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Self-Pleasure is a Portal!

by Bruce P. Grether

Awaken your entire body to ecstatic states you have never experienced before, then you can use this bliss to transport yourself. This is not about fantasy as a kind of masturbatory fuel, as porn is, rather you enter and live for a time in a fantastic world to experience the deep mystery, the adventure, the joy of simply being alive!

Fantasy as a genre of books and films, has two basic kinds exemplified by the works of Professor Tolkien and his friend C.S. Lewis. Tolkien's Lengedarium depicts an intricate and compelling, self-contained alternate world. Lewis's NARNIA CHRONICLES are called "portal fantasies" because people from "our" world pass through various portals into another world.

Henry is Our Featured Erotic Wizard This Time!

Mindful Masturbation is the basis for erotic ecstasy as Male Erotic Alchemy. The portal you pass through into a "fantastic world" is not imaginary, rather it is an altered state of consciousness. It is part of the same world in which you have always lived, though for a time experienced within your body as blissful, harmonious, thrilling.

This "historical" photo records two men sharing Phallic Brotherhood, in this case the portal into that thrilling fantastic realm is the fly of one man's trousers through which his friend's hand explores him.

Every human male is naturally equipped with this potential via his embodiment…

…however, a man must consciously, deliberately explore the possibilities in order to open such a portal into a realm where he becomes a Phallic God in a genuine sense.

Men may undertake to pass through such a portal in the company of a Phallic Brother. First, master self-pleasure individually. A natural progression occurs as your body awakens all of its many trillions of cells to their inherent potency as a vehicle for Male Erotic . Train yourself. The share what you learn.

With such Erotic Awakening, which is simply turning on the lights of conscious awareness in relation to what may have seemed dark and unclear before, the most powerful principle is "As Without, So Within; As Within, So Without."

You are the driver of your somatic (bodily) vehicle…

…yet where you seek to be transported is entirely up to you!

My own entry into Narnia happened when I was 7 years of age. THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE was read aloud to me. In those stories, the portals tend to be offered according to a mysterious agenda, more than by conscious choice.

When I began to take my own penis in hand and stimulate myself into thrilling, adventurous realms beyond my ordinary everyday world, the process became one of my choosing!

Men have this spectacular capacity, which allows mundane relief of sexual tension to become a practice of Real Magick, spelled with the "k" at the end because it is more than a trick. It alters your own consciousness. Opens a portal.

Henry Meadows makes Male Erotic Alchemy Visible!

You can actually SEE, not only in his exquisite body and spectacular penis, but in the eloquence of his facial expressions, that Henry passes through a portal here, into a different world.

Our Phallic Brotherhood is immensely blessed to have the example of handsome young Henry, whose transport through a portal shows in the wonder and feeling on his face!

His skill in the process of MIndful Masturbation, which I trained him in for several years, was not my doing, by merged with his own practice of Yoga, his enjoyment of nudity, and his personal practice of Real Magick. He is a brilliant young man!

Among the special gifts Henry has generously shared with you and me and our Brotherhood is his intact male organ, with that lovely foreskin that demonstrates the Lunar Phases of the Glans Penis.

Also, of course, the foreskin protects his glans penis and preserves its extreme sensitivity! But rather than mourn the loss of my own, being circumcised, I celebrate his…

Also, Henry often does standing masturbation. Ancient Egyptians celebrated this with the Creation Myth of Atum, Lord of the Primordial Mound. Also Lord Min, the Valley God associated with the erect forms of many other male deities in Egypt.

The intensity of his expression here, are remarkable; almost disbelief, profound uncertainty, overwhelm…

…and this beautiful human being shares his wonderment--eyes ashine!

Just as the Lunar Cycle moves from Full toward Dark Phase or New…

…Henry enters the portal! He shares what he finds with me and with you!

Blessed Be!

My series of novels, THE MOONTUSK CHRONICLES, are not a portal fantasy. You enter an entirely different world, not another character from this world. However the books are rich with male masturbation and m/m erotica, so your self-pleasure while reading may act as a portal to take you there! Purchase links in the highlighted title above, or click the image.

Handsome young Russell, who is another major gift to our Global Brotherhood, works hard making new content for the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans page. Please join to enjoy it as your own portal to increase your pleasure, and also to support our Mission!

Coming Soon!

New Moon Group Lesson in Mindful Masturbation: Wednesday, April 10th, 11 am - 12:30 PST; 12 - 1:30 pm Mountain Time; 1 - 2:30 pm CST; 2 -3:30 EST, USA. Places available until 1 hour before the event. Sign up HERE or click the image above!

The real deal--direct coaching by Russell, who is our Erotic Wizard of the Far West!

With Much Brotherly Love,


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Apr 21

Fabulous Blog post! The Transporting Points of the Penis allow us the view the genitals in terms of relative Yin-Yang. For example, the "little vale," or septum glandis, can viewed as Yin relative the broad surface of the head, or glans penis. As a region of the penis, these ventral and dorsal aspects of the head can be viewed as the Wood Element, or Direction of movement. With all of its delicious afferent nerve endings, stimulating the head of phallus generates Excitement, the Upward movement of sexual energy. Jing-Well points are points where the "Qi rises."

Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
Apr 21
Replying to

Thanks so much, Brother Alasdair! You contribute so much to the Mission as our beloved Erotic Wizard of the Fart North. I always look forward to further understanding of how the 5 Chinese Elements and the Four Attainments relate to the Western understanding of the Male Arousal Cycle. Immensely grateful for you! - BPG


Apr 08

Mindful masturbation opens the heart.

Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
Apr 21
Replying to

Most definitely, it does this! And signals travel along the spine between genitals and brains both ways, passing through the region of the heart--literally! - BPG

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