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Your 21st Century Penis!

by Bruce P. Grether

Between your legs you have what it takes to help save Planet Earth from the worst aspects of human nature--via one of the best aspects of human nature! Your penis provides you with a powerful spiritual path, and means of personal growth! Male insecurity, competition and aggression are not innate, but conditioned. Pure penis pleasure dissolves negativity!

To the extent that we can encourage men to love themselves more fully (meaning shameless and guilt-free self-acceptance) we also encourage Phallic Brotherhood among men. I am honored to announce that my beloved protege and Phallic Brother, Handsome Young Russell, has declared "I'm ready to become a full time Masturbation Coach and Men's Pleasure and Enlightenment Guide!"

Well, I could not have reached the marvelous global scope of today's Mindful Masturbation's Mission without the skillful help of this sweet, brilliant and multi-talented young man. He is kind, generous, supportive and HOT! For 1-on-1 coaching contact him HERE!

Russell (AKA Dragon Puppy III) has fully embraced the teaching I've created around Mindful Masturbation and helped me to launch the project to encourage Phallic Brotherhood among Men of Planet Earth to new levels of reality.

Phallic Brotherhood is something that human males long for, though many men still cannot see this clearly, due to doubtful and fearful conditioning. When a man grows aroused and loses himself in pure penis pleasure, the scales of fear and self-doubt fall from his eyes! His heart opens up like a Blue Lotus blossom rooted in the deep mud of a Nile lagoon!

This project to inspire male masturbatory excellence is not so much about us (me and Russell and Henry) as it is about YOU and All Men! In the center of his heart, every man has a core desire to enjoy his own penis to all the heights and depths that are possible, without any holding back, and to equally appreciate the penises of all of his fellow men.

My own personal journey in this direction began many, many years ago, with an experience I've described before. When I lived in Chiang Mai, another boy my age and I rubbed our penises together during a sleepover. The erotic ecstasy I felt was so intense I swiftly felt One with All Things. Then I spent many years until my early 40s, seeking to return to that Penis Paradise…

Once I learned how to make ejaculation a choice, and began to explore the limitless possibilities of pure penis pleasure as a mature adult male, I spent six weeks masturbating for hours very day without a single ejaculation. This erotic odyssey of self-discovery transformed me. Old habits of poor self-esteem fell away from neglect!

I discovered more and more how beneficial shameless, intense, prolonged, high-quality masturbation can be for a man! This is actually what is called self-actualization, mindfulness meditation, so I coined the term "Mindful Masturbation" to describe it.

To my surprise, over the last two decades the term Mindful Masturbation has become quite widely known, and even pretty well understood. But in the last 20 years I've also learned that for most men, the practice does not come naturally! It requires training.

It requires a lot of self-awareness to overcome the way we tend to condition ourselves as teenagers into a predictable masturbation habit. Mindfulness is all about breaking habits to explore new territory. This actually rewires our nervous system and brain with new neural pathways.

Henry in All His Glory!

Habits are so strong, even experienced Mindful Masturbators (like me, Russell and Henry) sometimes catch ourselves forgetting to breathe deeply, or getting tensed up and constricting muscles that limit sensation, or we stroke our penis so quickly we ejaculate when we really had not planned to do so!

We are here to support YOU on your journey, and Russell has become a tremendously skilled and effective masturbation coach, whom you ought to consider connecting directly with to work with him one-on-one! He is also a young man wise beyond his years!

As an adult man, I again discovered how powerful rubbing our erect penises together with another man (often called cock2cock or frottage) can be, not only for the powerful penis pleasure, but as a deep, deep form of communication/communion!

It seems to me that when two men rub our erections together in true mindful focus upon what we are doing and sharing, we begin to lose our boundaries. Awareness expands beyond the two bodies into connection with everything that exists!

Or at the very least, it's simply an incredibly hot, exciting erotic adventure of sharing in Phallic Brotherhood between fellow men!!! But it is also as if our human souls can communicate directly when we rub our aroused male genitals together!

Me with Star Men in 2001 at Easton Mountain*

(*This photo is slightly censored with blurred faces…)

In 2001 I helped to facilitated teach an erotic touch workshop for men at Easton Mountain Retreat Center in NY State. There, I first encountered a Phallic Brother and an ally ever since, "Fullmoonma." I now regard this man as the Master of Multiple Dry Orgasms.

