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Your Penis is All About Renewal!

by Bruce P. Grether

Your human body constantly renews itself. Cells, tissues, organs, nerves, bone, blood, are replaced as an ongoing process of stardust dancing, which we call: Life! As the central focus of your body as a human male, your penis is the primary organ of the process of renewal.

This edition of the blog is built around our beloved Henry, a remarkable young man: highly intelligent, kind, sweet, and adept at both Mindful Masturbation and anal stimulation. He possesses a lovely foreskin, which has added that natural wonder to this realm of so many men in the USA who are circumcised. I am extremely grateful for Henry!

He is a Magickal Adept and a scholar of ancient languages. His intellect meshes perfectly with his ability to surrender to ecstatic passion! Quite often I consult him about mythic names, and Creation myths of genesis and renewal.

Ra-Atum, Complete One, Lord of the Primordial Mound

My favorite Creation myth of all tells of Atum, the Complete One, who embodies the first "thing" amid "nothingness," emerging like the mounds of fertile black soil from he Nile Flood. He mastrurbates in order to keep from dissolving back into nothing, then ejaculates into his own mouth.

Mindful Masturbation allows you to experience self-pleasure as self-love. Love itself is entirely about renewal, constant rebirth, the ongoing creation of your world.

Human males are blessed with this capacity to actually touch and hold the Tree of Life in the form of your fellow man's erect penis gripped in your hand.

Sensations of ecstatic bliss that you generate for your Phallic Brother as you manipulate his erect penis also renew the dexterity of your hands. Your hands feel the pleasure as well!

The capacity for renewal that your penis embodies is literal. It renews every time the blood surges into it as it grows from soft to hard. Your awareness of the profound enjoyment of softness and hardness both regenerate your awareness.

The renewal capacity of your penis parallels all renewals in Nature: awareness that returns from distraction to mindful presence when the mindfulness bell rings…

…renewal is experienced as you hydrate and consume healthy, delicious food; also when you "feed your head" via study and also entertainment with arts and stories…

…as you go to sleep and your brainwaves cycle through REM and NREM stages. Waves of neuroelectricity sweep through your brain, cleansing, sorting and renewing your mind's nebulous and mysterious contents. Mindful Masturbation wires new pathways in your brain and nervous system!

Your penis employed as an organ of ongoing renewal is the most effective way to generate neuroplasticity for both healing of any specific damage, and also for general Intelligence Increase, which are both benefits of Mindful Masturbation.

The New Moon or Dark Moon corresponds with the head of the penis being covered by the foreskin. From this mysterious realm of the unseen, the Lunar Orb and also your glans penis emerge into the visible realm of renewal.

The Full Moon and the New Moon, also connected with Byss and Abyss, with Everything and Nothing, correspond with the head of your penis along vectors of its constant renewal cycle.

The beautiful video, HENRY ENTERS THE LABYRINTH, Parts 1 and 2 are now complete on the OnlyFans, and you can view them by joining to support us by clicking HERE or on the image above. Or via this link you can simply DONATE to help us keep afloat!

Handsome Henry is gifted with a magnificent foreskin, as you can see. It protects the exquisite glans of his penis, keeping it ultra-sensitive to his touch.

Henry also loves anal stimulation elation. That is why I asked him to make HENERY ENTERS THE LABYRINTH to explore this "inner world" that he knows better than I do!

Though I sometimes insert a finger in my anus to stimulate my prostate while I masturbate, Henry is skilled with some toys. In the video, he explains and demonstrates how to safely and effectively enjoy these possibilities for deep exploration and renewal.

To enter the portal of the Labyrinth in the mythic sense, corresponds with penetration of the anus during masturbatory play, and also suggests the shamanic view of Overworld, Middleworld, and Underworld.

Witness how carefully and mindfully Henry inserts this buttplug, and being a young man of today, he uses his phone to add close-ups.

He doesn't hurry. He takes his time…

…as anything worth doing is worth doing it right!

Also, notice how this young man's handsome face registers the delicious intensity of his sensations, as he carefully removes the buttplug. Passionate expressions that realign your facial muscles are a form of renewal as well!

Witness the wonder and awe that transfigures Henry's handsome features.

He is clearly delighted with his journey of sharing anal pleasure and the details of how to safely, effectively enjoy the journey. See his face lit with appreciation for his large black dildo.

Once he inserts the dildo on his hands and knees, he turns over onto his back for more relaxed access. Again, his face reveals how the anal pleasure renews his entire body and being!

Eventually, Henry brings himself to ejaculation with his hand, then admires the semen on his fingers in the delicious aftermath.

The luminosity visible here is that of a human body inhabited wisely, with joyful enthusiasm, awareness and playful fun. He has fully renewed himself!

Henry sends me and you and all our Phallic Brothers the blessing that means, "The sacred in me honors the sacred in you."

This time the blog is published at the New Moon, the Dark Moon of August 16th, 2023. From here onward, the Lunar Orb gets renewed with growing brilliance until Wednesday, August 30th, which is called a Blue Moon. It is also a Supermoon. For a brief video on the subject, click on the photo above.

One of my favorite films is the musical FROM 1973: ROSS HUNTER'S LOST HORIZON, and you can enjoy the lovely opening theme song by clicking the title.

Mindful Masturbation is my Shangri-La, a place also known as the Valley of the Blue Moon!

On the 50th anniversary of this FILM!

Much Brotherly Love,


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1 Comment

Aug 19, 2023

It is lovely to view some toy play, especially from the handsome Mr. Meadows. I have recently re-discover this added dimension of sensation. It is so different now from when I first played with plugs and such, when I was a novice Mindful Masturbator. The internal stimulation of just a small plug, .75 or 1 inch diameter, is a wonderful addition to the external touch variations of a mindful session. Check out your local toy store and of course, add lube, such as Sutil Rich or Sliquid Sassy. As always, breathe and feel the area!

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