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Frotcetera: Penis-to-Penis Communication!

by Bruce P. Grether

(With guest poet Phallic Brother David)

Human males are highly sexual creatures, which is a gift! However, the common labels for male sexuality such as "homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual" point to kinds of behavior, not varieties of people. Human sexual preference and orientation is a mysterious and potent mixture of heredity, personal history and conditioning that cannot simply be sorted out. Thank goodness!

My own journey to discover what I eventually labelled as "Mindful Masturbation," and later, "Male Erotic Alchemy" began when I was a very young boy. Enjoying an idyllic childhood, during a sleepover with a handsome young friend my own age, we rubbed our tiny erect penises together. This soon felt so incredible that I felt expanded beyond all boundaries into Oneness with Everything.

When I entered the Gates of Penis Paradise that first time, it became a place I wanted to stay, to linger, to savor, to relish, to contemplate and to celebrate!

Alas, due to my own foolish fears, I was cast our of that Garden and it was nearly forty years, when in 1995 I learned how to spend as much time there as I could possibly wish!

Many years after that early, transformative experience, as an adult male with mature sexual equipment and opportunities, I strongly feel that men communicate on deeper levels than thinking, on levels of feeling and essential being, through the simple act of pressing and rubbing our erect penises together.

During penis-to-penis contact during the simple yet profound pleasures of masturbation grow compounded by the sensations of silky, velvety skin textures, blood-heated warmth, and that special combination of softness and firmness of the human erection touching a human erection.

Combine the potent bliss of penis-to-penis contact below with kissing above…

…and you experience that limitless bliss of Phallic Brotherly Love!

The sheer joy and exuberant ecstasy of men innocently rubbing erect penises together…

…can bypass the ego-games of the standard male sex hunt and conquest!

Allow deep awareness to emerge from within the core of your body…

…as you rub your penis against the penis of your Phallic Brother!

To introduce the brief masturbatory poems that follow, let me mention that Jack Kerouac, the famed author of ON THE ROAD and called "Daddy of the Beat Generation" was known by his close friends as "The Great Mastrubator." He defined his own version of an informal westernized form of Haiku. These poems are by our Phallic Brother David…

Cock Haiku Somewhat After Kerouac

If I stop now,

my cock will

get lonely.

It is difficult

for cocks to meet and greet

on Z00M.

I feel a

cricket in my cock.

Watch it jump!

Cock should always

continue the ALMOST

when being masturbated.

There's an everywhere

beyond two cocks--


Talking about

the masturbatory life,

the acorns listen.

Tryptich on Life (Three Haiku)

Masturbation is

obedience to nature's

authorship of cock.

Masturbation is

obedience to nature's

warranty on balls.

Masturbation is

obedience to nature's

magnitude of joy.

Male Erotic Alchemy is the actual basis of all traditional Alchemical Arts. Alchemy is the somewhat Magickal fore-runner of modern chemistry, practiced to transform matter, to seek a universal cure for all suffering, and to extend life indefinitely. The Alchemical term "coniunctio" means to blend two substances which may seem antithetical to create a single unified whole.

When human bodies are compared to such natural forces as electricity and magnetism, it is often said that opposite attract. The "north" (+ or plus) and "south" (-- or minus) poles of a magnet connect like male and female bodies. However, an Alchemical coniunctio occurs when two male bodies interact and blend to transform not just the matter of the men's bodies, but their consciousness and their hearts. Phallic Brotherhood is the result!


"Men Sharing Caring Touch" is the motto of this superb group based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.They describe themselves as: "Self-identified men of all sexualities, colours and ages, who are fostering authentic connections with ourselves and other men." To view their beautiful website and find links click the logo above or HERE!

This beautiful, sweet and gifted man offers Massage, Erotic Touch and Sacred Intimacy, and he is part of the Men in Touch group shown above. Ziji works with the ways that erotic pleasure can prove highly beneficial in terms on increasing self awareness and a sense of non-separation from the world we inhabit. This aligns exquisitely with our Mission of Phallic Brotherhood. To check out Ziji and his offerings, click the images above or THIS!


Our Mission of Erotic Engineering is just one of many great options in the realm of enlightened and se-positive groups for me. Check these with a click above or HERE!

We are on a one month hiatus from our regular Full Moon Guided Masturbation Sessions during April, but we plan to return with the next in May 2023!

Peace & Brotherly Love,


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