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Male Mystery School Course

Erotic Meditation: Joshua Tree
Course length: 17 mins

The mystic landscape of Joshua Tree National Park is like what I see in my dreams. I get a profound sense of peace and calm when I am firmly atop of these holy rocks. When I see them or even just think about them, I feel compelled to strip naked and sun myself on their warm faces. They feel like friends and lovers to me, calling out to share my body with them. I feel deeply grounded sunning myself naked and pleasuring myself with them. I feel like I am doing the bidding of nature by being so free.


The sun and the wind caressing my naked body as I firmly connect with my sexual vitality is an experience of absolute freedom that gives me a feeling of oneness with all things. I can lose myself as my consciousness expands to the four corners of the horizon. Savoring the last moments of sun on my skin, I soak up every drop of light and love from my body, amplified by all of the beauty around me. This is how I refresh myself and keep myself constantly renewed.

Once again, I am reminded of how lucky we are to be alive. I thank the land and Mother Earth one last time before heading home for the night.

- Russell (Dragon Puppy III)

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