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Your Penis Connects You with Everything!

by Bruce P. Grether

All conceptions of boundaries are lies.

- Michael McClure, Antechamber

Literally: Your Penis Connects You with Everything! Some guys may object: "There are things I don't want to be connected with!" That's understandable, but this connection is total non-separation, non-duality, and Oneness with All Things. The Hindus call it Advaita Vedanta. Now this time around the Circle, every image below is of our own Erotic Wizards!

The Erotic Wizard of the Far North

This beautiful man has practiced Mindful Masturbation for many years. Several years ago I first got directly in touch with him. This enthusiastic masturbator is not only well-educated in classical Western sexology and practices, but studies Chinese Taoist and Traditional Chinese Medicine as it relates to sexuality.

Among this man's contributions to my awareness is how he corresponds the Male Arousal cycle of scientific sexologists such as Masters and Johnson with the Five Elements of ancient Chines tradition. This Wizard understand and practices the power of semen retention, whichQigong is calls "Xi Sui Jing."

This ancient practice is only becoming known in the Western World recently. It is sometimes called "Marrow Washing and Brain Bathing." This resembles what I teach men when I coach men to retain semen by relaxing without ejaculation. I offer a visualization of allowing the pleasure to sink into your marrow and be stored there.

Henry Meadows, Erotic Wizard of the Far East

Our Phallic Brotherhood builds powerful Sex Magick in a Sacred Circle of Cardinal Points, with Yours Truly at the Center (only geographically, of course!). The other Wizards are literally in North, East, South and Western directions. Our beloved Mr. Meadows in the Far East contributes his own brand of exquisite erotic mastery.

Handsome young Henry describes himself: "queer pagan | yogi | surfer | nature lover | spiritual naked | antifa | witchcraft & magic | phallic brotherhood & mindful masturbation." He has developed an extraordinary self-pleasuring practice. He sometimes guides LIVE sessions on the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans page, and appears in many videos there!

The Erotic Wizard of the Far South

Carlos Calamo has been an ally in the Mission of Phallic Brotherhood for over twenty years. I wish I could share his extraordinarily beautiful practice, but I need to protect his privacy. He wrote the poem that is the text of the previous blog: "What the Phallic God Loves!"

Nico the Masseur and Sacred Intimate: Western Wizard

(Contact him by Direct Message on Twitter

by clicking his name or the image above!)

Handsome young Nico has remarkable trainings and experience! He has become part of our team in the Phallic Brotherhood Mission to encourage Mindful Masturbation and Male Erotic Alchemy. He offers coaching and spiritual guidance counseling online. You can email him HERE! These images are from Nico's recent New Moon Guided Session on the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans page.

This remarkable session is 1-1/2 hours of spiritual and conscious peparation, erotic cultivation and powerful Sex Magick. Nico starts by, among other things, explaining the ritual, playing his crystal bowl, and helping you to fully participate with him!

Once he gets naked and begins to stroke himself, the experience is esthetically exquisite, as well as erotically arousing. Share his practice while you build your own energy and blissful sensations with a focused intention moving towards sharing your climax with his!

Nico offers far more than a handsome face and gorgeous body! He has a natural sweetness, kind nature and wisdom that radiate from him along with his passion and his self-pleasure practiced as self-love.

He embodies that special generosity of spirit that also characterizes our beloved Russell, and our beloved Henry Meadows! Nico brings these gifts to his online Mindful Masturbation coaching. He can help you take your practice to new levels you have never experienced.

Because he is intact--with a lovely foreskin--Nico has an especially deep understanding of the Phallic Mysteries of the New Moon, which correspond with the glans penis covered, just as the Full Moon corresponds with the uncovered mushroom head!

Nico embodies perfectly one of my favorite Zen sayings: "When you reach the top of the mountain, keep climbing!" Here you see the moment in the New Moon Session on the OF page when Nico mounts his rainbow dildo…

This sequence in the spectacular 1-1/2 hour video gives new meaning to the term "Riders of the Rainbow!" To me, the greatest human challenge is to be fully embodied: BE HERE NOW!

Or as the great spiritual teacher Ram Dass more recently added: BE LOVE NOW! Another great teach of modern times, Eckhart Tolle, heard two words just before he blanked out and then awoke to his transformed self: "Resist Nothing!" This is also the sense in which Your Penis Connects You with Everything! No exceptions!

OMG! Russell the Sex God!!!

(Photo courtesy of Jim Wilkinson

of MenJustMen photography!)

This handsome young fellow has become my primary cohort and business partner in the Phallic Brotherhood Mission! He works extremely hard, often with a firm penis in hand or close at hand, anyway! I highly recommend him also as a Mindful Masturbation coach. (Click his name above or the image to find him on Twitter and you can Direct Message him or email him HERE!)

Though it's doubtless pleasurable for him, even ecstatic, this is also serious work! Russell records videos, edits videos, adds music, posts updates on Twitter, provides LIVE sessions on the OF page sometimes. Each month he hosts a Guided Full Moon Masturbation Session!

Russell, who I have trained in Erotic Wizardry for over two years now, has become a remarkably skilled masturbator. He listens deeply to his penis, as you can see with a discerning gaze.

Like Brother Nico, Handsome Young Russell knows that the essence of Tantra is a radical spirituality that bypasses the slow, incremental and meandering pathways of religion and mundane spirituality.

Tantra allows you to climb swiftly, with mindful and muscular assertion directly tot he mountain top and then keep climbing: non-separation, Oneness, interconnection, interbeing, Quantum Entanglement.

These men, all Erotic Wizards, each with his own remarkable contributions to the Phallic Brotherhood Mission, listen deeply to their penises. This is how you experience it: Your Penis Connects You with Everything! That is the purpose of your Living Phallus.

To accelerate your own Mindful Masturbation practice to new heights and also support our Mission, subscribe to the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans page. Take the time to really watch the full-length videos and masturbate along with them. Watch and practice HERE along with 60+ hours of other great content!

Join Russell and the Phallic Brothers for the Guided Full Moon Masturbation Session: Tuesday, August 9, 2022 at 11am PST/ 1pm CST/ 2pm EST. Explore Pure Penis Pleasure and practice Sex Magick at the same time!

You can sign up until an hour before the even begins this coming Tuesday. You will be sent a Z00M link to join, and are welcome to arrive 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes late. Don't hesitate: SIGN UP!

This time I've brought you Full Circle with me, visiting some Erotic Wizards who all know how "Your Penis Connect you with Everything!"

Peace & Namaste,


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1 Comment

Aug 09, 2022

A milestone post, one to be cherished. The Circle of Wizards connects with the Blog that for many of us drew us to continued practice. As afterglow connects with initial arousal that relies upon our internal level of erotic energy, the circle is completed. Our erections swell in gratitude to our Erotic Wizard, Bruce. Love your intro picture!!

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