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Your Phallus is the Golden Key!

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

by Bruce P. Grether

As I wrote in my book THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN PHALLUS, the actual "Secret" is both complex and many-layered, and it is also incredibly simple. The simplest version I can tell you here and now is this: Your own penis has the power to transform your life, to regenerate your body and mind, and to expand your consciousness. It can make you smarter and happier, and in fact it is biological alchemy.

Russell: Our Superstar Masturbator!

To unleash these powers of your own Golden Phallus, you need to retrain yourself to masturbate in new and different ways, as the handsome young man above has done. Even if you are skilled, as he already was, constantly start over! Every time! Begin again with every breath, each beat of your heart.

Explore the potentials of self-pleasure practiced as self-love. Unlock the doors of perception and enter a life-long journey to discover potentials you never before imagined existed!

(Click on the above image to enjoy…)

Mindful Masturbation is just paying full attention: both utterly natural, making use of your body as it exists, and it is also something completely new and revolutionary!

You may fully enjoy this adventure solo, by yourself, or with Phallic Brothers. Mindful Masturbation weaves new neural pathways in your brain and increases your intelligence as you experience pleasure unlike anything you ever knew before! It is a rebellion against habit!

You need not share the practice of Mindful Masturbation with fellow men to unlock and experience its remarkable, transformative power. Yet, it can indeed be shared. This is nothing like the mundane, common and often limiting use of pornography as fuel for arousal.

Mindful practice is a totally different animal, a kind of rebellion against ordinary habit. Mindful Masturbation is revolutionary. Totally different from ordinary "jerking-off" or "the bate" in important ways. Men who practice self-pleasure as a Fine Art remain an exclusive group.

There is no deliberate exclusion or judgment involved, simply the reality that once a man "tastes" the possibilities of pure penis pleasure available through mindful practice, mundane masturbation just to avoid frustration holds a lot less appeal.

Quite often men ask me how frequently I ejaculate, aware that I do not do so daily, or even weekly. My life was transformed starting in 1995 when I learned how to make ejaculation a choice. Now it is something I neither pursue, nor avoid.

Ejaculation is a spectacular experience that men naturally adore and revere. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with this love for that oblivious explosion of semen from your penis.

All men love to masturbate no matter what they may say to others, unless they are unable to do it for psychological or physical reasons. Still, consider this: How man men truly masturbate without any guilt or shame? Again, this narrows down to a rather exclusive club.

Phallic Brotherhood not a group you can join via any official membership. It's an attitude. Still, what we do here at Erotic Engineering and with our Phallic Brotherhood, is provide you resources and training to help make your own explorations shameless and guilt-free!

Friday, September 29, 12:45 - 2:15pm CST, USA

Fly with the Magickal Power of your Sacred Seed, consciously released in alignment with your intention! Sign up HERE! Erotic energy experienced in your human body is identical with the energy of Prime Source that creates everything in existence!

Russell's Golden Phallus Yoga

More that three years ago I began to train handsome young Russell in Mindful Masturbation. He read the GOLDEN PHALLUS book, but already an enthusiastic masturbator, he practiced, practiced, practiced and became an autonomous learner! He listens to his penis.

His practice has moved into that extraordinary level of refinement that I call "Golden Phallus Yoga" faster than any man I've ever been aware of, far faster than my own, which was a long voyage of discovery. Observe closely how his face and penis correspond!

Russell is perfectly equipped, not only physically with a beautiful, healthy body, and a expressive face that registers eloquently what he is feeling, it is also his character that is so well-suited to this blissful Mission! He is sweet, kind, generous, and encouraging.

Witness his digital ascent from the base of the shaft of his penis, which arises from the tawny thicket of his fleecy pubic forest, in a conscious climb through the Seven Jewels of the Phallus…

…from the Ruby Red base, to the Sunny Orange lower shaft, to the Lemony Yellow middle, to the Emerald Green heart center of the foreskin line, to the Sky Blue frenulum, the Royal Indigo coronal ridge, the Violet Crown of the glans penis…

…to Clear Light of the Thousand-Petalled Lotus that radiates from the head; the head both of the majestic, princely penis and that of the young man.

