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Young Russell: Erotic Wizard's Apprentice!

I truly believe in Real Magick, which some define as "the art of altering consciousness at will." Change your mind, and your reality changes! I'm now in cahoots with a young man who I consider to be my protege in this realm of erotic activism: my Erotic Wizard's Apprentice! And I'd like you to meet this fellow I call "Young Russell":

Early in this transformational year of 2020, I came across a message from Russell online. But it was the look in his eyes, that noble nose, and the smile that spoke to me first. Once I responded and we began to communicate, I sensed a truly remarkable promise to our connection. Turns out we share some common ground…

Russell is about 2/3rds of my own age, and our stories are somewhat different, but there is also some major overlap. Above you see me with my monkey Bobo, and Russell with much the same eyes and smile (already) that he has now! Something we both had in our futures, though we hardly understood it then, was a love for penises and male masturbation.

I soon discovered that Young Russell was reading my Magnum Opus on pure penis pleasure, THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN PHALLUS: MALE EROTIC ALCHEMY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. And as we began to communicate further online, and to masturbate together on cam, it struck me that he really grasped my message and was rapidly becoming a truly mindful masturbator. So let me introduce you to Young Russell's Golden Phallus:

This handsome fellow really has everything required, in my opinion, to help me take my Mission of fostering excellence in male masturbation among men all over the world, to the next level. So far, I've reached men in the thousands with my message of shameless masturbatory encouragement, but I have no doubt there are millions of men who hunger for the kind of self-pleasure as self-love that is possible.

For Young Russell--as it has been for me--this is a journey of being fully present (as much as possible) in the Kingdom of Penis. This Penis Paradise exists in the HERE and NOW when we accept 100% responsibility for how much erotic bliss we choose to experience, and constantly refine the quality of our pure penis pleasure. It proves beneficial in multiple ways.

In the months I have known Young Russell, I've seen how his masturbation practice has rapidly evolved. When we met he found it a challenge to retain his semen and not ejaculate often. Then he caught this wave like a persistent surfer. He now rides balanced at that crest, energized and yet his mind benefits from the calm and confidence of semen retention!

My friend and protege gets it about Mindful Masturbation because he has his own background of interest in other esoteric subjects. He practices Yoga, he enjoys a healthy diet, and while he has always enjoyed masturbation, at present it has obtained its rightful place at the center of his life.

In my teaching and coaching, I try not to tell anyone what to do, so much as make suggestions that I ask my students to try. Certainly when you see Russelll masturbate now, you can observe my influence, but he also has ideas of his own! One suggestion that he has successfully taken to heart is to listen his own Golden Phallus.

A while back I asked Young Russell if he might be willing to seriously help me, and learn from my experience so he too can begin to offer Mindful Masturbation coaching, to provide men with images and information that are both arousing and enlightening. But he's also got his own sweet style and his charming self to add to the mix.

His tender heart has caused me to appreciate this young man even more than just his good looks, and his openness to sharing himself, his body, his penis. One morning he sent me the photo above: an adorable little friend he found trapped in his sink, and rescued to release outside.

Young Russell is also devoted to Yoga, which I consider one of the best adjuncts to Mindful Masturbation. Very soon he will be offering Naked Yoga for YOU and for our Brothers. He has changed his life recently so that he is able to live most of his life naked, and to masturbate a lot more.

He takes care of himself, not only with a healthy diet, with plenty of self-pleasure as self-love, but also he "feeds his head," as we children of the 1960s might say, enriching his mind with interesting and unusual information and ideas and experiences.

Recently he baked these cauliflower hot-wings. I wish I lived closer to him, as they make me drool with their spicy sauce over the batter they've been dipped in for roasting. Yum! Almost as yummy as Young Russell himself!

Anyway, look for more exciting news and content from both of us. He's got his own Twitter, where you can see a lot more of him and he posts many videos concerning Mindful Masturbation and Male Erotic Alchemy. With me (Bruce) he is in the process of creating a whole new website where men will be able to chat, and connect with fellow Phallic Brothers around the planet.

Together we are planning a new website to accompany Erotic Engineering and take it into new territory in the coming decade . Above you see him charging up his crystals in the light of the Full Moon, and generating erotic energy with those crystals as a focus.

You can find his Twitter HERE and on his Twitter page you can learn about many exciting new prose its Young Russell and Bruce are cooking up together! To arrange Mindful Masturbation coaching with him, email him HERE.

I'm thrilled to have this new cohort, an Erotic Wizard in the making, who I have vetted and am training.

I'm also learning from him, of course!



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