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  • Bruce P. Grether

How did I became the Bate Master? Penis Gratitude!

So-called "masculinity" has become terribly distorted. Most important now is to reclaim the actual, powerful, life-enhancing significance of the human penis. To the extent we DO reclaim the true qualities of the Living Phallus (yours, mine, those of every male person on Earth!) we can help to restore balance and integrity to our troubled global civilization. Let's shift to genuine Penis Gratitude!

For me personally this has been a long journey until I learned how to experience what I always wanted most: prolonged, intense erotic pleasure so sustained and exquisite that I could truly focus upon it indefinitely and study what it is. It's the same ecstatic process that mysteriously creates the Universe! It is limitless; it partakes of the Seed Source of everything.

For years after my personal breakthrough, I wrote numerous columns for JackinWorld's website, taught workshops on Mindful Masturbation. When my book THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN PHALLUS was published, I created Erotic Engineering with my handsome young friend, Blue Tyger. More recently, due to my many years of dedicated Phallic Missionary work, some guys at the Bateworld site gave me the title "Bate Master" and the owners asked me to write a weekly column there.

Remember in this holiday season: all the educational/inspirational resources on this site are FREE to every man, as they should be. I am happy to pay most of the cost out of my own pockets. You can support this Mission to empower men along the Way of the Living Phallus by purchasing my books, the DVDs, (see the "Media" page) get coached by me, or simply make a donation through the site. THE GOLDEN PHALLUS makes a great holiday gift for men you love, or for yourself.

May we all continue to refine our self-pleasure practice and share it in Phallic Brotherhood until the world wakes up to how loving, powerful and profound the erect penis truly IS!

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