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Your Universal Penis!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

by Bruce P. Grether

Your body is the microcosm of the macrocosm, which means that you are designed according to the same basic design and composed of the same basic elements as the entire Cosmos. Similarly, but moving in the opposite direction of scale, you are the macrocosm of the microcosm. Your human design reflects the deepest nature of the matter your body is composed of from atomic stardust, through molecules such as proteins and DNA and cells.

The scale of your body is perfectly balanced between the size of an atom and the size of a star. So where is the place of your Holy Penis in the continuum of this Cosmic view of your Sacred Human Body? Your human penis reflects the Universal Principle of the Axis of the World, which connects what seem like opposites. Below and Above, Earth and Sky.

In the case of this planet, think of a line between North and South Pole, along which the entire thing rotates. An axis is a theoretical line around which everything is arranged in symmetry and around which everything revolves. Sound familiar? Similar qualities might attach to your Living Phallus!

One important and valuable things about our Phallic Brotherhood is how aware it has made me of the diversity of men who, simply by virtue of loving their penis and relishing pure penis pleasure, are in a real sense, members!

Of special importance is appreciation for a range of men in terms of appearance, ethnicity so-called race (there is ONE human race!) and age. The wisdom and experience of masturbatory Sages can benefit Men and Youths (of age 18+) who are eager to learn improved masturbation skills.

Your erect penis parallels the concept of the "World Axis" around which our planet rotates (as in the previous blog concerning the Planetary Penis). This axis naturally extends to the rotation of the nearest star, our Sun, the entire Solar System, and the Milky Way Galaxy.

All galaxies that rotate around the Singularity of a titanic Galactic Center Black Hole express this axis on a more macrocosmic scale. Similarly, in the male human body, the penis is definitely a natural Singularity, unlike any other organ of the body. Its purpose is, at least in part, to connect you with Nature itself.

And the purpose(s) of masturbation? Among these are mental health self-treatment as indeed: Masturbation is self-care! An enthusiastic daily practice of masturbation enhances self-esteem, gives you confidence, encourages you to take good care of yourself. Eat well, exercise, breathe deeply, hydrate, get enough restful sleep, and as the song says, "Feed Your Head!"

The pursuit of increasing your self-pleasure skills is also the ongoing daily process of loving yourself better and better! Masturbation enhances the finest of brain chemicals and hormones throughout your body. It helps you keep healthy, happy and joyful.

Masturbation is a kind of "endogenous medicine," meaning you can generate beneficial substances within your body without drinking, ingesting, or injecting anything. Frequent masturbation shifts your focus from external stressors to internal enjoyment of the simple fact of feeling totally alive!

(Mandala courtesy of Alessio Slonimsky)

More Toon Bators!

As I mentioned in the previous blog (The Planetary Penis) I see the increasing appearance of male masturbation by comic characters an an evolutionary wave!

One of my favorite characters in literature is Peter Pan. For one thing, I can identify with a boy who doesn't want to become so grown up that he forgets to fly! Also, the Great God Pan, who creeps into his name, is my favorite Greek deity and a personal friend! So, in this image you also see that Peter is at least mature (he's way way over 18--ancient in truth!) old enough to fully enjoy one of MY favorite activities apart from flying!

Tintin and Captain Haddock, well-known cartoon characters in Europe, a kind of ginger-haired young reporter and a boozy sea captain who meet and cohabit, have developed intense "unofficial" personal lives, as you can see.

I've never watched the TV series RIVERDALE and I'll admit I never did read the Archie comic very much as a kid, but I do sort of have a thing for red-haired guys!

Among my favorite young men who has developed an intense personal life online, Is Tadashi Hamada, from the Disney/Pixar film BIG HERO 6 inspired by a manga of the same title by Haruki Ueno. Tadashi is a handsome robotics genius who dies young (or does he simply vanish?) and leaves his younger brother Hiro in the care of a nurse robot named Baymax.

All kinds of men of various shapes and sizes and colors and ages love masturbation. If a guy has a penis that he enjoys touching, he's a good candidate for being considered a member of the Phallic Brotherhood of Men.

We sometimes speak of the root of a problem. What Yogis call the Root Chakra can be the root of solutions, a source of the unspeakable answer to unspoken questions. Anal stimulation may not be important for all male masturbators, but give it a try. You may not just like it, you might LOVE it!!!

"Natural Masculinity" is in contrast to culturally and religiously defined "macho" which often focuses on physical strength, competition, dominance, control, and mastery of emotions. To me, authentic maleness has many of the qualities of the aroused, sensitive, strong, versatile, energetically charged, conscious penis!

