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MINDFUL MASTURBATION FOR MEN DVD TRILOGY: Bruce's DVD series designed to instruct men in the art of Mindful Masturbation. Beautiful encouragement, demonstration and inspiration. Watch them streaming in the Mystery School, or click here to purchase the DVD set!
Mindful Masturbation for Men
Mindful Masturbation for Men

DEVELOP YOUR SELF-PLEASURING SKILLS TO EXTRAORDINARY LEVELS. The original revolutionary face-to-face coaching with Bruce. The practice takes you to new levels of ecstasy you may have never experienced before. This is not only about technique, but also about loving yourself, and opening your heart to new possibilities. 90 minutes. Total nudity.

Power of Mindful Masturbation
Power of Mindful Masturbation

This beautiful video shares the shameless, skilled and enthusiastic practice of several exceptional mindful masturbators. Brief interviews offer insight and wisdom, and extended sessions are filmed in Nature to inspire and encourage your own practice. You are invited to masturbate along with these remarkable men. 55 minutes. Total nudity.

Brotherhood of Men
Brotherhood of Men

Mindful Masturbation: Brotherhood of Men DVD - RECONCILING HUMAN NATURE WITH NATURE. Mindful Masturbation is versatile, for it can be practiced solo and also shared with others. You are shown a variety of ways that men can practice together. Beautiful outdoor settings for extended sessions also help you to reclaim your natural heritage as an erotic male animal. 55 minutes. Total nudity.

Golden Phallus

THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN PHALLUS: Major taboos remain around male genitals and eroticism, taboos that you must dissolve in order to reclaim who and what you really are. It is time on our rapidly changing planet to merge the erotic with the sacred, and for you to reclaim your body as a temple. Revealed here as never before, is the authentic phallic wisdom of Male Erotic Alchemy for too long deliberately obscured by the dominant cultures. Ancient wisdom combines with cutting-edge practices that are simple, yet powerful tools you can actually use. The Triple God concept and the three forms of Male Solo Sex Magick will unleash your creative, sustaining, and regenerative powers. You are encouraged to honestly embrace your own phallus and enhanced erotic ecstasy as the legitimate core of your male identity. The Secret of the Golden Phallus will help you to become a happier, healthier, more balanced man.

THE MOONTUSK CHRONICLES: Bruce's series of novels, The Moontusk Chronicles, tells an epic tale of male eroticism, adventure and spiritual quest in a world undergoing radical change. A secret Phallic Brotherhood throughout the Kemnoan Empire teaches men an erotic practice called "droojikah," which resembles Mindful Masturbation.


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