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The Generous Penis

by Bruce P. Grether

I’ve come downstairs in the predawn darkness and now I lie back comfortably on the couch, my soft cotton house pants down around my ankles, the warm thick generosity of my penis alive in my hands. Generosity can mean size, but it’s also a quality. This feels unbelievably, indescribably good—and I’m still in awe of what’s possible!

One hand below my balls pushes in slow surges upon the inner root of my erection, while fingers of the other hand, palm cupped over the big mushroom head, delicately tugs the shaft skin and pushes it around the girth, back and forth. Bliss seems to lift me into the air where I levitate. I feel that my entire being fills the room; I illuminate the ceiling with a mysterious glow of phallic ecstasy. It’s almost as if my penis is a light bulb, incandescent with a glory that originates at the core of my being…

My journey of exploring my erotic potential has led me to a great deal more than techniques and practices—I’m intrigued by questions like:

What does the penis truly mean on the deepest and highest levels?

How did our Ancestors actually venerate the Living Phallus?

How far can masturbatory pleasure take a man on his spiritual journey?

The same process that creates the Universe we live in is experienced in the human male body as penile pleasure. Whatever process performs this constant cosmic creation, is ecstatic, blissful beyond imagining. As mortal humans we come and go from our direct connection with this bliss—only it is always there, always happening.

The spiritual dimension arises from re-training yourself to masturbate mindfully: if you accept 100% responsibility for your pleasure, you learn that there is no limit to how much pleasure you can feel in your body. Having so much also allows you to share generously from your heart. You no longer need to cling to pleasure, or to push away pain.

Penile pleasure is a limitless flow!

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