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MINDFUL MASTURBATION FOR MEN DVD TRILOGY: Bruce's DVD series designed to instruct men in the art of Mindful Masturbation. Beautiful encouragement, demonstration and inspiration.
Reactions to the MM4M DVD Trilogy:


Wow! I appreciate the beautifully photographed scenes. It’s especially nice to see the fellows masturbating in natural settings. It feels so good to hear, and watch these men speak so honestly about the physicality and emotional benefits of masturbating, and then actually watch them enter into their own pleasurable states of penis bliss, all the while massaging deeply my own penis.

I actually had to stop the DVD, because of my own somewhat uncontrolled tendency to go over the edge into orgasm. This is one of the reasons I have been so eager to be mentored, advised, and taught in Mindful Masturbation. I love my penis so much and I love to masturbate it so much that I want to develop the practice of sustaining the pleasure and the benefits without feeling compelled to orgasm and or ejaculate.

With that as my goal for now, these DVDs will be a real aid to achievement. Again . . . great quality of presentation!

     -- Tim W.


Hey bro, 

I just got the dvds today. I watched the first one with my friend tonight. This is going to change me and my friend (I assume). Up until now I had been a traditional masturbater. Now my eyes have been opened. I will be trying these new techniques out. The disk and presumably the next two are wonderful. Thanks, again.

     -- Keep on bating, your bro, Richard on Bateworld


From the bottom of my heart, Bruce, let me thank you for creating this amazing program of video teachings. What you are doing, your Mission, YOU totally rock, my Brother! It's completely changed my life and changed me.

Personally I'm living proof of the things you say in your voluminous writings and in the thoughtful, kind, gentle, passionate and intensely erotic way you teach all through the videos. That first DVD amazes me because you can demonstrate and talk the whole time, plus you have such a magnificent penis! Those guys in #2 and #3 are magnificent men--perfect examples too! Now I want a whole new career for myself. I want to be an Erotic Wizard, and when I said that you told me, "You already have everything it takes." Amazing.

Again, let me thank you most humbly, Bruce. My penis thanks you. Someday the whole world will thank you, because you brings such joy and sanity to the power and beauty of male masturbation.

     -- Henry A. Stoddard III


I only recently became aware of you through your marvelous Mindful Masturbation DVDs and then also because of your blog which I regularly read with great pleasure.Your Mindful Masturbation DVDs are very helpful. I have been masturbating for many years but only recently discovered how joyful and exciting it can really be by using your different techniques and also oil to intensify the pleasure. Thank you for the pleasure and insight you bring.

     -- Philip, Cape Town, South Africa


A man who understand and promotes masturbation!



My screen name is Explorer -- or some variations thereof.  I met Bruce on BateWorld and after a couple of chats I did some reserach and ordered all 3 DVD's.  On arrival I whipped through the first oneMindful Masturbation for Men in very short order. Several days later we chatted more and I then went ahead and watched The Power of Mindful Masturbation.  The more I watched.. the more I enjoyed.  The last vid [Brotherhood of Men] has been watched several times.  Here's the deal... I am a masturbator... yes, I like making love and enjoying all the passion that that connection brings, but the joy of sharing cock time with other like minded men is what I really enjoy. I like to watch, like to be watched... like to share stories and feelings and techniques.. and ultimately I do enjoy sharing a load with like minded men.  Thanks Bruce for all the information, inspiration, education and joyous company!

     -- Explorer. 


I think it's easy to forget what it was like when we were just starting off. As you grow and learn and become comfortable being yourself, you forget what it was like before you became more "enlightened".

Some of the comments we received about the DVDs we did with Bruce really point that out.  Some men are just so "grateful" to see other men enjoying masturbation, both alone and in the presence of other men.  Once you have the freedom to express yourself, and to be who you are, and to feel totally comfortable, open and sexual, it's a very liberating feeling.

For those of us that haven't reached that point, it is not as easy as throwing a switch and saying, "I'm happy, healthy and comfortable with my sexual self."  It is a long road to unlearn some negative behaviors that we may have been taught as children.   I remember when I was just a frustrated teenager thinking I would never even be in the same room as another naked man.  The other week we were having dinner with a friend when he asked me about my participation in the DVDs and we had a very nice conversation at the dinner table about the healthful benefits of masturbation, I certainly could not have done that when I was 20, I would have been embarrassed beyond belief.

