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The Phallic Full Moon Feeling…

by Bruce P. Grether

Observe the faces of all men in these photos! Awareness connects the Lunar Cycle with how your penis moves from its softest state to is fully blood-engorged total erection. Your male arousal and relaxation cycle moves parallel to the Moon growing Full and retreating into the Dark of renewal. You share this with all of your fellow human males.

Among the most ancient of known Lunar deities is the Sumerian god Sin, specifically Lord of the Crescent Moon. The most major Sumerian Moon God was called "Nanna," with various permutations such as Imbue, Namrasit, Assimbabbar, and Sin. These deities shed their ever-changing light and wisdom upon humans and their world, alike.

Handsome young Russell, AKA the Unflappable Dragon Puppy III. His glans penis appears particularly Lunar as his male equipment flaps and swings freely and heavily in the sunshine! We thank him for helping us to make and keep this connection with the Moon.

Is Autofellatio Masturbation?

Though you may not primarily use your hands to stimulate your penis, this is something you can do solo, if you can do it at all! (Please don't strain your back and neck trying too hard! Many men cannot achieve this. Those that can, work up to it gradually.) Even when you merely witness this wonder, let it remind you of how the Egyptian Creator Atum, Lord of the Primordial Mound, concluded his first round of masturbation. He stimulated his penis to maintain the integrity of Creation by constant regeneration.

Many other marvels of Phallic Brotherhood are available to virtually all men. Experience how natural and simple the ability to generate mutual pleasure between human males is in truth!

With a fellow man, face-to-face, place your erect penises together…

…and discover how nothing feels as mysteriously silky soft, yet hot and hard…

…as your fellow man's erect penis pressed and rubbed against your erection!

Grip both shafts together in a hand. Press their heat and thickness against each other in your grip. Pay absolutely full attention to every blissful wave of sensation the two penises generate in contact. These very sensations millions of years of evolution have designed your penises for!

Notice how these men's facial expressions register the ecstatic friction…

Carefully observe the faces of these men, both frenulums triggered to Lunar radiance!

"As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above.

As Without, So Within; As Within, So Without."

Now on the OnlyFans page: Parts 1-3!

Russell has truly grown and changed for the better through his dedicated practice of Mindful Masturbation and Male Erotic Alchemy. He is a genuine Erotic Wizard. Feel this Real Magick in your own body; watch and listen to every second of the vids and transform! Join!

Studies reveal that a male person with older male siblings is more likely to experience same-sex attraction… for reasons unknown. Not always the case--but true in my case!

Again, observe closely the faces of these men, not just their bodies and activity, acting as Moon Gods!

[From Bruce's journal, 4.20.24]: "We are taught to try to keep hate & fear in a separate room in our mind from Love…

…which keeps hate & fear alive. The answer is…

…to put all three into the same room.

We learn that Love is the greatest of all.

Love dissolves everything else.

Then there is no separation." - Bruce, 4.20.24

Your penis is the key that opens the portal!

Observe this man's face as he exerts his flexible body to lick his own glans penis…

…and witness his absorbed attention as he takes it into his mouth and sucks himself…

…his inner absorption becomes visible as he ejaculates into his own mouth His semen overflows down the shaft! See the dazed look in his eyes? As if he has lost his sense of a separate self in order to find his own soul! Regenerated. One with Creation.

This man has become, at least fleetingly, totally One with himself and with All Things! Then he lies back to squeeze any remaining semen from his shaft. He appears a bit puzzled already, by this profound experience!

Support our Phallic Brotherhood Mission by joining the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans page. Let me challenge you personally to do this, and also to watch and practice with every video that looks interesting, all the way through. So much deep body wisdom will emerge in you!

Existence is mysterious. You are conditioned to believe that you know so many things. But when you dissolve yourself in the direct experience of simply feeling totally alive, as in Pure Penis Pleasure, there is no need to believe anything. You know. You Love. You are.

The Sacred Mountains of our beloved Planet Earth can be imagined as the abode of the Great Phallic Gods from the ancient world. Such a vertical upthrust, you can feel in your body!

Our beautiful Erotic Wizard of the Far West, Russell, AKA Dragon Puppy III, exemplifies how your male body reflects every nuance of the Lunar Cycle with the constant transformations of your penis from Fully Erect to dangling softly. Employed often to provide you with plentiful ecstatic bliss, it hangs heavier.

Monday, April 22nd 2024

Don't miss this month's Phallic Brotherhood event at 11 am PST; 12 pm Mountain Time; 1 pm Central; 2 pm EST, USA. For Phallic Fellowship, come 15 minutes early and/or stay 15 minutes late. Places available until one hour before the event. Sign up HERE or click the image above.

Much Brotherly Love,


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Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
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