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The Emerald Star (A Phallic Celebration)

by Grant Bliss & Bruce P. Grether

(NOTE FROM BRUCE: Grant Bliss is an explorer, artist, and poet living in the Mojave desert. He was a shaman's apprentice and has amassed a great deal of knowledge of ancient petroglyphs and shamanic connections. He uses this in his awakening to the phallic nature within. Below, he tells of his journey and offers two poems, "Crashing and Rippling Through the Waters of Life" and "The Emerald Star.")

My Journey Into Pure Sensuality

I have always been an extremely sexual being. I first masturbated when I was a very young person. Exploration is my identity, inside and out.

All through my life, I have explored into the unknown, finding and discovering. I have always felt open and accepting of sexuality. One of my favorite songs is called Principles of Lust by Enigma. The lyrics speak to a primal space within.

My penis has always been important to me. It is the vehicle of the creative forces.

Like a wand spreading magic wherever it goes. In my teens I saw things through a lens of fantasy. Delving into a world of imagery and emotions. As a young man in my twenties, I went forth into the world and tasted the forbidden fruit, becoming who I am.

In my thirties, I finally found my grounding in my true manhood. As I entered my forties, I discovered a beautiful foundation within myself. My higher self told me that masturbation is an ascension into one's core, which is key to knowing oneself innately.

Crashing and Rippling Through the Waters of Life

On a small island beach, no one is around.

I sit at the edge of the crystal waters.

The spirit of sexuality comes over me and I begin to express

myself through masturbating as the sun sets around me.

I caress myself, as the waves touch my feet.

I move from a gentle pulsing to a stronger faster rhythm.

The dance of man and manhood. The spirit of the earth is one with me.

The waters change from blue to yellow in a matter of minutes.

I stand up and I see the moon's reflection on the water's surface.

Many worlds touch at once in this moment of desire.

A desire of Life and feeling and energy.

I stroke on, into the sublime bliss.

Just as the sunset eclipses, I reach my peak and release a streak of sperm out into the waves,

Going right through the moon's reflection and disappearing into the foaming waves.

I feel a sense of eternity in that beautiful moment of ecstasy.

Part of me forever crashing and rippling through the Waters of Life.

- G.B.

The Emerald Star

A vision

Long ago

A Man sits naked

In Reflection

On a ledge overlooking the jungle.

As a green falling star flies overhead

He recites this poem:

I stand here

Under the Great Star

Of the Great Man

Glowing for all Men:

To Awaken Thy Brethren

To the power within

The green light

The living creative force

Which ebbs through the cosmos

A flame in the soul of all

The sperm as it travels

Resembles the falling star.

I see the invisible path

That men travel

In all lives

That leads to this moment

Uniting us under the mantle

Of that Great Man In The Sky

Which shines down upon us

As our paths cross into one.

This life

Reflects another life

From another distant time

Where we shared in the agape

And the rainbow of life crowned us

with Kingly Rulership.

Now we meet again

I see you from beyond the many ages

Here and now

In the falling star

In the midnight sky.

My Brother,

The Emerald Being shines from within;

Hear the voice

It is You

It is One Self

Of One Nature.

Feel the seasons changing

The earth moving

The stars shining

I am here

You are within me


Shine your ecstasy

The time is now.

All timelines made into One Time

The light connects us all

A cosmic Emerald Phallus

Creating a muse within

Hold it in your heart

In your mind

Each height of release

I release with you

Oh beautiful star

Blazing into infinity

We stand underneath the universe

Brothers of the Emerald Star

Bursting together:

A Big Bang of Power

Echoes of light


Here I say unto you

My Brother

The Power is YOU!

Blessed Be

- Grant Bliss

(BRUCE AGAIN: My gratitude to this remarkable, talented, beautiful man, my Brother Grant. He has generously allowed me to share him and some glimpses of his life, his sweet spirit, his handsome appearance, his marvelous poetry and his magnificent penis.

Grant's Lunar Glans Penis!

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Much Brotherly Love,


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Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
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Jan 26

Lovely to view some of the phases of Grant's Glans Penis! As readers are aware, the expressions of aroused penises tend to follow cycles and sequences, such as the Lunar cycle. Notice the shaft, sometimes thicker, sometimes thinner, thrusting upwards, drooping downwards. These outward expressions are matched by internal movement, aggregation, stillness. Thank you for sharing!!


Jan 17

What a lovely blog post. I enjoyed learning more about Grant's sexual journey, and I also enjoyed reading his poems. Indeed, his poems were so moving and truly mesmerizing. Truly, if I had had a friend like Grant when I was younger, my life would be very different now. I do not recall the last time I devoured one of these blog posts. And yes, Grant is quite stunning!!


Jan 17

As usual, another wonderful blog post. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy reading them. Also, Grant Bliss is the kind of friend I would have loved to have had when I was younger; I have no doubt my life would be very different. The poems were so moving. I do not recall the last time I devoured one of these blog posts so quickly.


Willard Roth
Willard Roth
Jan 17

Linking poetry with penis pics is a penetrating portrayal of purposeful preparation for...of course, mindful masturbation. Gratitude to you dear Grant. Shalom

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