     --Peter J. Macay, 5.22.10


Dear Bruce, beautiful man!
I have been working with the videos several times and still do ... certainly there is food for a lot of pleasuring work.
The beautiful thing happening quite early: I get drawn into the exercises and moves that are being shown by you, or the other men in the videos.
(Just to explain: When I look for stimulation in xxx-videos I find my own rhythm very easily and go about it no matter what the rhythm of a guy in the video is. But when I see a masturbating guy at the sauna - if I do feel any connection!!! - I will present my erection and start masturbating and breathing in the same way he is doing. To me this has become a key component of simultaneous masturbation with another man.)
Now I do get the same sensation upon watching your videos ... I feel the invitation to connect and follow along ... I think this is quite amazing  for a video ... it breaks the limitations of video ...
I thank you for that ... and I love you for that.
Have a wonderful day!

     -- Paul Thomas, Munich, Germany

Just finished watching the last [DVD]. Most stimulating, good that you thought of doing the DVD's, so many men really do not know how to masturbate for the real pleasure of it. Really enjoy the mutual play. While the other two just watch and stroke, David really gets into it. That is one of the most fantastic orgasms I have seen. Will have to watch that orgasm again and again. Cudos to you and Peter, David and Dr. Thom. Love the cock to cock chapters, wish I could find someone here to do the same.

     -- David Jones


Got the trilogy and have to say - worth every penny spent. The videos are the best and I have learned quite a bit. Use the dvd's daily and am masturbating 2 to 3 times per day not always releasing.

      -- Draco Pintel


Bruce, My set of 3 DVDs arrived last week. I must say that the $49 I paid for these DVD has certainly been well worth it! I have been a "chronic masturbator" for decades and even so, within the first few minutes of viewing "Mindful Masturbation for Men" wonderful and profound new additional enlightenment has been shed on my Penis Pleasuring! I wanted to write to you earlier but golly, I was too busy masturbating with "you"! I have so many good thoughts to share with you but that will come later when I have a chance to let it all settle down. I will be 63 on my next birthday and I can only say how blessed I am at my age as to how "Mindful Masturbation" adds so much to my life and well being. It is sexual pleasure, combined with self discovery, enhanced inner peace, its joy, its fun, its male, its erotic, it is spiritual it is LIFE! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 
     -- Dick Morgan


"Proud Mindful (Senior) Masturbator" 

They are so beautifully done! I was more concerned with observing the first time, but I could not help but start masturbating with them about 40 minutes into the first one. I really saw some of myself in all of the men in the vids.

     -- Kevin Michael


Thanks, Bruce, for putting together such a great collection of DVDs!  My penis has never felt so good and my masturbation has never been so fulfilling!

      -- Josh 


Bruce, watched the first of the two videos. It is wonderful. Simple, educational, inspiring, and arousing. Thanks! Very reasonable cost!

      -- Brian L. 


I have had a chance to spend time with both of your [new] DVDs, and they are beautiful. Impeccably produced, substantial, masterful. Much teaching and beauty with little ostensible “teaching” at all, thank you. You infuse rather than impose. Congratulations and thanks!

      -- Val M. Cox 


I received the DVDs, and I cannot thank you enough - they are truly remarkable!

      -- Rob Garuda  


Thank you so much for the lovely DVDs!  I've started to watch them and find them extremely valuable.  I truly do hope that you succeed in your mission to "take over the world!"

      -- Ryan Kingsrow 


I've just received your DVDs in the mail yesterday and have viewed one already…it is wonderful and so are you. Thank you for taking we men on this wonderful journey. So you are right, there are a lot of men who hunger for this knowledge and don't know how to use their "magic wands" to their full benefit. I believe your DVDs go a long way in opening that door for the Brothers to walk through together. I can't thank you enough for opening this door for all of us. I'll keep you updated as to what is happening.

      -- Ron K., Canada 


I just bought your DVDs about Mindful Masturbation and I read your site about the Male Mystery School. Congratulations for your job.

      -- Antonio P., Brazil 


I've always enjoyed masturbating but it’s even better now that I've seen your DVDs. Thanks.

      --  Greg 

MINDFUL MASTURBATION FOR MEN DVD TRILOGY: Bruce's DVD series designed to instruct men in the art of Mindful Masturbation. Beautiful encouragement, demonstration and inspiration.
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