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Paradise Has One Tree!

There never were two trees in the Garden of that story about your (and everyone's) human origins. All along there was only One Tree, the Tree of Life: it stands anchored between your legs as a human male. You see the actual Tree of Life illustrated below and in the following photos as well.

The only reason the story got revised later, to say that there was another tree called "Knowledge" was to account for the illusion that human beings are separate from Nature, when in truth, we are not in any way separate from Nature. Only in our heads we can imagine such a thing. This led to the belief that there was a "Fall," an expulsion from the Garden, but truth is, the Garden is a place called Earth, and Paradise is Nature itself. You can reclaim your Original Innocence as you refine your masturbation skills, let go of any goal except the pleasure itself, relax into the full enjoyment of pure penis pleasure.

When you feel the blood flow increase into his penis, it expands and begins to stand up, yourexperience is not only natural, your penis expresses itself as the Tree of Life. The One Tree. Pleasure returns you to that Garden state. The pleasurable sensations of touching your own penis are the feelings of being totally alive! When you touch the penis of another man, you both become aware of the fact that on a deeper level there is not actually another tree, any more than there is another penis. In fact, as both men feel pleasure in this kind of sharing, their penises become One in a genuine sense. Both penises share sensations and are One.

With the beautiful activity of cock2cock frottage, as you rub their penis together with th epenis of another man and masturbate them together, the blissful sensation is actually this truth that there is only One Tree in the Garden. Rubbing your penises together, you enjoy sensations of Original Innocence, of Paradise, or Heaven on Earth in the body. As you share this kind of pure penis pleasure with a Brother and ascend together into a "higher" state of expanded, blissful awareness, everything else vanishes in the non-duality of sustained ecstasy.

None of this is metaphysical or paranormal in any way, except that this is indeed Real Magick, for your actual Magician's Wand is, of course, your penis! You don't need to go to Hogwarts Academy to learn this! Your penis is also you Wizard's Staff, and while there is sometimes a belief that Witches have red hair, perhaps this also reflects that special enchantment in the case of ginger men. You know that such a handsome gentleman also grows gingery hair around the base of his magnificent penis, a lower-down echo of the fine ginger upon his head above. There's something genuinely Magical about knowing this, and here you can actually see it for yourself!

None of this is actually anything new, as the young man in the vintage photo above demonstrates, exposing the lovely vision of his aroused penis in a spot of natural growth. He's really not doing this so very long in the past, perhaps a matter of a few decades ago. It's been going on not just for centuries, but millennia, into ages before history, this Magical Power of the aroused penis giving you a genuine taste of Heaven on Earth, and connecting you back into the Nature that you have always been part of, that you never actually left. Your erection is a bridge to return you to Paradise, to re-connect you with your Source.

Still, we live in a special time. Though most men have always loved to masturbate, many often felt a bit shameful, or guilty, or at least embarrassed about this beautiful activity. That time is passing as more and more men appreciate that masturbation is a precious, profound, intensely spiritual activity! We can view the genitals of other men more easily than ever before, through the Internet. Still, the truly mindful masturbators are pioneers of the new Sexual Revolution, the rebellion of self-love in the face of a rapidly changing world. I am so grateful for my handsome young friend Billy Deepwater, who allows me to share his beautiful practice with you on the Bate Master Bruce Twitter account HERE!

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