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Nico's Golden Acorn

by Bruce P. Grether (with Nico!)

Our Phallic Brother Nico offers a "Virtual Masturbation Playground" event this coming Thursday, April 6th, 10 am - 11:30 am Pacific Time, (17:00 - 18:30 UTC).

Russell will return for his Full Moon Session in May.

For now, I'm sharing Brother Nico in all his glory + his Golden Acorn! His invitation and autobiography are below…

Mutt Actibator sez "ArrRF!"

Nico's Invitation:

I would like to create a safe and respectful space on Z00M for a masturbation group that involves establishing clear guidelines for all participants to follow.

These include confidentiality, language mindfulness and non-judgmental body positivity.

Guidelines and Q&A are discussed during initial pre-screening via RSVP to

The breakdown of timing is as follows: Pacific time / UTC time 10am / 17:00 - 15 minute prep time, introductions. 10:15am / 17:15 - 1st round of masturbation. 30 minutes. Ejaculation is your choice. 10:45am / 17:45 - 5 minute break to take care of needs: bio break, water, stretch. 10:50am / 17:50 - 2nd round of masturbation. 30 minutes. Ejaculation is your choice. 11:20am / 18:20 - Shared afterglow

This event is donation based. It takes support from you to help me make this a monthly event. Suggested amount is $6. NOTALOF (no one turned away for lack of funds).

If you know of anyone interested in attending, send them my flyer so they can contact me.

(To join this group experience via Z00M please email Nico!)

Nico's Autobiography:

I was born in St. Anthony’s Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. The year was 1979.

When I was 11, I relocated to Santiago, Chile where I have most of my blood family. This includes my aunt, the local “curandera” or healer and also my caretaker for a couple of years as I adapted into the culture. My Tia has always been about creating a relaxed and body-accepting atmosphere, where we were comfortable with ourselves and our expressions of sexuality.

By the time I was 20, I had received an Associate’s degree in Publicidad from UDLA. But my path took a twist. I wasn't aware that life had different plans for me.

When I was 21, I relocated back to Chicago.

During this stretch, I played in a band with my partner named EaViL and create visual projections along with synth “noise”.

Highest achievement for me was being the opening act for Glass Candy.

In 2009, at 30 years, I graduated Cortiva - Chicago School of Massage Therapy. I got certified as a professional massage therapist, LMT.

I have taken several bodywork trainings…

…to develop and practice techniques since then.

In 2014, I became the Chicago coordinator for the Body Electric School.

In the span of 2 years as coordinator, as well as attending week long workshops…

Easton Mountain 2014

…my learned modalities expanded to include non-Western massage styles.

When I was 40…

…I relocated to Sacramento, California.

2020-2022 was a hibernating period.

In 2022, I started collaborating with Bruce and Russell in providing Mindful Masturbation coaching…

…as well as participating in monthly events and OnlyFans content.

In 2023, at 44 years, I am developing paid subscription content, co-facilitating groups in San Francisco and pursuing my certification in Bondassage.

- Brother Nico / Hermano Nico

The Golden Acorn

This image represents the head (glans penis) of the Golden Phallus, which is the erect penis of every man who embraces his male generative organ as a tool of personal transformation, growth and expanding awareness. The purpose of this acorn is to be planted with loving kindness and it becomes a mighty Oak Tree in the Phallic Forest with which we seek to re-cover Planet Earth!

Here you glimpse a lovely video in which Nico combines gentle masturbation strokes with the "Loving Kindness" blessing from Buddhist mindfulness practice:

"May I be happy. May I be peaceful. May I be well. May you be happy. May you be peaceful. May you well. May we be happy. May we be peaceful. May we be well."

(To view the "Blessing" vid onTwitter click title above or "Blessing" images above.)

Much Brotherly Love,


(with Nico!)

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