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Male Masturbators are Moon Gods!

by Bruce P. Grether

As the Moon itself is always changing in appearance, your Holy Penis constantly waxes and wanes from soft to hard and erect and back to soft again. Only this part of your male human body undergoes such regular and dramatic changes in appearance, size, consistency and temperature. Such change is the only changeless thing!

The ancient Egyptian deity Tehuti, called "Thoth" and associated with Hermes by the Greeks, was a lunar deity among his other attributes. His Ibis-headed form has a curved beak like the curved rim of the moon or like the rounded glans penis! The Hindu "Chandra" and Norse god "Mani" are among other male Moon Gods.

Such divinities are associated with the keeping of time, regulation of cycles, and having the strength to "cross the sky" on a regular basis. See (above) how in the human body, where the penis head or glans echoes the orb of the moon, the cycle moves from Dark Moon of the glans covered by the foreskin (1), to fully erect and fully exposed Full Moon (6).

Many readers tell me they masturbated all the way through the four published novels of THE MOONTUSK CHRONCLES, in which the male lovers Dare and Hosis share many adventures. In their world, a secret Phallic Brotherhood teaches "droojikah," a practice like Mindful Masturbation. You can find book One HERE and enter that world, if you wish! (Or click the image above.)

From a Five Star (*****) Review: "Core to the story, he has included beautiful examples of The Hero’s Journey; of men coming to terms with their own queer side, and evolving a true love for each other. My second criteria for such a genre is what I call 'penis frequency response rate.' For me, this book had a high response rate. I found the erotic scenes intriguing, subtle and tantalizing. Normally, I am not one for fiction, but I have found this story difficult to put down. One big thumbs up!"

There is no need to push analogies too far, such as insisting that "the Moon is always Full" for circumcised men like me. Still, the endlessly transitioning, transmutational and transforming qualities of the penis are truly Lunar in Nature.

The Moon is considered to have a strong influence on the Water Element, partly due to the activity of tides that rise and fall in relation to the passages of the Lunar Sphere. Your male human body is estimated to be 60-70% water.

Thus the Lunar influences occur both within the Microcosm of your body and within the Macrocosm of Earth, its satellite and the Sun that both orbit among the starry vastness of the Universe.

These young men enjoy sharing their fully engorged, extended phalluses that reach into realms of bliss just as the trunks of trees reach towards the sky.

This handsome young man…

…proudly displayes his superb manly endowment, though also appears a bit concerned.

Gaze into this young man's intelligent eyes. His exquisite body is a gift from Male Ancestors.

Phallic dimensions of the Lunar Body reflect human dimensions in these creatively moving images…

…just as this beautiful young man's soft, yet radiant smile beams at you. In both masturbation and erotic contact with another person, a penis that is at perhaps 2/3rds or 3/4th fully erect may actually prove optimal.

Men are often conditioned to imagine that maintaining a full erection all through erotic activity is a worthy goal. "Oh, no, my Men," says the Phallic God. "Your glory is in every state, every place in the cycle between Newness and Fullness, Darkness and Total Revelation!"

When a young man learns to enjoy relaxed, sustained stimulation of his penis, he is likely to optimize the flow of pre-cum. This clear delight varies in abundance different men from none detectable to virtual rivers. It is all good!!!

This guy extends his erect penis into the world as if sensing dimensions beyond those ordinarily tangible. Remember, the Moon is not a denizen of the night, though it is more obvious during darkness, the Moon also crosses the day sky.

Western cultures can learn from the Far East the value of Elders. Those of us who have survived past middle age, often develop wisdom along with grey or white hairs. Whether an Elder is wise or not, you can benefit yourself by treating everyone of every age with respect.

Human males can share Phallic Brotherhood to benefit both humanity and the planet and to encourage peace among men.

Of course, there are those Ancestral Riches of blissful awareness that me come from rubbing your erect penis agains the erect penis of a fellow man. What you communicate, man-to-man, mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart via cock2cock communion is Truly ineffable! Beyond Words. Crucial…

Gravity is not the enemy of life and happiness, but indicates the uprising direction of growth!

These books began with a vivid dream I had. A young man left behind his privileged life, walked into a world of wonders, told himself he sought enlightenment, then found love. I wrote down the dream, which became the first few chapters. I decided not to draw the curtain when my male characters masturbated or made love. Now I'm at work on Book Five: THE WHITE MAMMOTH. I plan two more: Book Six: THE SECRET OF THE YORTS, and Book Seven: THE MASTER OF DROOJIKAH.

Handsome young Russell has launched on a 100-day adventure of Male Erotic Alchemy, which has galvanized his creativity. He plans to post new video content on the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans page every 5 days in the coming month, at least!

Please tell all the men you know who masturbate, or might want to refine and develop their self-pleasure skills. These are just some of the new videos Russell has in the works!

Like me and you and every male masturbator, Russell is a Moon God! He is also a superb Masturbation Coach and facilitates a New Moon Group Lesson each month in Mindful Masturbation, as well as an ejaculatory Full Moon Sex Magick Group.

The next New Moon Group Mindful Masturbation Lesson conducted by Russell arrives on Sunday, March 10th: @ 11 am PST/ 12 pm MST/ 1 pm CST/ 2 pm EST, USA! Each lesson lasts 90 minutes and you are welcome to sign on 15 minutes early for fellowship and stay 15 minutes after.

Places available until 1 hr. before event. Please sign up HERE!

The next Full Moon Masturbation Group Session conducted by Russell arrives on Sunday, March 24th: @ 11 am PST/ 12 pm MST/ 1 pm CST/ 2 pm EST, USA! You are welcome to sign on 15 minutes early for fellowship and stay 15 minutes after.

Places available until 1 hr. before event. Please sign up HERE!

Much Brotherly Love,


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determinant logic
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04. März

Like a kid on Christmas morning I get excited (quite literally!) when I see these new posts! And as one who proudly possesses a halo of silver hair around my seasoned phallus, I always appreciate seeing erotic elders represented here.

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Matthew Bernier
Matthew Bernier
05. März
Antwort an

I agree! Feel free to correspond to share our phallic experiences.

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