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Dear Bruce,

     It has been a thrill to come across your information on the magickal and healing potential of our cocks and learning to love and accept ourselves through sacred acts of masturbation. Also the idea that we can sculpt reality around ourselves.
It has been something I have been exploring for a long while on my own. So it was quite validating to come upon the Male Mystery School online and to find that you had written books addressing the subject. It has also allowed me to interject other ideas and quite a bit of history and mythology into my practice.

     To know that I am not alone in these ancient beliefs and to also be helped to realize that I am connected to every man on the planet (past, present and future) because of my cock, has been a powerful next step in my continuing education transformation, and healing.

     Up until reading some of your work, I had never felt any sort of connection to either of my fathers. I have always been kind of an alien creature to both of them and the feeling was mutual. But now I appreciate that even though we interpret strength and weakness from vastly different perspectives, we have a basic unavoidable connection, because we are all men. Thank you for helping bring me to these insights.

     It would be a beautiful thing to me if one day we get the chance to meet and to enjoy worship together.

     Keep transforming lives with your insight! It's very important, what you do. Keep it slick, Brother Bruce.

     Agent 8.75

     To Bruce and Blue Tyger:

     I would like to tell you both that I think what you have created is so wonderful. I have spent a large part of my life trying to deal with my urges to masturbate, secretly knowing that masturbation was what I really wanted, but not allowing myself to accept it for all the conventional reasons. Masturbation has always been my secret way of just being myself, accepting my body and loving who I was. When I recently discovered Erotic Engineering, I feel that I have finally found an accepting home where we as men can be free to express our sexual energy in positive and constructive ways--as an uninhibited bonding force with the freedom to love ourselves and our bodies.

     I have had the pleasure of three amazing sessions with Blue Tyger who,  in his friendly and intense way, showed me new ways to stimulate my penis energy and transform it into a total body experience. My masturbation has become such an important part of who I am and I hope, with the help of Bruce and Blue Tyger, to reach even higher levels of erotic energy on my journey to self love.


     I learned quite a bit more today about Mindful Masturbation and how useful it can be to be with a group of others in both a social and an erotic situation.  As I told you previously, I was naked during the entire session and even when I was not connected, I continued to pursue my personal masturbation, according to your teachings, which I cherish.  It has been a while since I have let myself ejaculate--by choice!--because, as you so skillfully have taught me, the goal is not ejaculation or final orgasm but a true whole-body experience and a continuous "glow" that can last for long periods of time, even days, with the proper mind/genital connection.  Before hearing and seeing your lessons, I was like the majority of men, always looking for that quick final push into orgasm and, like so many men, too, once it was done, I was sated and even sometimes lost interest.  I have learned, however, that an erection is not always necessary for self pleasure and finding the connection between the mind, the personal body and my cock takes practice, but once learned--(I will not say "mastered," for I certainly have not yet mastered all the techniques!)--it offers untold pleasures of both physical and mental pleasure and satisfaction beyond anything I could ever have imagined without your help!

     I want to thank you profusely for your always kind consideration when I write to you and for the remarkable way in which you have changed and enriched my sexual life and my entire personality.

     I hope it offers some sort of gratification to you to know that you have thoroughly enthralled and enriched the waning years of this senior citizen and have taught me that sexual energy and self-pleasure do not die when one ages, but can become eternally better if one utilizes your philosophy and physical techniques.

     Namaste and God bless you and Blue from your devoted disciple and devoté,


     Tom Reynolds

     Blue Tyger was very personable and had an aura about him that made me comfortable almost immediately, so--even though I was a bit nervous--when he asked how much I was willing to try, I figured I’d embrace everything I possibly could, partly because I was so at ease with him. Even just during the initial deep breathing he had me do, I felt my energy really begin to flow, and it continued when we transitioned to mindful masturbation (which feels so much better than masturbating solely for sexual gratification). Now, I do have cerebral palsy, so I wasn’t able to fully involve my entire body through touching and whatnot, but I don’t think that hindered my experience. All-in-all, I’m glad I allowed myself to go on this journey, and I’m really glad I was able to experience it all with Blue Tyger.

     Justin, age 20

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