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Attainment Practice

by Bruce P. Grether

(and Alasdair)

The ancient Chinese practice from about 4,500+ years ago, "The Four Attainments," enhances your experience of male arousal and mindful self-pleasure. Don't overthink this or struggle to comprehend this intellectually; contemplate while lovingly touching yourself.

Allow your awareness to float lightly over the exquisite images of Alasdair, the arcana concerning the Five Elements of Chinese tradition, and the elegant Chinese characters. Let the ancient wisdom to sink in like gentle Spring Rains that irrigates the Garden Paradise of your timeless human body. But first, one exciting announcement:

Exclusively available on Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans

Witness Russell and Nico together! Our Phallic Brotherhood embraces with open arms all men who appreciate this Mission of Phallic Brotherhood. All men who participate in our Full Moon Guided Group Sessions, read the Erotic Engineering blogs, all men we coach in Mindful Masturbation and all who masturbate with the videos here. (To view video, click above link or image.)

Qigong employs exercises to enhance the energy within your body for optimum health and well-being. What is usually missing from this is the honorable practice of erotic cultivation.

Wood control Earth in the way that roots hold soil together. With Springtime, Water helps Wood to rise as Trees grow upwards towards Fire of the Sun.

These "Five Elements" are not just literal matter of the environment, though they can be seen as such; they are also qualities of experience with broader significance.

Chaos and anarchy can become destructive when unbridled, but also provide healthy balance upon the illusion of "total control."

Rather than "control," what we actually experience is the ability to navigate!

The "Jade Stalk," of course = your penis!

The true insight of Taoism is not merely the interplay of polarity, but the dynamic integrity that derives from interacting contrasts.

Thanks to Brother Alasdair for sharing the fruit or his remarkable practice and research into how the ancient Court Attainments, the Chinese Way of the Five Elements, and Taoist Erotic Cultivation relate to Mindful Masturbation!

The Golden Acorn

This image, representing the "glans" or head of the Golden Phallus, is a perfect simplified focus in which to place your intentions during Male Solosex Magick! We often employ this as a "seed vessel" for the planting of the Phallic Forest we are planting to cover the Earth!

Lord Tehuti

The Egyptian Moon God, Tehuti, is the Lord of Magick and Science, Language and Sacred Numbers, are his provinces. He is sometimes viewed as an old man, or an Ibis-headed man or the bird itself. Tehuti gleans his wisdom from all experience just as the Sacred Ibis gains sustenance as it dips its beak into the shallow waters. Like every male deity of Egypt, his essential mysteries were phallic, and the changeable Moon relates directly to the penis!

In March the Full Moon on the is sometimes called the Worm Moon. Various worms and larvae become more active at this time as Winter is ending. In evolutionary terms, worms and larvae have a phallic form, being tubular with a head end and a tail end!

Join us this coming Tuesday, March 7th, 11 am PST/1 pm CST/2 pm EST, USA for our Z00M session. Feel free to some 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes late for Phallic Fellowship! Only until one hour before the event, you can reserve YOUR PLACE. (Or click above image)

Much Brotherly Love,


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Apr 08, 2023

So inspiring and such an important cause. We all truly do need to spend more time and attention on this central part of what drives us, defines us, and gives us SO much pleasure.

May 30, 2023
Replying to

Of all the commitments I have made to myself, this is by far the most rewarding in every way!


Feb 28, 2023

Loved this. Thank you. Charlie


Feb 28, 2023

Thank you, Alasdair, for your insights and making these practices available for us.

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