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You Are Lord of the Lifted Arm…

by Bruce P. Grether

…and the Healthy Eye!

The Egyptian Phallic God Min comes from a period more than 6,000 years ago before the first dynasties of Ancient Egypt. His conventional image is of a man crowned with two tall plumes. He stands man with his erect penis in his right hand; his left arm arm is raised above his shoulders, the hand framed by a thresher's flail or the angle of a triangle.

Lord Min is called "Lord of the Lifted Arm and the Healthy Eye," as the "Udjat" or Eye of Health represented vitality and vibrance associated with male arousal and self-pleasure. As such, the Udjat, also called the "Wisdom Eye" can be interpreted as the head of the penis, which centers upon the pupil or meatus.

In Egyptian language, to combine the name of any male with "Min" means the phallic form of that being. Thus you see above, that handsome young Russell manifests this form of divinity.

Consider the mythic and archetypal qualities of sacred sexuality. Though the womb provides a " field" for growth of the Holy Child (every person!) the actual Seed Source is the fluids that emerge from the erect penis of the Father.

This is not a judgment of superiority or inferiority: it simply restores the biological reality to the sacred and mythic archetypal pattern of origins. There is no need for any "chicken and egg" confusion here: Male erotic energy produces the Seed of Life from which all things are conceived, germinate and grow.

Though Lord Min, Lord of the Lifted Arm and the Healthy Eye, is often shown as green-skinned, or even black, this is not literal. Rather, it reflects the principles of vibrant vegetative growth and the dark, fertile soil deposited of Ancient Egypt.

During the "Valley Festival" of Min, who may also have been a primordial Rain God, the image of the aroused deity was brought out of the shrine. He was carried in a sacred boat through the fields to bless the agricultural abundance. Men and boys openly masturbated themselves and one another as the procession passed by, to add their energy.

The primordial Creation Myth of Min-Atum involved his emergence from the flood as Lord of the Primordial Mound. He masturbated in order to avoid dissolving back into the waters. His first two ejaculations became the Lord of Air and the Lady of Mist. Their children were the Lord of Earth, who lay on his back, erect, gazing up at the Lady of Sky, the Starry Night above. This deity, Lord Geb's erection became the familiar obelisk.

Further East, among the Holy Men of Mother India, some Sadhus of the Tantric Path do not reject sexuality, or anything at all, but celebrate phallic pleasure as sacred.

Such healthy celebration of pure penis pleasure enhances human life…

…and men discover, contrary to assumptions, that this works perfectly solo!

Despite conditioning, social, cultural, even in porn, that you need sex partners…

…in truth, loving others begins with loving yourself first!

Solosexuality is not superior to partnered erotic pleasures… but enhances them!

The "Lifted Arm" of Lord Min is not only the actual limb attached to your shoulder, which you may raise above your head while you masturbate, but also your erection itself, is a "Lifted Arm."

The Healthy Eye or "Udjat" of Egypt is not only the meatus opening centered on the rounded eyeball of your penis head…

…but also the gaze of appreciation and approval; bestowed upon your genitalia as you admire these precious organs between your legs!

The contemporary movement to embrace male self-pleasure as a valuable and healthy practice parallels the "automotive revolution." Just as the latter now requires sustainably-sourced electric-powered vehicles, masturbation must move into shameless, guilt-free, consciousness-expanding modes to self-motivate you.

Erotic stimulation from reading explicit stories is quite different from online porn in its effects upon you. Consider: MOONTUSK or my latest erotic epic, CLOUDWHALE. Many men tell me these books provided them with hours of rock-hard masturbatory pleasure! They are also good stories with well-developed characters!

So! Phallic Brotherhood is a global reality! It can help us save humanity and the planet!

As you practice truly Mindful Masturbation and refine your self-pleasure skills, the incredible ecstatic bliss becomes it own reward. It also becomes Male Erotic Alchemy, a genuinely regenerative, transformational practice. With Min, the Flail above his hand separates Sacred Seed from the stalk where it grows: erotic cultivation! Retain the Seed for more growth…

Male Erotic Alchemy regenerates and transforms you.

Russell Min, as I call him here, engages in a Male Erotic Alchemy experiment to cultivate his pure penis pleasure as never before. Curious? You might ask him about it during this month's Full Moon Group Masturbation Session, coming on Sunday the 24th, 2024, listed not far below.

Tehuti: Lord of the Moon and Wisdom

The Ibis-headed Egyptian God Tehuti (called Thoth or Hermes by the Greeks) is the Lord of Magick, Numbers, Language, and Lunar Mysteries. His long curved beak, like that of the bird, plucks wisdom from the swampy sediment of experience for nourishment and also resembles the erect phallus, a major source of human wisdom.

Russell Min (unusually!) Clothed!

This handsome young man will host and guide the Full Moon Group Masturbation Session coming on Sunday, March 24th, 2024: 11-12 am PST, 12-1 pm Mountain Time, 1-2 pm Central, 2-3 EST. You are welcome to arrive 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes after for fellowship time. Sign up HERE or click the photo above or below.

Well… at least partly clothed!!!

Please consider appearing in videos on our OnlyFans page, if you are willing to share both your penis and your face with your Phallic Brothers! If so, contact either Russell or me directly through the email links on this PAGE!

Otherwise, consider joining the OF page for many hours of masturbatory bliss:

Much Brotherly Love,


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