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The Kingdom of Penis

Updated: Mar 27

The best possible place for you to live today is in the Kingdom of Penis. While our species struggles with the overlap of several major crises, the situation gives you this opportunity and prescribes this as the wisest course: embrace your authentic erotic nature as a human male; celebrate your penis with masturbation. Train and re-train your penis as never before!

Your penis, located at pretty much the geometric center of your body, can be trained to give you increasingly intense, profound, and indescribably exquisite pleasure during the rest of your life. As such, your penis serves as a major Source of Happiness, and allows you to truly love life itself. This reflects the Tibetan Legend of Shambala, about a hidden kingdom in the highest, most remote Himalayas--a place also called the Source of Happiness.

According to legend, eight valleys radiate out from a central valley in a form that resembles a giant eight-petalled lotus flower. The entire thing is mapped by the Kalachakra Mandala of Tibet. It is said that in a spectacular palace in the center of the central valley, lives the King of Shambhala. So when you place your pure penis pleasure at the center of your existence, you know where your happiness comes from! Right? You are the King of Shambhala!

This Kingdom is not a political state. It is an inherited condition: personal, individual, even spiritual in nature, yet the Penis Kingdom is definitely an actual place, a real place that you can live in within your world of experience.

Place your penis at the center of your existence, which is the natural and correct place for this remarkable male organ. Despite conditioning and cultural taboos that repudiate this truth, your penis properly belongs at the center of your world. Its power as your royal scepter is something you have inherited; this has the power to make you King of your own Life!

As you continue to cultivate your Erotic Garden of Earthly Delights in the Penis Paradise of your male human body, your sense of wonder at the enjoyment you experience restores that "Inner Boy" within you to your full awareness.

During intense masturbation you may experience the clear nectar the emerges from the tip of your aroused male organ, commonly called "pre-cum." This delightfully gooey exudation can be immense fun to play with, and may taste slightly salty. How much or how little of this fluid a man generates varies from a virtual river flow to nothing detectable--which reflects a natural range of individual differences.

While men, our bodies, penises, and masturbation practices occur in numberless variations, there are also Four Traditional Aspects to the Penis Kingdom, as to everything else: Watery, Fiery, Airy, and Earthy.

The Penis Kingdom has rivers. When you urinate, the Watery element flows through you, and pre-cum can seem like a seeping spring. The hot, dry quality of a full erection may seem Fiery, and this shaft filled with heated blood points upwards into the Air.

The male masturbator navigates the elements of his practice with a tool of conscious breathing. The Airy element adds the lifting, upright quality of erection as it stands stiffly inflated. It uplifts and elevates awareness of the man who experiences it: in this case YOU! (Hopefully you masturbate as you read this…)

The Earthy element of the Penis Kingdom, is the experience of male nakedness outdoors. Your animal nature claims you as you claim the deeper inner heritage of your human nature. The penis is a treasured resource in all of its states, from dangling flaccidity to rigid engorgement and shrinking size back to the softest dangle. It's a constant lunar cycle of flowing, ebbing, waxing, waning, brightening, darkening.

Among the ancient Phallic Gods of Egypt is Geb, the Lord of Earth. He reclines upon the flat surface of the ground. His erection aims up into the sky. This mighty pillar of his erection inspires the obelisks of Egypt. Even the mysterious pyramids, lesser ones and the Great Pyramid can be understood as the head of Lord Geb's penis, connecting below with above.

All men, of all ages, can enjoy and share the Kingdom of Penis with our Phallic Brothers--each man as the King of his own phallic realm. One important responsibility of a Good King is to maintain peaceful, mutually beneficial relations with neighboring Kingdoms, hence with their Kings.

Sometimes there's nothing more effective than to simply take matters in hand and recognize this responsibility shared with fellow sovereigns. In the past, the bloody history of humanity's wars has reflected a failure to grasp this form of shared power. Our nearest living relatives, the Bonobo Apes resolve conflicts via sharing erotic pleasure, and so should we!

The idea that homosexual activity is unnatural is quite the opposite of the truth; it is most natural to understand and appreciate your own sex. The idea that opposite attract is not quite accurate--try putting two magnetic + poles together +/+ and you generate penis pleasure beyond all mental categories!

The Kingdom of Penis is already where you live. Still, your own attitude, the vibes you create and your choice to surrender to your own Penis Power, the choice to activate your own Source of Happiness in your body, makes all the difference in how much you enjoy life, in how much you are able to love yourself.

