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Smile if you masturbate!

Great whales have been observed masturbating by suddenly rolling over in the water or putting on a burst of speed to stimulate their penises, even performing frottage against other male whales as ways to stimulate their immense erections. But then, masturbatory and same sex activity is well known throughout many species of the Animal Kingdom. While these activities probably feel extremely good to many animals, it's unlikely they ever feel any inhibition or shame about the pursuit of such penis pleasure. Among human males, guilt-free, shameless masturbation seems tied to being happy and relaxed about life in general.

Sometimes cause and effect are not easy to sort out: Do you smile because you masturbate? Do you masturbate because you smile? Probably masturbating and smiling are part of the same overall process of being a happy human male. Or at least, in my experience, men who enjoy masturbation without guilt or shame tend to also be relatively happy men, overall.

Masturbatory pleasure is especially important to human male self-esteem, as many men are conditioned to feel they have something to prove, in terms of masculinity, and competition in various fields of activity. Men can use encouragement to value masturbatory pleasure for its own sake as a form of erotic pleasure unlike any other, not a substitute for anything else, rather as one of life's great joys to be fully enjoyed and honored.

Of course, male masturbation is not better or lesser than any other form of sexual activity, however it does have special virtues:

1.) You are 100% in charge of how much pleasure you feel!

2.) You do not need the cooperation of anyone else to fully enjoy masturbation!

3.) Masturbation can be enjoyed solo, and it can be enjoyed socially with fellow men!

4.) Masturbatory pleasure is always available to you!

5.) It is always up to you how intense your masturbatory pleasure is!

6.) It is always up to you how long you will enjoy your masturbatory pleasure!

7.) You choose when to ejaculate, or not--you've got nothing to prove to anyone!

During the 1960s in my mid-teens I masturbated constantly. People proclaimed the Sexual Revolution, and sure, attitudes were changing fast, only some things did not really change so much. I strongly feel the REAL Sexual Revolution is happening NOW! It's a revolution of male masturbatory pride, claiming "solosexual" as a title of proud preference, using media to share masturbatory pleasure with Phallic Brothers globally, of also meeting in person for actual masturbation events to share the boner bliss of witnessing each other stroking, mutual masturbation, and cock2cock frottage. Male masturbation is the new frontier!

The sorry truth is that male sexual frustration lies at the root of our planet's worse problems, and the good news is there is no good reason for this to happen. YOU and ME, we are erotic pioneers! MASTURBATE FOR PEACE! MASTURBATE FOR LOVE! MASTURBATE FOR THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY! MASTURBATE SOLO! MASTURBATE WITH YOUR BROTHERS!


Your Erotic Wizard,

Bruce P. Grether

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