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Your Penis Connects You with All Penises!

by Bruce P. Grether

Forests hold a remarkable aspect within their soil, usually hidden from our eyes. Nicknamed the "Wood Wide Web," are these fuzzy white mycelium fibers. The fibers, known as "hyphae," permeate the subsoil to connect the trees of every forest on Planet Earth. Their fruiting bodies appear at the surface as what we call "mushrooms."

"Nature repeats successful forms", as I've said on page 192 of my book THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN PHALLUS. "Your penis is the original sacred mushroom, the food of the gods. Just as some psychoactive fungi may have triggered the evolution of human consciousness […] your penis now plays an important role in your conscious evolution as an individual."

While the glans penis, or head of your male organ is quite often compared with the appearance of a mushroom cap, it also has ancient and traditional links with the Lunar Cycle.

For intact men, the New or Dark Moon parallels having the glans covered by the foreskin. In a sense, those of us who are "cut," are at the Full Moon all the time!

Regardless, your penis is perfect exactly as it is!

Just as the mycelium connects trees and mushrooms, the nervous system in your body, designed according to the same basic biological DNA template as those of all men, means that your penis connects you with all penises!

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Solosexuality is always the "old reliable." Sexual orientation turns out to be--according to the latest evidence--mostly conditioning and extremely early experiences we may not remember. It comes primarily from beliefs we have accepted about ourselves and others.

Your body is designed by human DNA. You are a male Homo sapiens far more similar to all other men of our species than you are different, in spite of obvious appearances.

Each man is like a Tree in this global Phallic Forest. Your penis in particular is the Tree of Life in the Paradise Garden between your legs!

Your nervous system, which permeates your body, empowers the shroom of your Holy Penis and connects it with ALL Penises!

Touching the erect penis of a fellow man is a scared activity, like the famous lines in "HOWL" by Allen Ginsberg, which bless everything as "Holy! Holy! Holy!"

Any time you give your penis full, adoring attention, whether otherwise dressed…

…or entirely naked, the experience is "Holy!"

Your penis definitely connects you with all other men's penises to the extent that you allow the glory and beauty of male organs of generation to inspire your enthusiasm and fuel your own pure penis pleasure as you masturbate or share masturbation with fellow men.

By uninhibited enjoyment of masturbation, you radiate a kind of mental and emotional sphere or aura of blissful sensations that benefit humanity and the planet as a whole.

Men can help one another in this regard, by either masturbating together via video conference online, or in person. Literally you may hold the penis of Phallic Brother in a grip of loving touch, squeeze it , stroke it gently--do your best to make him feel pleasure beyond all mental categories.

Something glorious and exquisite about Mindful Masturbation is that it can be shared, but with genuine mindfulness, you can also fully enjoy it in solitude.

Share images of your practice that include your face as you enjoy revealing your erection!

Vintage photos of men naked and aroused, since the dawn of photography and ever since, reveal that the basics have not changed!

Many younger men now enjoy pure penis pleasure and the sharing of the same with less and less guilt and shame many cultures still condition people to feel surrounding penises and masturbation.

In particular, men are taught some destructive and foolish beliefs, such as the notion that "masturbation is not real sex," that it is only a substitute for something else, or that it is only for losers who cannot get anyone to have sex with them! Or that it's all about porn.

You know better! Your proud and upright penis is the fruiting body of your nervous system, which shares its deepest structures of nerve fibers and networks with the design of all male human bodies. The "Wood Wide Web" of the Phallic Forest communicates deep and important messages between your penis and your body and those of all of the men on Earth!

Practice! Practice! Practice! This is they most important of the 9 GOLDEN KEYS TO MINDFUL MASTURBATION, the one overarching Golden Key is not one of them, but ALL of them! Practice! Practice! Practice!

Surrender to how your penis connects you with the penises of all men on Earth!

Hopefully you are masturbating now as you read this, adding to the weave of erotic hyphae beyond the visible surface! All penises feel your pleasure to some extent…

The entire Plant Kingdom depends upon symbiotic relationships with Fungi, and the hyphae of the mycelium as described and shown.

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Just as, when you turn over a log or rock in soil you may uncovers some mycelium threads, your pure penis pleasure inevitably connects your male human body with he penises of all of your fellow human males.

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The ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia, dedicated to the god Saturn, was a wild party and season of license. Originally celebrated on what is now December 17th, it was later extended into a longer period, during which masters served slaves. The holiday celebrated a symbolic return to an earlier, more innocent age before agriculture and labor dominated human life, when Saturn ruled as Lord of the Sky!

Enjoy your penis, my Phallic Brother, and enjoy the penises of ALL our Phallic Brotherhood on Earth!

Much Love,


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