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Male Erotic Alchemy Transforms YOU!

by Bruce P. Grether

The Greek God Hermes, Messenger of the Gods, is perhaps the one among those Olympians who most remains with us today. We often see Hermes used as a symbol of swiftly delivered messages, the business logo of a florist, plus his staff, the Caduceus, is used as the symbol of Medicine. He is also the Patron of Sleep and Dreams.

Your help to sustain our Phallic Brotherhood Mission is appreciated: it's also crucial!

Alasdair's Comment

Our beloved Erotic Wizard of the Far North, Brother Alasdair (fourattainments), offers words of wisdom in his comments on these blogs. His appreciation for our Phallic Brotherhood Mission and the shameless, glorious contributions of Brother Russell mean the world to me!

As for handsome young Russell, AKA Dragon Puppy III, I could not do it without him! He truly "gets" what I mean by Mindful Masturbation as the basis to transform you self-pleasure into a truly transformational practice of Male Erotic Alchemy.

Hermes was the only one among those lofty deities who truly befriended the Great God Pan, who lived down in the wilds of Arcadia. After Hermes invented masturbation, he taught the practice to Pan… which changed that Woodland God forever for the better!

Let me also express appreciation for another cohort, handsome young Henry Meadows, who's knowledge of the Greek language, Coptic and other languages enhanced recent discussions I had with him about Hermes and the syncretistic "Hermes Trismegistus."

While fleet-footed flyer Hermes became the Messenger for his father Zeus, Hermes was also the Patron of Young Men, Athletes, Gymnasiums, Crossroads, Thieves, Merchants, among other attributes. Sleep and dreams--Oh yes!!!

Slow down! I often advise male masturbators…

While I coach men in Mindful Masturbation, one of the first things I urge a man to do in most cases is slow down! There is no need to race to a finish line. Men often feel an urgency about maintaining a full erection the entire time,. I advise that you let your erection come and go naturally. Let it ebb and flow like the tide. Cycle like the Moon!

This complete series, of 3 episodes starting with the "Consult," then the actual Masturbation Coaching, Parts 1 & 2, can now be viewed in full on our OnlyFans PAGE. Click the image above to join and support our Mission.

Russell has taken the suggestions I offered him about Male Erotic Alchemy and practices them more fully than anyone I know!

He groks that to view the body as a "hermetically-sealed" container…

…means to cultivate maximum erotic energy…

…with full mindful awareness…

…and not to control or avoid ejaculation, so much as to render ejaculation a choice! To choose lovingly NOT to shoot forth your semen for a longer period of time, is like the Alchemist distilling and transmuting the mundane into the magnificent!

When he Greeks encountered the Egyptian God Tehuti, (AKA Thoth) often shown as an old man with the head of an Ibis Bird, they formed the "syncretic" belief that they had found their own Hermes in another form. Sometime in the several centuries just before and after the Current Era began, this figure the "3X Great Hermes," or Hermes Trismegistus appeared in Alexandria.

Hermes Contemplates His 3X Greatness!

Hermes Trismegistus was credited with composing texts later called "Corpus Hermeticum," which became thesis for Western Esoteric philosophy and Alchemy. Though this "Corpus" does not reflect Ancient Egyptian teachings, there is wisdom to be found there. "Between the lines" you do find a celebration of Phallic Magick.

Russell's penis is a Golden Phallus because that is how he views it and how he treats it: as an infinitely precious Magickal Instrument: the equipment of a Male Erotic Alchemist.

Your penis is the Golden Phallus as you employ it for the process of transformation, regeneration, and resurrection from a condition of not living in full embodiment…

…thus you render your male generative organ a Wizard's Staff, a Magick Wand. With it complete the Alchemical transformations: Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, and Coagulation. Thus your everyday awareness becomes the ultimate creative power of the Philosopher's Stone, the Elixir of Life, in the Magnum Opus: the Great Work.

Observe with care the precise manner in which this Erotic Wizard manipulates his Golden Phallus in relation to precisely how it registers upon his handsome face. Those expressions tell the entire story that I cannot possibly convey in words!

Here, the Great Work and the ultimate goal of the Bengali Tantra, to experience Divinity, is realized as you and your Golden Phallus are One! The head on your shoulders and your glans penis, as a Golden Acorn, are the same potent creative force.

Male Erotic Alchemy allows you to penetrate the Veil, to look beyond the crystal sphere (your conditioned bubble) that contains this world and observe those Cosmic Wheels turning Beyond: the same as your Atomic Stardust churning and dancing within you.

These Phallic Brothers in France celebrate the embodied mysteries of Male Erotic Alchemy, not as a set of ideas, but as a living practice. Touching and kissing renders their bodies One, like the Primordial Eros, with two heads, four arms, two legs. This reunites what long ago became separated.

Dee's Monad, a symbol invented or channelled by Dr. John Dee in the time of Queen Elizabeth 1, represents many esoteric symbols and numbers merged, just as every important aspect of your body becomes One in your penis. In all penises.

Grant's Magnificent Lunar Glans Penis!

Comments on "The Emerald Star" Blog Post

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Join in the Circle of Men experience, become a member of the OnlyFans, and simply DONATE: all of these help us to continue to do our work as Phallic Missionaries.

Our motive is LOVE, but we truly do need your support as well!

Sleep and dreams--aaaAAAAHHH!!!

Much Brotherly Love,


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