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The Golden Path of the Penis…

To practice Mindful Masturbation generates increasing quality of pure penis pleasure for you indefinitely, for the rest of your life. This is among the most powerful tools you have to bring you into the present moment, to be fully present in your body. I'll provide you here with two very specific, powerful practices to facilitate this kind of enjoyment.

Frank Herbert's DUNE, set on the desert planet of Arrakis, has powerful phallic themes, which include the challenge of riding the Giant Sandworms. What could be more phallic than the Arrakeen Sandworm? The life-cycle of these Worms produces the geriatric spice, Melange, as a side-effect. Melange extends life, expands consciousness and in certain circumstances make prescience possible: the power to actually SEE the future.

Artwork by Devon Lee Cady

In the series of DUNE novels there is a character name Leto the Second, the son of Paul Atreides, and this Leto becomes the God Emperor of Dune. As a young man, he deliberately courts godlike prescience by allowing the larval forms of the Sandworm onto his skin to merge with his humanity. (Click HERE!) As he become a hybrid of human and Sandworm, Leto can truly SEE the future, and learns that prescience is is the ultimate trap! If you actually SEE the future, you have no free will, no choices in the present. You are compelled to fulfill that destiny…

So this Phallic God, Leto the Second, merges with the Worm, and as the God Emperor, he proclaims what he call his "Golden Path" as the only hope for humanity's survival. This is the deliberate choice not to seek prescient prediction of the future, but to live in the present, choosing freely what path to walk on. This restores the element of surprise and discovery and Original Innocence to our lives!

Now, for 21st Century Men, to masturbate mindfully and live as much as possible in the present moment is our own Golden Path of the Penis! For the Phallic Brotherhood of Men in today's world, the Golden Path of the Penis is that ability of self-pleasure practiced as self-love to bring you fully into your body, into the here and the NOW.

When you practice Mindful Masturbation you really can experience something worthy of being called "Heaven on Earth" and you become a kind of Phallic God, the God Emperor of that planet you call your own body!

Surprisingly, the men of Planet Earth are still in the process of shedding learned or conditioned guilt and shame around healthy sexuality, nakedness, and sharing male arousal and masturbation with fellow men.

Centuries of sexual inhibition and modesty taboos persist with a kind of perverse social, cultural, and religious momentum. Part of the reason for those taboos is that when you embrace your embodiment, and learn the shamelessly celebrate your penis, your arousal, your self-pleasure, to enjoy your sexuality without guilt, you really don't need the approval of any external authority or the acceptance of other people.

When others appreciate your nakedness, your arousal, and your shameless masturbation, along with your willingness to proudly show your face in this process, you set an inspiring and healthy example for your fellow men!

Find this young man on Twitter: @Dickandfaceboi (or click image)

It is simply common sense and logical, as well as humane and decent to appreciate your animal nature and the animal nature of your fellow men, like the handsome young fellow above, who likes to show both his face and his aroused penis online!

To share your arousal and masturbation practice with fellow men is mutually empowering and adds to the total of pleasure being experienced on this planet. Plus, pure penis pleasure literally helps your heart to remain open as an organ of appreciation and affection. As you love yourself, you are better able to love others! This is not romantic love, so much as the brotherly love of men sharing arousal not in competition, rather in parallel.

The young man above pinches a nipple while his penis ia highly aroused, to help spread erotic sensations throughout his body. In the photos and moving images below, you will see my beloved Erotic Wizard's Apprentice demonstrating two great practices, "Expressway Y" and "Pebble in a Stream," which can enhance your mindful erotic enjoyment.

Expressway Y

This practice involves developing the neural pathways that connect the frenulum at the underside of your penis head, with both nipples on your chest. The frenulum often appears as a tiny fold of loose skin stretched between the cleft underside of your glans penis and the upper shaft. For many men this is among the most sensitive spots on the penis.

For circumcised men, the frenulum is a remnant of the foreskin, and for intact men it also tends to be exquisitely sensitive. To practice Expressway Y, imagine a letter Y that connects your two nipples above with the erotic singularity of your frenulum below. Use one hand to touch, pinch or rub the frenulum, while the other hand moves from nipple to nipple.

Pinch and pull and rub the tiny erectile nubs at the centers of your nipples, each side of your chest in turn. Then switch which hand stimulates the frenulum and use the other hand on your nipples, left and right. Also try the "octave-span" gesture of a pianist to stimulate both nipples simultaneously with one hand while the other hand fingers your frenulum. Persist with this practice, and you will increase the neural pathways between these sensitive regions to new heights of blissful enjoyment!

Pebble in a Stream

This practice employs your forefinger and thumb clasped in a loose ring to "flow" delicately over the flared rim of the coronal ridge of your penis head, over and over. Pay full attention to every cellular nuance of sensation to explore a feather-light delight in this masturbatory nuance. Alternate hands; alternate forehand and backhand strokes…

My morning wood in bed before daybreak asked me to explore this: like crystal clear stream water flowing over a polished pebble. Constantly and smoothly that flow passes over and around the stone.

Allow some time for the stimulation to build, and like the other practice above, when you pay full attention to your sensual delight in this practice, the sensations build. Patience is rewarded, and you are actively training your penis to give you ever-increasing pleasure!

This delicious practice is only one particular realm in the limitless Universe of possibilities for pure penis pleasure you may explore as a 21st Century human male. Provide yourself with shameless, guilt-free, healthy, natural animal enjoyment of your body, your penis and arousal in the present moment. This allows you to live upon the Golden Path of the Penis! It reminds you that the Earth IS Paradise!

My immense gratitude to my handsome Young Russell, for making the exquisite photos and GIFs above for me to share with you. Please find him on Twitter: @dragonpuppy3 or click HERE or click the image above. He is a remarkable human being and a genuine Phallic God!

Our adventures of masturbating mindfully solo and also in Phallic Brotherhood are only beginning. I feel so honored to encourage you and empower you in this exciting new Sexual Revolution!



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Dec 02, 2020

Thanks, Chopin7777, for sharing your experience. The key is going as slow as possible to prolong the bliss. It's truly delightful and brings us closer together.


Nov 22, 2020

I absolutely love Pebble in a Stream. I did not call it that ebfore, but will now! I am intact, and it is especially delightful to retract my foreskin and then ever so slowly make a ring with finger and thumb and slowly move it from id shaft over the glans. So delightful--and trying to go as absolutely slow as possibke prolongs the bliss!

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