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  • Bruce P. Grether

The New Paradigm of Male Masturbation!

I feel aglow from head to toes, and that sort of radiance as if energy filaments stream from by body in all directions to touch everything around me. In fact, I feel connected with All Things. This may sound somewhat mystical, and yet many men who have just spent several hours in a high state of arousal, masturbating in a relaxed, yet intense and artful manner, would probably feel something similar!

As you may know, the Male Global Masturbatorium—MGM—is now open!

The Erotic Engineering site has been transformed to donation-based support, so we really can use your help; more important than anything, we invite and ask your participation. Now, all you need do to participate is to go to the Mystery School page on the site and create a User Name and Password. The chat window is FREE and the more men sign into chat, and consider leaving it open for a while on your computer, the greater the chances you’ll connect with Phallic Brothers there.

I’ve been chatting with the guys there often during the last week, and have arranged to share some Skype time with a Brother on several occasions. It’s so amazing to masturbate and watch each other while we visit! Only it’s also fine just to chat, of course. This is now my dream… that this MGM venue can spread its own wings and take off on the blissful charge of pure penile pleasure that every man on the planet is capable of generating. Id love to see more and more men chatting and connecting in Phallic Brotherhood via MGM.

Your sexual preferences as a man is not important in the MGM—however, I respectfully feel that only other men can really relate to what it’s like to have a penis, to adore a penis, to feel penile sensations from the inside and the outside.

More seriously, I feel the worst problems our planet faces stem from male sexual frustration and touch deprivation, and men’s fears of fellow men. One of the best ways to deal with these issues is to relax into authentic, natural masculinity, and share with your Phallic Brothers. There’s no requirement in the MGM, except we ask that you be respectful, kind, and encouraging. Please bring to the chat, your open heart and mind, and that miraculous thing rooted between your legs.

As Grace Slick greeted the Woodstock Festival of some ½ million people in 1969: “Good morning, people! It’s a new dawn!”

Thanks and Love,


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