Fullmoonma: Master of Multiple Dry Orgasms!!!

Fullmoonma has taken this erotic practice beyond limits that most men ever experience, with his ability to frequently enjoy 20 or 30 dry orgasms in sequence without ejaculation! This reminds me of what I experienced at an early age in the Magickal Mists of my Happy Childhood in northern Thailand. I entered a continuous orgasmic state.

Clearly his multiple dry orgasms have helped this man evolve personally. You can read Fullmoonma's blog called "how2bate" where he records his ongoing journey of unlimited pure penis pleasure!

Rajkumar: A Gay Elder of East India

I discovered this handsome man on Twitter, where he promoted East Indian men masturbating and having sex. Now I cannot find him, and I'm not sure what happened…

…anyway, I appreciate this man's beauty as a Phallic Brother, and his sharing!

A recent discovery of mine on Twitter is this beautiful young man (I get to call a lot of fellows below the age of 67 that now!). I appreciate not just what a beautiful man he is physically, but how fully and enthusiastically he seems to enjoy his penis and his masturbation! (To find him onTwitter click his name above, or the image!)

This handsome fellow appears to have posted video clips and photos of himself naked and masturbating almost every day for the last several years! He has, as of now, 26.2K Followers and his posts quickly get thousands of views!

I appreciate the elegance of his surroundings, and how Mr. Holostea describes himself as "…your shy neighbour, which turns out to be a kinky guy." Maybe shy in some contexts? But clearly he enjoys sharing his delicious kinkiness on Twitter!

Though I've asked Mr. Holostea if he might be willing to share some longer videos of his masturbation with us on our OnlyFans page, he's not sure his practice aligns with ours. Well, I told him we are not dogmatic, and I'd like to see longer vids of him in action anyway!!!

Stellaria holostea (the species)

So these flowers are the inspiration for the Twitter handle of the man featured just above, though that may not be exactly the handle of his that you now have in your mind!

Sergio Marone

Here's one more 21st Century Masturbation Superstar! You can SEE clearly he has what it takes! This popular Brazilian actor is also a man of depth and intelligence who posts life-enhancing progressive blogs on YouTube. Though my Portuguese is not good, he's basically all for pleasuring yourself as healthy, natural, and a great part of your self-care. Fluent or not, you can watch him talk about it HERE or by clicking the photo above!

Don't miss it!!! LIVE Z00M Session on the 24th!!!

Please participate actively in our Mindful masturbation Mission of Phallic Brotherhood to help save Planet Earth! Here are some of the ways:

  • Listen closely to what your 21st Century Penis tells you!

  • Listen closely to what your 21st Century Penis asks of you!

  • Get more actively involved in sharing your masturbation with your Brothers!

  • Consider contacting us to appear in masturbation videos for our OnlyFans!

  • Join the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans page!

  • SIGN UP for Handsome Young Russell's LIVE Z00M session on the 24th!

  • And this is only the beginning of what you can do…

Phallic Blessings Beyond Words to YOU, my Brother!!!

Much Love,


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May 20, 2022

Your words are so encouraging. Thx


Dec 02, 2021

I absolutely love being reminded how important self-love and self-care are, and to celebrate myself whenever possible, as much as possible! I wasn't even aware that I've been on a "journey" for years until buying Bruce's DVD's years ago, then reading "The Secret of the Golden Phallus..." and other works dealing with masturbation, particularly Mindful Masturbation. I'm LOVING THIS! Especially NOW!! It's literally saving me! That's pretty powerful. And while rather isolated and insulated, I find the openness and sharing here so full of love and inspiration; I can feel the spell that's been cast! This is exactly what I need, and where I'm supposed to be right now. Thanks!

Dec 03, 2021
Replying to

Oh brother, you're very kind! I appreciate that so much. I'm still learning, but having the best time ever! Be well. ;) Chuck


Nov 30, 2021

Great piece and so sincere. And Russell has cum so far ! It's been a privilege watching him progress and become the expert and inspiration he has become. His erection and masturbatory skill and capacity are just amazing. I've found it has helped me to take more time for my own masturbation, stroking several hours before each eruption of fun. Though it consumes more of my waking hours, it is well worth it to me and Russell helps keep me going!

May 16, 2022
Replying to

There is no limit to the pleasure you will experience. The joy of self loving will continue to shock you as you train your penis to greater heights!

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