Phallic Brotherhood occurs among men willing to share their nakedness, their penises, their arousal and pure penis pleasure with fellow men. IMO, most human males are basically pansexual, aside from acquired conditioning which tends to push them into more limiting labelled categories.

One way to help support our Mission of Phallic Brotherhood is to study Mindful Masturbation. Develop your skills, and consider either a generous DONATION to our cause, or purchase of the MINDFUL MASTURBATION FOR MEN Trilogy of DVDs. Get them to watch and practice with on your big home TV screen or monitor, or have them sent to some other man as a life-changing gift!

Purchase these DVDs on the "Shop" page of Erotic Engineering, or by clicking HERE. The image above links you with a page of reactions to the DVDs.

Our Brotherhood Honors elders, and also young men, so long as they are of legal age, in many cases 18, and some places this is 21.

In teaching Mindful Masturbation, though we do not oppose looking at porn or ejaculating as often as you wish, we encourage you to try keeping the focus on yourself without external stimulation or mental fantasy. Similarly, we encourage you to explore the remarkable "unknown country" beyond edging that we call semen retention.

When you retain your semen longer before you choose to ejaculate, your ejaculation will be more spectacular, in terms of amount, how far it shoots (or oozes) and the orgasm more intense by far, than with briefer sessions.

A man who loves his penis and loves to masturbate is likely to be far more amiable, relaxed, happy and generous-spirited than men who may pretend they do not masturbate, or who do so secretly, quickly and quietly.

In truth, to explore and learn masturbatory excellence is the delicious work of a lifetime…

…it's a never-ending journey from the base of your penis, up to the head, back down and repeated in various forms according to dozens of various strokes, switching hands, changing positions, endlessly!!!

The innate magnificence of being a human male endowed with a penis capable of generating glorious sensations of limitless ecstasy "Beyond All Mental Categories," as the Tibetans say, is a blessing beyond words, a great mysteryl.

Your penis is actually your Magick Wand, and potentially the staff of an Erotic Wizard!

From the deepest Root at the base of your spine, to your Crown, Yogis speak of Seven Major Chakras or energy centers, "Wheels" or "Flowers" of the body.

In truth, I like to described Nine Chakras by adding an Earth Chakra below your body that connects you with the planet + a Universal Chakra, or Transpersonal Point above your head that connects you with everything in existence. Your penis is an organ of Singularity capable of generating sensations beyond your mental sphere, of feeling connected with All Things!

It is always there for you, within reach, this remarkable tool of Creation, Preservation, and Transformation, in line with the Triple God Principle of the Youth, the Man and the Sage. Learning, Accepting Responsibility and Experiencing, and Sharing Wisdom in the later part of life.

Experience Full Moon Sex Magick!

We've entered the Sickle Moon of a slender cresecent just 13% of Full past the dark phase of the New Moon. Rowena Pattee Kryder calls this stage: "Mother of Galactic Space." She depicts a many-breasted goddess whose milk flows to form the Milky Way. The motto is "Trust the darkness and be open."

You are invited to join us on January 17th for a Full Moon Group Ejaculation Ritual.

We will gather online at 3pm PST/ 5pm CST/ 6pm EST. Russell tells us: "You will be emailed a z00m link prior to the event. Feel free to connect 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes afterwards for some Phallic Brother social time. Sign up to take your place in the group and share your Penis energy with us! The exact moment of the Full Moon is an excellent time to release stored sexual energy in a conscious ejaculation, and Russell will be facilitating that experience, if you so choose. Join us and let's make some Full Moon Magick together!" To sign up click the graphic above or click HERE!

Don't miss it! Be there, or you will miss it, because there is no recording allowed!

Much Love,


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I am making up for my teenage years when I was overcome by guilt for my intense queer attraction. I felt terribly conflicted. My dad was horrible, which made it difficult for me to identify with other boys. When I met a kind, fatherly man it overwhelmed me. Now I am able to appreciate the deep shudders and tingles. I will walk around the house in just a t-shirt so I can feel the pleasure of my cock swinging. I love to get naked but sometimes it's GREAT to pull my pants down, exposing my belly button to just below my balls and get that jolt of intense ecstasy. I've been trying to find the best toys to nudge my…


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so pleased y ou have initiated the full moon bates. Knights of Phallic Worship encourage all members to perform a self-love ritual on the night of each and every full moon when we are all joined in a cosmic brotherhood through the power of the cock.


Jan 06, 2022

I welcome correspondence from other guys who enjoy cherishing and celebrating their cocks, balls and asses as Phallic Brother Bruce has inspired me. There is no intimacy like intimacy between men.

Jan 08, 2022
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