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Touch the Source of Happiness!

You know precisely where that Source is: between your legs, where you discover it's true: "Your penis is the exposed tip of your heart!" To touch yourself there consciously, mindfully, as physical self-love, is the key to your personal happiness as a man. This time around, I'll offer some specific techniques that can add to your pure penis pleasure.

According to Sino-Tibetan mythology, the Source of Happiness has an actual location: a remote, hidden Kingdom called Shambhala, somewhere in the lofty Himalayan mountains, encircled by protective, snowy peaks. At the Center is the Palace of the King of Shambhala, and at the very Center of Centers--as your penis is at the middle of your body at an actual location--that Source of Happiness. You are the True Royal Heir of this Kingdom of Penis.

There is no reason that masturbation should necessarily be the very best thing in your life, but it ought to naturally be one of the best. Plus, there's nothing wrong with this if it IS the best thing is your life! Self-pleasure is one of life's greatest treasures. The practice is most valuable, most powerful, if it's not just a regular, routine habit, rather an ongoing adventure of learning and self-discovery, genuine self-love.

In order to FEEL your heart and soul functioning, please click on the image above…

Your personal happiness is a matter you can literally take in hand, and generate increasing levels of enjoyment by constantly training your penis to give you greater and greater pleasure throughout the rest of your lifetime. This happens through conscious, deliberate, purposeful, focused and creative stimulation of your own penis, or what I call Mindful Masturbation.

Of course, to employ both hands, to alternate hands and use each in turn for every practice, invites both of your brain hemispheres, both halves of your nervous system, into the process. This is an important principle of massage: what you do on one side, do on the other also. Likewise, to include your nipples, to brush them, circle, pinch, tweak, flick and tug them while you masturbate your penis adds to your pleasure. This invites the sensations up into your chest and your heart.

A fellow Erotic Wizard reminded me recently of the special value of a practice I now call "Expressway Y." He described stimulating his frenulum, the place that is specially sensitive at the underside of the glans penis for many men, while also stimulating his nipples, in order to increase the neural pathways communicating between these parts of his body. It's like a capital "Y" with the base at your frenulum; the upper arms point to your nipples.

The Phallic Brotherhood Equation: 1 + 1 = 1

Your penis itself IS the Oneness, the non-duality, the Singularity of flesh through which you experience the entire Lunar Cycle that turns and returns and turns again between Full and New and Quarters, light and dark and conception and transformation: erection and flaccidity, and all states between. Every time your penis grows erect and softens again is a similar cycle. Moon Gods are also Phallic Gods for this reason!

Notice in the above photos of my own penis lying draped softly across my thigh, how the head resemble the shape of the Moon, depending on the angle. In this case it looks something like the Gibbous lunar phase. Many traditions make lunar associations with the glans penis. And like the Moon, your penis is always changing…

This is why the "Landing Page" of this site, just after you click that your are "Over 18" to enter, shows a readout that indicates precisely what the lunar phase is, its name and the exact percentage of Full. The Culminating Moon is the phase just before it reaches Full.

This is the gift of your penis--to thoroughly appreciate and enjoy it in all its range of states, from the softest retreat to its boldest hardness; sheltered safely between your legs and extended out, the vulnerable appendage of male pride and joy; a signal of similar intention to fellow men.

Here is the Key of Keys, the Keys to the Kingdom of Penis: view the entire lunar cycle that governs the nature of your penis, its potency and potentials, not as a circular progression, rather as a singular, pulsating whole.

Phallic Brotherhood is simply recognition that you and your fellow men share the same basic Source of Happiness that rises again and again like the mythical Phoenix from between your legs, that waxes and wanes like the Moon, ebbs and flows like the tides. It is the pulsation of Life itself!

In the same manner your heart beats in its place your chest; your respiration is not inhale/exhale, rather it is continuous aliveness.

Study every nuance of the macrocosmic lunar cycle as it continues through constant change, and this reconciles the variable organ of your phallus with the regular beat of your solar heart, and the tidal force of your lungs.

This brings you from the realm of motion to the threshold of genuine stillness.

Your Phallic Brotherhood with fellow men comes about through shared erotic sensations of feeling totally alive, through the deep similarity of the shared human design.

Like the Buddhist "sangha," or community of meditative practitioners, Phallic Brothers encourage and support one another on the path of Mindful Masturbation.

When you touch your penis you touch the source of happiness.

Peace & Namaste,


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Apr 28, 2021

Dear Phallic Brothers who have commented on this blog post! I am so pleased to discover new comments here! The software does not notify me of every new comment… and only recently as they changed the software, has it become easier for me to respond here! Thanks so much, and please know that I send my Phallic Love to all of you! -- Bruce


Apr 28, 2021

With my fingers and thumb outstretched i rub my hardening nipples as my rising cock starts to stand tall ,fingers caressing back and forth up and down making sounds of pleasure as both nipples and cock harden ,yes yes o yes love it.


Mar 04, 2021

It is the source of happiness for many of us. There is no longer any reason to hide in the shadows. I celebrate my magic stick every day and appreciate the ever increasing numbers of phallic brothers who do so as well.


Oct 14, 2020

I like this post. Have been following you for years, and have read your section on mindful masturbation many many times, I have worked hard on the process for at least 10 years have never really mastered it, but have enjoyed the journey. Now at 67 I have slowed a bit but I still enjoy and feel the happiness and satisfaction of self love and masturbation, and surprisingly it took me until recently tor really experience they nipple play. Will experiment with the expressway Y, that is a very sensitive part of my Penis, pushes me to orgasm so will have to just see how it goes.


Oct 10, 2020

Pulling back my foreskin and feeling the breeze on my moist glans is the beginning of my ecstasy. Because my cock is the exposed tip of my heart, this stroke is an act of love. I'm no longer moving toward orgasm; I'm the orgasm itself moving to expand into unconditional ecstasy.

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