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With MOONTUSK 3 the Epic Plot Thickens, Lengthens, and Stands UP!

The recent interest in my explicitly erotic fantasy novels, THE MOONTUSK CHRONICLES, has inspired me to work on Book 5: THE WHITE MAMMOTH. Some readers have read all four books so far--reporting a high incidence of reader erections and masturbation while reading--then contacted me with urgent requests to know what happens next, and where can #5 be found? When Lethe Press first published the Book 4 in 2014, I felt the series came to a pretty satisfying end. I knew there were possibilities to continue, but for a change, I turned to other stories.

Now I'm persuaded to continue writing this epic, so hopefully before the end of 2018 the next novel, #5, will be published. Let me comment (seeking to avoid all but MILD SPOILERS) This time on Book 3: THE RETURN OF OTHIS.

All along this plot and the world I've created has involved the contrasts and conflicts between a homophobic patriarchal empire and surviving worship of various forms of a Great Mother Goddess. In fact, the latter, more compassionate faction, actually encourages that human males in this Kemnoan Empire world participate in a worldwide Phallic Brotherhood. This loving conspiracy teaches men advanced masturbation skills, as well as how to best make love with fellow men. The intention of this is to protect women from unwanted sexual attention from males, and also to keep the men happier, as it can actually do in our world.

The young lovers Dare and Hosis, who are the primary male protagonists of this epic, have by the start of Book 3: THE RETURN OF OTHIS, truly fallen in love. They devotedly explore the erotic possibilities of their relationship, but perhaps as Shakespeare warns: "The course of True Love never did run smooth," at least it can't, to have much of a plot! So, of course, new challenges arise for our handsome, hot-blooded young heroes. Also, by this time the narrative canvas sprawls out wider. While complications of the plot unfurl, you also meet other male masturbators, and other pairs and trios of male lovers--even some Phallic Brothers of two non-human sentient species: the fuzzy little high-country Yorts and bioluminous Mermen of the oceans.

Amidst all of this ecstasy and some agony, that worldwide Phallic Brotherhood plots to both empower males all over the Kemnoan Empire, as well as render them happier with a secret practice called "Droojikah," which strongly resembles what I now call (in our world!) Mindful Masturbation, and Male Erotic Alchemy. At the same time, a great conflict looms that could shatter the world!

If you like to read, enjoy masturbating to erotica, or simply enjoy such imaginative entertainment, you may not only be aroused but also learn more about the possibilities for limitless bliss with pure penis pleasure.

For a great reading and erotic experience, please start with Book One: RENDEZVOUS IN A RUINED CITY.

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