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The Princes of Penis!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

These men embody genuine nobility among human males! No doubt they been born with this in the genetic sense, yet surely each one has his human story of challenges. They consciously, fully embrace the power of shameless, guilt-free celebration of the Living Phallus. Masturbation as an important (if not the only) form of erotic ecstasy they enjoy.

My Mission of encouraging 21st Century men to explore Male Erotic Alchemy during the last 20+ years has brought me into contact--both literally and through remote communication--with numerous men who genuinely deserve this kind of royal title and position. Still, such men remain a distinct minority of the men I'm aware of, though I also feel every man has this potential within him. This kind of "royal status" is both inherited and earned by behavior!

Young Russell reclines upon the Phallic Eggplant Emoji!

At this New Moon of January 13th, 2021, (some say on the 12th?) my focus is upon a specific group of three Princes of Penis! I currently appreciate these men for how they share their naked bodies, their arousal, including both faces and penises, as well as their enthusiasm for masturbation, in an open and exemplary manner. They inspire me, and I know they inspire many other men also!

You may be aware that for about a year now I have been training (and also learning from) my beloved Erotic Wizard's Apprentice, a fellow I fondly call Young Russell. He has learned Mindful Masturbation and Male SoloSex Magick faster and with greater skill and enthusiasm than any man I've worked with before. In fact, I now consider him a fully initiated Erotic Wizard, even though I am still his mentor.

Partly due to my influence, Young Russell moved into a house by himself. He took seriously my suggestion to shift his personal focus temporarily to developing his Mindful Masturbation skills without distractions. Though he eventually got two amiable housemates, among the changes he made in his life were cleaning up a few habits, continuing a really healthy diet, plenty of Yoga, exercise and masturbation, masturbation, masturbation! More masturbation!

This handsome young man has many delightful dimensions that integrate perfectly with his erotic activism. He loves Nature, where he practices a kind of ecosexual bonding with the wonders of the material and spiritual world we inhabit. Ecosexuality shifts from viewing the Earth as a parent that takes care of us to an intimate lover bond that requires mutual care.

Young Russell has definitely transformed his practice of masturbation into a Fine Art and tapped its transformational potentials to become who he truly is on the inside of himself: "As Within, So Without." This is the most powerful teaching of all Alchemy.

Plus, it's far more than out mutual love of penises and masturbation that links Russell and myself. I soon learned how much more there is to him--years of his own spiritual growth and personal development. We also share a love for my great friend and teacher, Rowena Pattee Kryder, whose books he is also now enriching himself with!

Russell has performed a series of Sex Magick rituals aligned with phases of the Moon. Together we are planting seeds for our new website where we plan to invite a community of men who love penises and masturbation to connect with one another and share this delicious devotion.

Full Moon resemblance (left) and Quarter Moon (right)

My beloved protege and I explore the Lunar/Phallic connection: many ancient traditions connect the penis with the Moon, for the endless cycles of ebb and flow, wax and wane, hard and soft. Specifically the head of the penis resembles phases of the cycle, from Full, to Quarter, to New, and back again.

This handsome, healthy, kindly and wise young man is accessible and is now helping me to reach as many men as possible with the Mission of exploring an actual Phallic Brotherhood!

More recently I've developed a warm friendship with and mutual appreciation for these two handsome and marvelous young men who live on their farm in Costa Rica. They go by Coco (left) and Pepe (right). Their farm, which they sometimes call a zoo, is a place of living in harmony with Nature, plants and animals.

Coco is a Yoga Teacher, among other things, and facilitates groups of men in their psychological, spiritual and erotic health and growth as embodied humans. As you can see, he also has a magnificent penis, which he is not shy about sharing in all its glory!

Along with his husband, Pepe, this warm, thoughtful, decent and sensitive young man holds meaningful values, not for the ownership of things, so much as genuine quality of life.