Some systems of Real Magick employ the Pentagram or 5-pointed star. This essentially represents a human body. YOU, the New Adam of the New Earth standing with head high, two arms out, both feet planted wide and strong on the Earth below. Your body is Watery, Fiery, Airy, Earthy, and there is also a Fifth Element, at the Center of Centers, in the Kingdom of Penis.

Just as the Number 5 is sometimes called the Number of Man, that Fifth Element is sometimes called Aether, as something unseen that pervades everything. This is actually LOVE itself, and something that Buddhist Mindfulness calls the element of Mind. Being Present is the greatest gift of Mindful Masturbation, as you truly unleash the Power of YOUR Penis, as you fully inhabit your body.

This is how you can live your life in the Kingdom of Penis: practice self-pleasure as an ongoing daily practice of self love. It is not about merely relieving sexual tension, rather, crown yourself with the coronal ridge, the rim of your glans penis, that flared edge that divides the head of your penis from its shaft.

In order to love yourself as a whole human male, you must love not only your own penis, but those of your fellow men. By the basic design you share with every man, We are All One in the Loving Phallic Brotherhood of Men.

A true King of the Royal Blood of natural manhood does not rule over other people, rather you serve all. You govern yourself as wisely as possible. By your immaculate example you may inspire the best your fellow men are capable of.

Encourage those "other" Kings to generate Happiness from that same Source at the mandala's center, the Palace of the King of Shambhala. In your human body, all those elements of the world combine seamlessly at the center of the Kingdom of Penis.

In this pivotal year of 2020, the Universe is handing you the opportunity to shed illusions, to embrace truth and to become truly ALIVE in the Kingdom of Penis! The deeper mysteries of the Planet Arrakis (as in the upcoming DUNE film) are essentially phallic: a young man must learn to ride the giant sandworms of the parched desert…

…and those giant sandworms are in truth the human penis that surfaces periodically like the lunar cycle in order to remind you of the actual Source of the Spice, the most precious substance int he Universe: Happiness.

Learn to ride that sandworm. Jump on the neck of the Cosmic Dragon to fly through the sky on the Winds of Change, to reach a better future for everyone. Embrace your divine right as the King of Your Life.

Climb that rainbow of living light that connects the below and above, the base of your spine and the top of your head, the deepest root of your penis and its corona.

Is there any better place for you now to live your life?



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Mar 04, 2021

What a great time to learn from the phallic masters. I have loved masturbation my entire life and yet I love it more today than ever due the ability to continue to enhance and extend my masturbatory pleasure beyond anything I could have comprehended years ago


Aug 03, 2020

Thanks so much allextras for your July 17 comment. Yes, my ejaculations are extremely "squirty" and volumous. But more importantly, they are extremely intense and sustained which is perhaps why I've embraced masturbation so much and put the stimulation and nurture of my cock at the center of my lifestyle. So Bruce's teachings really spoke to me as he seemed to understand and offered a way dorward- supportive and non-judgemental.

For me, while my semen is courses up and out of my erect cock, I lose control of my body and cannot speak or think of anything else. Ejaculating cum just means so much to me and while my body is in it's throws, it's all I want to do.


Jul 30, 2020

Dave (monte2352), I would also like to email with you on the subject. I'm the same username at If you don't mind coresponding with somone much younger I appreciate your perspectives and would like to dive deeper into history and learn more abput your own ejaculatory needs.


Jul 28, 2020

Thank you Alasdairziang for sharing your understanding. I've ordered Yin-Yang Butterfly. Mindful masturbation (with semen retention) is taking us all into uncharted territory. Of course, it has its own rewards. Even though it seems that we practice alone, we can arouse and uplift each other and lead the way for those who have no choice due to this pandemic.

Sexual Kung Fu is of interest because in the American culture, we have nothing similar. Mantak Chia's book The MultiOrgasmic Man is what I recommend for my friends. His You-tube talk from 2013 regarding the microcosmic orbit is important because it also gives us way of protecting ourselves from the adverse affects of EMF's.

In Golden Phallus, Bruce mentions that in…


Jul 28, 2020

Hello @ alasdairxiang I really wish you would email me. You have knowledge of things that I know nothing about and that intrigues me. The only old dogs that don’t learn new tricks are lazy, too worn out to think about it, or just don’t give a hoot. I am none of the above. I am always excited to learn new things. Right now my brain is still plenty sharp and want to learn as much as I can. To learn of different cultures of past generations is enticing to me. Teach me.


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