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Penis IS the Path of Peace!

We male masturbators devoted to pure penis pleasure for its own sake are a different sort from many other men: we need not allow the darkness of fear and ignorance to overcome our radiance as embodied Phallic Gods! May we see that all men on the planet share this magnificent organ between our legs, an organ that acts as an antenna to transmit and receive signals of erotic ecstasy.

May we open our hearts to truly Universal Brotherhood. Because the design of humanoid males has so many common features all over the planet (and possibly beyond) then when men share their penises, the connection of brotherly bliss crosses the gaps between the hearts of men. Possibly it crosses the gap between stars--who knows? During reported close encounters with Extraterrestrials, it seems that the ETs want semen samples…

This Path of Peace begins with the man who adores his own penis without any guilt or shame, and can thus also love the penises of his fellow men unconditionally.

Men who totally love their penis and the powerful pleasure it can provide through self-pleasure, attune themselves to the way the Universe is organized. This is what the penis has evolved for. In states of high arousal, you cannot doubt this! Male masturbation is an act of remarkable innocence and pure-heartedness, and whether enjoyed in solitude…

…or shared online, or in person, male masturbation has the power to bring peace into the hearts of men, to reduce competition, conflict, and destruction in the human realm. Though culture and religion may weaponize the penis, it is designed to be both powerful and extremely sensitive, vulnerable and yet strong. Surrender to this Path as you keep your focus on pure penis pleasure, and you cannot doubt it's true purpose: Peace among Men!

Something that feels just about as good as anything on Earth to many men (myself included) is the rubbing of erect penises together, or brotherly frottage. Penis-to-peni rubbing opens the hearts of men. This produces an intense nonverbal communication between human males that becomes a kind of holy communion as they gaze into one another's eyes.

Rubbing our erections together, cock2cock, human males experience a sharing of their inner realities, their deepest longings, their greatest hearts' desires… and to understand and accept this only require surrender to limitless bliss. The practice of cock2cock frottage expands awareness into a direct experience of the Oneness of All Things: on this level you know that nothing is actually separate from anything else. Everything is connected.

The way you step onto this path is simple; strangely, however, this still challenges those conditioned ways that many men, and other humans also view the penis and male masturbation. Precisely because pure penis pleasure is so powerful, because it can transform and elevate our consciousness, because it can bring an end to wars motivated by greed, and and end to violence against other, and destruction of Nature…

…(SEE: what happens to a man's face, his eyes as pure penis pleasure overcomes him!) because it can open our hearts like lotus blossoms beneath the stars of the night, those that cannot comprehend or accept this may fear this power. In truth, to fully embrace the actual Power of the Penis can transform the world by transforming how humans experience the world!

The happier, more balanced and peaceful men become, energized with healthy enthusiasm, compassion and empathy for others, and for all living things, the more everyone and everything on the planet benefits!

Much Love to All My Phallic Brothers!

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Jun 24, 2020

Bill, I didn't know about the gland rubbing tribe but there are many examples in human history, even current times, of interesting practices and rituals. Like the Sam is tribe in New Guinea who's young warriors consume semen like mothers milk to gain power until they are old enough and prove themselves. They then provide their semen, several times a day for some strong warriors.

Then the Agta tribe in RP where the ejaculatory pose of the young is trained and developed till they reach manhood.

Certain priests in early India and ancient Greece, where you can see big statues to the phallus, offered their ejaculations up nonstop to couples and men seeking virility. It was an exhausting ritual but…


Jun 06, 2020

I heard about an African tribe where the men masturbate by rubbing their glans together. They're on to something! My partners and I tried this and we love it. We call it "naked rubbing glans," or NRG for short. It's pure erotic energy. Try it.


Feb 05, 2020

So true Bruce. Sometimes the answer has been right in front of us all along, erect, throbbing and dripping with need and anticipation. Thanks so much for you selfless dedication to this important cause. We all should. As my pleasure extends and grows and my ejaculations grow more powerful, I know I have chosen the right path.


Jan 29, 2020

I love Erotic Engineering! Although a woman, I have a virtual penis that I masturbate with. I've always related to a penis as my primary way to orgasm. What you are promoting here is truly healthy for the planet. Men should come together and honor their erotic bliss and then send the love that was created outwards to the world.

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