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Does Size Truly Matter?!

Updated: May 22

by Bruce P. Grether

When asked about the size of my penis, I tell the truth. It is never the same size twice! Consider this remarkable male organ on the level of cells and molecules of its matter: the things is in constant flux. Forever changing. One of many reasons it is associated with what Shakespeare called "th'inconstant Moon!" It's wisest simply not to compare yourself with other men in this way.

And speaking of "morning wood," though Pinocchio was not yet a real boy when his nose grew suddenly longer because he lied, I always felt that was probably not the part of him that grew so swiftly! Like so many famous stories, there may have been a deeper level of truth at work.

What if Pleasure Island in PINOCCHIO and the boys who are turned into jackasses as punishment are really just fun-loving boys who like to play with each other? What is Pinoccho's "woody" is not because he lied, but reveals the truth of what he feels for those other boys? See (above) handsome young Russell's penis at rest…

…an here is this fantastic Erotic Wizard radiating his good looks and the basic kindness, generous heart, and libidinous enthusiasm he embodies! His expresison is sunny and the season of warm sun has returned. Along with that, his enjoyment of naked arousal outdoors!

Russell continues to create incredible new videos that inspire your arousal and also encourage development of enhanced self-pleasure skills. Enjoy them HERE or click the image above.

Truly, self-pleasure is a Fine Art! To develop what natural talents you may possess in this realm, requires a willingness to deliberately break old habits and to explore new territory. The self-awareness required involves genuine mindfulness.

Mindfulness actually rewires your brain and nervous system in the process known as "neuroplasticity." By noticing old habits and deliberate employment of new erotic strategies, you rewire yourself for higher levels of ecstasy than ever before. HIgher and higher.

by Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Finnish artist (1865-1931)

Does penis size matter? Men understandably obsess over penis size because we are conditioned to think it is so important. In truth, the male organ of a "grower" seems smaller when soft; that of an endowed Brother may not be bigger in full erection, yet may look larger hanging soft.

You could say it is complicated! But it's all good. Men sharing their actual penises, whether in person like those men shown above or during our monthly Full Moon Group Sessions, discover the endless variety of penises, along with various bodies and individual faces.

Such diversity is a great joy, when you relax to appreciate and accept yourself…

…plus, in this regard there is no reason to compare yourself with other men…

…and instead, simply celebrate YOU and the diversity of your Phallic Brothers!

Another matter, as far as penis size is concerned is not only that the pleasure your male member provides you is the supreme issue, but also camera angles…

…so notice that in this day and age of men photographing themselves and one anopther naked and aroused, when you put the lens down low and in the foreground of the face, it appears far larger.

This handfsome young naked cyclist is a perfect example. His lovely penis may not be 100% soft--as he seems to enjoy some other human nudity around him--but seen from a right angle, it's clear the proportions of his torso and face to his dangle.

To love yourself is where it all begins. This means self-acceptance, being kind and generous and thoughtful to you. Treat yourself well. The confidence this self-love provides helps you extend genuine, secure love to others. "Love Everyone" is a worthy goal!

Any man who loves his own penis without reservation, is likely to love other things about himself without unwarranted guilt or shame, and thus love other people. This handsome young fellow who goes by "Bone Boy" is a perfect example!

Bone Boy looks great either way: with more hair on his head, or a buzz-cut. Again, see how the camera angle yields a persepctive that makes his respectably-sized erection appear ginormous?!

This song and dance tells us that there is nothing at all objective about size. Though we discuss here material forms, so much of what this is truly about is in our minds! These are matters of Real Magick and Male Erotic Alchemy. My assertion is that all Magick is at its core, Sex Magick! Sexuality is Creation! No worthier way of life exists!

As of this writing, this is the latest exquisite offering on the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans Page.

The nex Full Moon Group Session of Mindful Masturbation with our living, breathing, pulsating, global Phallic Brotherhood is coming soon: Thursday, May 23rd, 2024: 11am PST; 12 pm Mountain Time; 1 pm CST; 2 pm EST, USA.

The session itself is one hour, but you are also welcome to come 15 minute early and stay 15 minutes later for Phallic Fellowship! You can REGISTER for the session up until one hour before it starts, also click the photo.

We offer you the finest Mindful Masturbation and Male Erotic Alchemy inspirations available anywhere on Planet Earth!

Much Brotherly Love,


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determinant logic
determinant logic
May 24

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Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
May 24
Replying to

Please stopspamming the blog! - BPG


May 23

What I have found is that feeling of a pendulous penis (shower) may be experienced (temporarily) by completing as session with Earth. In Five Element theory Earth is the second phase of sexual arousal response, characterized by the Large penis or soft-on. The completion itself is taught by Bruce, simply take your hand(s) from your penis and allow your arousal to naturally subside. For this erection to endure, it must be energized, filled with Jing Qi or sexual energy. This is what male erotic self-development is about, with Breath and Mind to ascend - descend, enter - exit vital energy in the genitals.

Following this, from Out in the Open, "An exercise is to feel the genitals swinging with movement,…

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