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There is a long-secret and powerful way to masturbate. This is the most advanced erotic teaching available for men of today. Self-pleasure as self-love is the key to everything.
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Ancient cultures around the world have held secret sexual teachings for millennia. The time for secrecy is over. Such powerful knowledge of the body is available to you here.


Erotic Engineering can teach you how to expand your consciousness with masturbation. You can train yourself to break old habits and experience new levels of pleasure. The practices taught here can take you into higher states of awareness. The essence of Tantra, Taoist Sexual Secrets, and Western Sex Magick, can now be revealed and shared as simple and effective practices that anyone can use.


Discover the secret and powerful energy of your penis, revealed by Erotic Engineering!


About Us
"How does the most well-known teacher in the world of male masturbation masturbate?  Bruce P. Grether has spent most of the last fifteen years as a male masturbation activist and teacher.  Online, in DVDs, and in classes, Bruce teaches that the sustained sexual arousal produced from mindful masturbation gives us access to the magic deep within our hearts." - Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., 2015
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Russell (Dragon Puppy III) has been studying esoteric philosophies since he was a boy. However, the concepts only started to make sense at age 38, when he finally accepted his same sex attractions after many years of denial and shame. Russell has learned firsthand that a dedicated Mindful Masturbation practice of pure penis pleasure transforms a man on an inner level. This leads to manifestation in the external world using Male SoloSex Magick. He is dedicated to sharing himself, his gifts of art and music, and his understanding in order to help others achieve their true authenticity and liberate the world from shame.


When you pay for coaching, it helps support this site.

Mindful Masturbation Coaching available online:

First consultation FREE. $150/hour session,

Contact Russell.

On Twitter: @Dragonpuppy3

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Russell anytime.

Bruce P. Grether

Bruce P. Grether first experienced intense, transformational erotic ecstasy at a very young age when he and another boy his own age rubbed their penises together for a long time. Too young to ejaculate, he nonetheless experienced a continuous orgasmic state, and felt One with everything. At puberty he became painfully shy about his body, then spent over thirty years masturbating frequently, but feeling there could be more to it. In the year 1995 Bruce learned how to cultivate his erotic energy without ejaculation and rediscovered the long-lost Penis Paradise of his boyhood.


When you pay for coaching, it helps support this site.

Mindful Masturbation Coaching available via Skype:

First consultation FREE. $100/hour session,

Contact Bruce.

On Bateworld: brucepgrether and Skype: mm4mbruce and

On Twitter: @BruceBate

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Bruce anytime.

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Blue Tyger / Blue Water Lily

Blue Tyger demonstrates Mindful Masturbation in a completely non-verbal, sensual journey of self-exploration. Working with the Sacred Blue Water Lily of the Nile, a flower that was considered a phallic deity in ancient Egypt, Blue embodies Nefertum, the god of healing and perfume.

Penis! Penis! Penis!

Bruce P. Grether, the Erotic Wizard, introduces you to his penis and the wonderful pleasures that accompany it.

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