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Be a Penis Pioneer! (With Us!)

by Bruce P. Grether

We actively recruit men to become mindful masturbators, and now we ask YOU to help us with our recruitment efforts! You are also invited (if you would consider this), to expose yourself and your masturbation practice here on Erotic Engineering, and to appear on our OnlyFans Phallic Brotherhood page. This could be exciting for you, and you would help us to inspire more and more men! If you would consider it, contact us directly, okay?

No time is more important than now, to populate the Erotic Frontier of the New Sexual Revolution the men who practice self-pleasure as a Fine Art, as self-love. This benefits not just you, but your fellow men, and everyone! Mindful Masturbation is an effective means to alter consciousness, as an ideal and delicious way to serve humanity!

Because you are reading this, you are probably a genuine Penis Pioneer already! And one less-known side-effect of Mindful Masturbation you ought to be aware of, is that it tends to open your heart further and help keep it open. This does not refer to romantic love, so much as brotherly love, empathy, and compassionate caring about others.

Yes! The Penis Bone is connected to the Heart Bone and the Head Bone--so to speak! These three interact as a complete system of human development and self-realization in the case of men who truly embrace the practices we advocate.

With both my current primary proteges, Handsome Young Russell and Sweet Handsome Henry, I've seen how their lives changed for the better, and their hearts grew softer, bigger, and yet also stronger, more confident in brotherly love, after they embraced this practice!

Self-love and brotherly love develop at the same time, in a way that does not buy into the phony conditioning of heteronormative pseudo-masculinity. By these last few terms, I mean the male dominance that pretends (falsely!) that men are superior to everyone else and must be in control of everyone and everything!

Phallic Brotherhood is a spirit of enthusiasm about being human males, appreciation and fascination with your own penis and the penises of your fellow human males, devotion to masturbation and even the sharing of your arousal with fellow men.

The deepest roots of the problems our human species causes for itself, stem from the fears and inadequacies of males. We are conditioned to believe that we must be strong, aggressive, competitive, and in control! In reality, genuine natural masculinity is a lot more like the erect penis itself: it is both sturdy and resilient, and also sensitive, creative, beautiful, playful, versatile, and incredibly pleasurable!

Men can communicate on the deepest and nonverbal levels with fellow men by sharing our aroused penises, whether this is via video conference of masturbating together, or actual in-person masturbation together, mutually, or rubbing erections together cock2cock.

Men who masturbate together in person discover that deep "French" kissing while sharing masturbatory pleasure is especially powerful. We discover that the tongue is like an "upper penis" of the body.

Though the fashion of grooming, shaving or waxing male body hair, and even pubic hair has become popular in many places during the last few decades, personally I am glad we now see more variety and a return of appreciation for facial hair, body hair, and pubic hair.

I appreciate male pubic hair as a valuable part of a man's erotic equipment, for a variety of reasons. It provides esthetic contrast as it "frames" and "highlights" the precious penis and balls.It harbors nice musky scents, also offers delightful tactile textures. See how lovely Handsome Young Russell's strawberry blond bush and beard are in this recent photo (above)? The facial hair and public hair are male echoes of each other.

There is also the magnificence of Handsome Henry Meadows, who has come to appreciate the beauty and enjoyment of his pubic hairs, perhaps due to my own enthusiasm for that lovely brunet bush between his legs!

There is also the matter of how hot a certain "nerdiness" or "geekiness" in a male masturbator feels! I adore seeing men with glasses aroused and masturbating while still wearing their glasses and nothing else!

The penis is worthy of celebration in all its states, or course, and communicates powerful messages of brotherhood and sharing of male humanity, whether entirely soft, partly aroused, or rock hard in full erection.

In any of its many states that parallel the Lunar Phases, the cycle of ebb and flow, waning and waxing, that the Moon constantly goes through, our human penises express nonverbally the common ground of what it means to be embodied males of our species.

When I say, "Every erection is a resurrection," I mean this on many levels at once, not so much as a metaphor or symbolic statement, so much as a literally reality. Every time your penis stirs to life, blood flow into it increases. Flow out from yourpenis decreases due to the structure of the valve in the blood vessels. It grows, become engorged and increasingly alters your consciousness. You are reborn from an ordinary state to alert enjoyment.

Erection is a spectacular thing that all men can share, yet the vast majority of men still have minimal training in how to practice self-pleasure as a radical and major form of consciousness expansion and self-realization. Our work seeks to change that, by arousing men, while also inspiring men with the basic "how-to" of breathing, relaxing, keeping the focus on yourself. Onward, upward, plateau-to-plateau without end in sight!

Phallic Brotherhood not only connects men with fellow men, the bonding also connects you with seasons and cycles of the world you live in. BTW--Happy Samhain or Halloween or Days of the Dead! At present, the Third Quarter of the Moon reinforces this!

Every man's penis, regardless of its shape or size, intact or cut, your age, your penis is both as individual as you are and as Universal as your basic human design! Your penis, when you ask it to be and allow it to be, is a primary source of wisdom.

Wisdom radiates from how the head of your penis, illuminates your heart, and speaks warmly to the head on your shoulders. There is genuine wisdom in happiness, joy and enjoyment of your aroused, stimulated genitals!

Though every man has a personal history and conditioning that my shape your personal practice masturbation, the more skilled you become and as you re-train themselves to generate higher and higher quality of pure penis pleasure, the more your experience extends into universal realms of ecstatic awareness.

You generate higher and higher quality pleasure for longer periods, without any goal or intention other than to maximize your enjoyment. Your erect penis becomes a Tree in the Phallic Forest of Brotherhood. You become a Phallic Forester! Could it be that in the highest states, All Men feel similarly overwhelming bliss?

There are many ways that you can be a Penis Pioneer and help us with our global Mission of Phallic Brotherhood for All Men of the Earth:

  • If you have not, join the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans page

  • Watch entire videos on that page while you masturbate to them

  • Realize that your pure penis pleasure exists outside of ordinary space and time

  • Tell other men who may not be aware of it, that you love to masturbate

  • Tell other men about Mindful Masturbation, and practice with them

  • Tell other men about Erotic Engineering and the OF page

  • Encourage men to participate in this Brotherhood!

  • If you have a mailing list, let everyone know!

  • Contact us if you want to appear in videos!

We share not only our love of self-pleasure, but we truly love you--our Phallic Brothers! We experience genuine fraternal love that rises from our stimulated penises into our hearts and also opens our minds to all of these limitless possibilities.

Such pure penis pleasure, and the sharing of this among human males of all ages, appearances, ethnicities, colors, orientations, social classes, has the power to benefit humanity as it encourages men to practice meaningful values of generosity of spirit, humor, fun, and incredibly hot masturbatory bliss!

As a Penis Pioneer on the New Erotic Frontier, you've got nothing to lose by your participation with us, and you've got so very, very much to gain!

Peace & Much Love,


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