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Mindful Masturbation – to the Seven Sacred Directions!

Ray of Light

by Bruce P. Grether

As the glow of immanent daytime pales over the profile of the hills, those profiles still inky black in the East, I’m deep and high in Mindful Masturbation using pure, organic coconut oil. I can attribute my renewed enthusiasm for this particular lubrication to my younger cohort, Blue Tyger. Apparently he took to heart my suggestion of coconut oil for lube, and yet in the last few years I had often been using a commercial silicone product and even some water-based ones, thinking them more convenient. However, coconut oil can be spectacularly effective for male masturbators!

Blue Tyger shared his realization that the oil, which hardens at cooler temps, need not be laboriously heated or kept warm as I used to do. A small amount rubbed between warm palms, then applied to the penis does miracles!

Now, this morning, just minutes ago, I stood on the little terrace before the Ravine Bench, outdoors at dawn. As I’m always listening to my penis, to male arousal itself when I mindfully masturbate, I often receive phallic inspirations. In this case, I spontaneously developed a new practice by simply doing it: I created Sacred Space for my masturbation session in a manner inspired by ancient shamanic traditions, and one that also fits with Wiccan ritual. The practice is not merely symbolic, but directly relates to your experience of the world around you.

Just as those kinds of ceremonies begin by “creating a container” of Sacred Space, which simply means that in a special way you set aside the place for your spiritual work with intention and energetic actions. I literally aimed my Erection at each of the Seven Sacred Directions of ancient traditions and masturbated mindfully for a while with that phallic world axis aimed at each direction in sequence.

There’s no right or wrong, but this is the sequence I used: 1.) North/Winter/Ancestors; 2.) East/Spring/Birth; 3.) South/Summer/Youth; 4.) West/Fall/Maturity; 5.) Above/Father/Sky; 6.) Below/Mother/Earth; 7.) Center//Heart/Self . I did the first four simply standing, penis aimed those directions. You can sit or lie on your back for #5, stand or go on hands and knees for #6, and sit while you masturbate with eyes closed for #7. Many folks might start with the East, which is also fine.

This is only the beginning of a masturbatory ritual, and creates that container for the amazing journey of your erotic exploration of Mindful Masturbation as an ultimate form of loving yourself!

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