Pepe is a farmer, horticulturalist, and loves to inspire other men by sharing his magnificent endowment without inhibition or shame. Like Coco, he offers his services to fellow men, and you can easily contact them through the links to their Twitter and OnlyFans pages at the end of this blog, if you wish to communicate with them.

I'm so grateful that I began to communicate with this wonderful couple. They are married and not only enjoy abundant, enthusiastic lovemaking, which they sometimes share via video on their OnlyFans page to inspire other men, they also wisely continue to each enjoy their own solo masturbation practice as well. That is such a healthy balance!

Here you can see Coco and Pepe enjoying cock2cock frontage of penis-upon-penis, which is one of my personal favorite spiritual practices, something I consider an especially deep and profound form of nonverbal communication and communion between men, soul-to-soul.

What first drew my attention to Pepe and Coco was the obvious love between them. It's

evident in the photo above, a bond so real and sweet that they are both filled with the Inner Light of this love that shines forth and become visible as they share their bodies and hearts.

These photos come from an especially gorgeous video, the first that I saw of these two men as they seat themselves on a railing, kiss, undress and after a bit of sucking, they masturbate each other in a scene that's as glorious as male erotica can be!

These lovers, husbands, and farmers devotedly, deliciously bring each other to powerful climaxes. The bond of emotional warmth is every bit as tangible as the erotic heat!

This is the perfect example of sacred erotica, which to me bears no resemblance to commercial pornography, for in this exquisite passionate scene the hearts and souls of these lovely men are made visible.

Coco and Pepe share the kind of romance that is great enough, strong enough and powerful enough to overflow upon others, to inspire other men with an example of how romance can perfectly merge with erotic intensity to make living Heaven on Earth!

In order to benefit from the many personal services that Young Russell offers to his Phallic Brothers, either click on the image above to go to his Twitter feed where you can message him, or click HERE.

You can contact Russell directly via email HERE.

Pepe and Coco also offer not only incredibly hot, erotic video, but many personal services for which they are well qualified, such as counseling, coaching, Yoga, and, well, ask them about this! Find their Twitter page HERE and you can message them. For their beautiful OnlyFans, click the image above or click HERE.

Yes, I am promoting these Princes of Penis, whose lives and practices parallel my own somewhat, and yet also offer other valuable variations, different flavors, spices, sensations, directions!

I am honored that Young Russell and these two gentleman farmers in Costa Rica, where they work hard every day with their animals amid the natural splendor of that country have given me permission to share their images with you here.

My suggestion is that you don't take my word for how wonderful all these guys are--contact them and find out for yourself!

Peace & Namaste,


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Mar 02, 2021

I love Bruce's advice and guidance towards young Russell "masturbation, masturbation, masturbation and MORE masturbation" I have accumulated countless hours of masturbatory experience and my only regret is not learning about mindful masturbation sooner. Kind of like the difference between fast food and fine dining!

Such better advice than most of us received such as "Plastics"


Jan 14, 2021

Thanks for showing us how heart and soul transform sex into an act of worship.

For me, phallic worship is a valid spiritual path. Our bodies belong to nature. The God of Nature is always erect and wild with ecstasy. We step aside and allow Him to come in, make a few tweaks, rewire some nerves, and clean out the cobwebs. Now we are His emissaries.


Jan 13, 2021

Hello from Montreal Canada ! I tried to access the website but it seems that it is not activated yet. Thanks for the good work !


Jan 13, 2021

My compliments on your Princes presentation, Bruce. The star of your collection was Pepe andl Coco naked in the woods masturbating each other. One man giving that intimate attention to another man is even more worshipful than solo sex. As a path to enjoying the full glory of loving the penis, may I suggest that you feature M2M tantric massage of the penis on your EE website?


Jan 12, 2021

Bruce--I attended Young Russel's first on line session months ago, but have never heard of more. I do not do twitter or fansonly. Does he have an e-mail he answers? I would love another session, small group, but my funds are very limited, which is why small groups are better. Thank you.

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