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Your Penis IS the Creative Source!

by Bruce P. Grether

Your human body and your experience as an embodied male has its genesis in the eruption of semen from a penis, of which your penis IS the lingering echo, perfect reflection, and heir.

"Prime Source" is a term sometimes used for the origin of everything in that great mystery often called the "Creator." If there IS a Creator, clearly He is a Phallic God.

Though the term the "Creator" tends to be more personified than I am comfortable with, the Universe we live in does seem to be alive, as we are alive…

…and this Living Universe is being constantly created in the sense that newness appears constantly!

Is "Nothing new under the Sun"? Our everyday existence mayt seem so familiar that we imagine it is merely repetitions of something ongoing. Look closer!

In my view, every moment is astonishing, mysterious and miraculous, not in a religious sense, but in the sense of inexplicable and never ordinary.

Every erection is a resurrection--literally!

When men engage in masturbation together in person as a celebration of Phallic Brotherhood, "As Below, So Above" while those engorged organs emerge, the men attached to them may intensify the joyful connection further by kissing.

Regardless of shape and size and color and age, men love their penises and masturbation--though, to be realistic, sometimes it's compromised by learned guilt and shame.

To free yourself from this hesitancy, uncertainty and poor self-esteem is the greatest gif you can give yourself! Relax! Celebrate embodiment!

When you touch your erect penis, you touch Prime Source, the same Singularity from which everything in existence emerges. Amazingly, where you touch the engorged members of your fellow men, you hold that same Creative Source in your hands!

This gigantic flower, the Titan Arum (Amorphophallus titanium) blooms sporadically, sometimes two or three years between blooming, sometime seven to ten year. The scientific name reflects the huge central spire, like a giant phallus aimed at the heavens.

Native to Sumatra, this famous phallic flower is now grown in many botanic gardens around the world. The blossom has an awful stench like a dead animal, but is exquisite, and has a fascinating life-cycle. It attracts pollinators--what it needs to persist.

Incessantly blooming, and more fragrant, even when a bit musky, is the actual human phallus. The faces of these young men reveal its fascination, veneration, adoration and the exquisite enjoyment of its stimulation.

Just as every man is individual and unique, so are the penises of men…

…as every man above has his own facial expression, his erection has its own styling and details.

Simultaneously all men are created in the same image from that Prime Source. If the Creator of the World did create humans in His own image, Adam first, then he must like penises!

One can also conclude that the Creator must enjoy self-pleasure.

The process of generating pure penis pleasure sustains the Universe as an ongoing system of systems.

Human artists of all kinds--painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, singers, dancers--often have a special appreciation for masturbation.

To generate your own pure penis pleasure and to share such phallic bliss with fellow men is a sacred and creative activity!

"As Above, So Below" also means that whenever men kiss each other, they might as well also touch and caress one another's penises.

In the delicious GIF above, notice how the man on the right, who engages in delicious mutual masturbation with his fellow, licks his lips in the process.

Approach the sensations your penis inspires and generates with a sense of wonder, joy, mysterious engagement in processes of discovery, exploration…

…and gratitude that you are a human male!

Between your legs is a biological equivalent of the Big Bang from which the Universe mysteriously emerged and expanded into existence.

One thing I do know is that this adorably handsome and beautiful man apparently loves TOTORO as I do! Note the Totoro cushion beside this man (above).

This same man becomes transfigured by a holy light of ecstasy as he inserts his first finger all the way inside to massage his prostate as he masturbates. See how he touches the Creative Source as the Creative Source touches him?

These lovely men explore the same mysteries of Prime Source as they help each other to reach ejaculatory orgasm. Whether or not you consider yourself any kind of fine artist, every time you touch your penis or the penis of a fellow man, you touch that Prime Source of everything that IS!

My gratitude for this extraordinary young man cannot really be expressed in words. Though I already consider him an Erotic Wizard in his own right, also I could not have a better Erotic Wizard's Apprentice and collaborator for our Mission of Phallic Brotherhood.

Don't forget to sign up for the next Full Moon Guided Masturbation Session on Z00M, coming up soon: Aug 1st, 2023 at 11am PST/ 12pm MST/ 1pm CST/ 2pm EST, USA! This will be the last session for two months, until we resume in September. Sign up HERE or you can click on either photo, above or below to accomplish the same!

These amazing group experiences are actual Phallic Brotherhood, which we've learned in recent years is every bit as real online. It's a genuine experience of erotic fellowship.

Touch that Creative Source between your legs!

Much Brotherly Love,


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