's "skeleton" to become more obvious and cause it to stand up, the penis is asking for attention and it deserves attention!

When your erection is seen by other men, it usually gains their attention and admiration, but it is even more certain to get your own attention and to reward your touching it with those wondrous sensations--the blissful ecstasy of pure penis pleasure this is really all about.

This time of year is also hoodie weather season, at least in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet. But even at this time when you may need to wear more clothing outdoors, when the skeleton of your penis stiffens it up, you may need to let it out for at least some form of dancing…

…and if you have a buddy you can safely get closer to, your penis and his penis may signal you both that they would like to dance together!

In some cases, you may get together in a warm enough place to be naked with your Phallic Brother and share the Skeleton Dance of the Penis with him.

But there's no reason to feel deprived if you are willing to accept full responsibility for how much pure penis pleasure you can possibly enjoy. Though I personally don't think you can really top what your own two hands can do in this regard, now and then for variety, certain toys like the highly popular one above may prove profoundly enjoyable.

How fun it can be to surprise yourself and improvise a Skeleton Dance of the Penis in unexpected places!

There's really nothing more spectacular for men than that thing that makes a man truly a man and inspires his deepest gratitude and his grandest degrees of awe and wonder--right there, between his legs.

Please share your own Skeleton Dance of the Penis with my handsome Erotic Wizard's Apprentice (above): Young Russell!

Though the Blue Moon indicates something rare and very special, it also partakes of something that in truth is always there, like your penis--the Moon in its forever-changing phases. With this second Full Moon of October, 2020, let go of everything else and do your own Skeleton Dance in honor of all those Ancestral men of the past who ever touched their own penises or those of their Phallic Brothers.

Which brings me to another meaning of the Blue Moon. In James Hilton's great novel LOST HORIZON, the remote and hidden Himalayan valley of Shangri-La is named for a Tibetan term meaning "Gate of the Blue Moon." I don't care what anyone thinks: I adore Ross Hunter's 1973 musical film! (To hear the beautiful theme song, click the image above.) Shangri-La is also inspired by the Sino-Tibetan legend of the Kingdom of Shambhala, which I wrote about in other blogs you can find HERE and more recently HERE.

So hesitate no more, Brother! Do the dance you see Young Russell doing above, and enjoy every other way to pleasure your erection. Though you probably know by now I encourage you to explore semen retention, making ejaculation a choice--in order to explore far more prolonged and intense plateaus of pure penis pleasure--sometimes the Full Moon is also a great time to ejaculate!

Especially after you have cultivated your erotic ecstasy for at least a few hours, an ejaculation may prove incredibly intense, powerful, and abundant. But whether you just ooze a little bit, or erupt with gigantic jets of pearly jam, or even decide to keep that holy seed inside you for alchemical reasons of transforming how you feel in your daily life--it is all good!

(Artwork by Joe Phillips)

Those brooms the Witch Boys fly on + their wands, really represent their erections--and see what fun they're having? They know how to fly…

Actually, the Skeleton Dance of the Penis is the Dance of Life!

Peace & Namaste,


PS: Special thanks to Young Russell for making the GIFs!

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1 commentaire

01 nov. 2020

When you first begin to masturbate, it's hard to be mindful. You're too wrapped up in thought. But as you focus on the wonderful feelings, the outside world fades away and you surrender to pure pleasure.

Your heart opens, your awareness heightens, and the inside world comes to life. This is your gift. It's what you love above all. Your entire life has been a preparation for this. Chills run up your spine, and your Divine Essence awakens in Paradise.

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