Though the magnificence of Russell's Golden Phallus may absorb a large measure of your attention, I suggest you go back up through these images of his practice to study how his gaze and his visage relate to the talented strokes he exerts upon his erection.

These images are no ordinary session of Mindful Masturbation photographed for your enjoyment and inspiration. They come from a video during which Russell was actually speaking, albeit almost a form of erogenous glossolalia…

…however, few men can actually masturbate mindfully and speak verbally at the same time. He can do so only because he has been training himself and practicing for over three years!

This is truly Golden Phallus Yoga, which comes not from thinking about your strokes and strategies, but simply listening directly to your penis and heeding its requests.

Your penis is wiser than your conscious mind! This is not something that Russell accomplishes in the sense of a conscious ego, rather he surrenders to the limitless possibilities.

He shares his exquisite practice as a service to our Phallic Brotherhood, which belongs to no man and to all men. Russell's gift is also that he feels no guilt or shame in any of this, on the contrary, he loves to be witnessed!

To share his penis, his body, his face and his Golden Phallus Yoga with you and all men interested is a service that he performs. And he also offers Mindful Masturbation Coaching!

You can directly message him on his X account linked there, or here on the "About" page of the E2 website where there is a direct email button to contact him for coaching.

Observe mindfully the nuance of how Russell's grip upon his erect penis is reflected precisely on his face: above left, he grips the shaft as it corresponds with his torso; above right, as a pushes sensitive frenulum tissue up against the glans his smile shifts a touch further inward.

This handsome young man has returned from the Burning Man Festival 2023 more beautiful and talented than ever, so don't miss the next Guided Full Moon Session COMING SOON!

It's now 19 years since the release of the original MINDFUL MASTURBATION FOR MEN DVD. Note the Lotus flower that corresponds with both my heart and the head of my penis, for indeed, that is my silhouette! That was only the first of a DVD Trilogy.

Though many now consider DVDs a retro technology, look what's happening to LPs! The Sacred Lotus is a flower that stems from the navel of Lord Vishnu, as he reclines on the Universal Ocean, and of course it is also phallic. Our world is his glans penis.

The Lotus is also commonly used as a pedestal or altar upon which deities rest. I'm fond of this image of a blond Young Yogi. His persistent erection distracts him into awareness of that legitimate higher realm in which erotic pleasure cannot be distinguished from the creative energy of Prime Source.

Enjoy, and employ your own Golden Phallus as the Key to unlock the Mysteries of Existence.

That is its purpose!

Much Brotherly Love,


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John Canon
John Canon
Oct 06, 2023

At time My ass like attention when I masturbate. How does this fit in? Yes, This is a great set of pics showing facial and cock expressions! Thanks for exposing!

John Canon
John Canon
Oct 06, 2023
Replying to

Beautiful information. This page, in particular, has aroused me the most and this instruction is really personal to me more than other pages. Thanks. I'm scrolling and masturbating using this page- again- been using it. Now with the teaching you provided!


Sep 28, 2023

Wow! I've seen this photo technique before, genital-facial comparison. I am in awe of Russell's Golden Phallus session captured with genital-facial expression.

As I am sure many readers are aware, erections go through phases, full erection - rigid erection - etc.. Each phase has unique qualities. In my work with the sexual response cycle, I have come to regard Golden Phallus as a singularity of erection, an awareness that qualities of each phase of erection are always present. For example, while an erection may be displaying flexibility, an element of rigidity is present also. In Golden Phallus Yoga, this singularity becomes foreground and a full body-mind experience. Stroke variety - a basic of Mindful Masturbation, and the response cycle -…

Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
Oct 06, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, fellow Erotic Wizard, for your illuminating comments. I totally, warmly, enthusiastically accord with what you say! Your contributions here are always so valuable! Much Brotherly Love, Bruce

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