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Your Warm-Hearted Penis!

by Bruce P. Grether

One major purpose of your human male penis is to help you keep your heart emotionally warm and open to love. The Ancient Egyptian deity Tehuti is the Ibis-headed Moon God, of Magick and Science and his curved beak is also a phallic sign, that echoes the Lunar Crescent. Just as the Sacred Ibis stalks the shallows and plucks its food from the sediment, so your erection explores the flow of ecstasy to sustain your beating heart!

This handsome young man, Rupert Gold, is one of our Brotherhood of superb masturbators. He employs his magnificent male organ in order to not only pleasure himself, but to keep his heart full and overflowing with happy, feelings! This warms his heart!

Rupert loves to share with you the vision of his glorious erection and to demonstrate the skills he has developed as a mindful masturbator with you! At this First Quarter Moon, he reveals everything.

Witness Rupert entirely naked and stimulating his nipples…

…with legs wide, he grips the head of his lubricated erection and levitates…

…which generates pre-cum, that lovely crystal clear fluid whose taste proves irresistible!!!

This fine young fellow pauses to allow the ecstatic sensation he's been generating to blossom all through his fine body, down his legs, up his torso. Rupert knows what his penis is for! He practices, practices, practices, which is precisely how any natural talent develops!

I began to develop Mindful Masturbation in 1995 and I coined the term in 2001. Awareness of its power began to grow, and more recently this truly took off! Like Eastern Cultures, it honors the wisdom of experienced elders!

Younger men sometimes explore Mindful Masturbation, and yet it does have some ancient roots in Taoist Cultivation, Bengali Tantra and even Egyptian Phallicism.

Now and then guys seriously misunderstand what I mean by self-love, which is not to be mistaken for vanity or narcissism, on the contrary, those are signs of deep insecurity. Rather, self-love is self-acceptance, being kind and generous with yourself.

When you practice self-pleasure as a form of self-love, the practice is transformed from purely physical gratification into emotional softness, kindness, warmth.

The deepest inner wisdom comes genuinely from within you, not from any external source of knowledge, but from awareness that you have internalized.

This leads to generosity of spirit towards yourself in which there is no negative judgement, no shame, no blame, only a kind of serene celebration and tenderness.

Enthusiasm transforms years of experience into a focus of being present HERE and NOW in full embodiment, as you have trained yourself and learned to be who and what you are!

Stimulating a nipple while also holding your erect penis encourages the energy to flow up your spine, through your heart into your chest and towards both nipples!

Plenty of lubrication to enhance pure penis pleasure sensations may bring you into a high enough state of erotic excitement that your balls want to climb back inside your body! Your face glows with soft light of sweet enjoyment that emanates from the honey of your heart…

…so handle that Ancestral Treasure that stands between your legs with reverence and awe!

Feel the glow of wonder and joy that radiates from that engorged organ through all of your trillions of cells!!! Your body IS the Garden of Paradise.

When you meet a buddy in the forest, it may be time to open your trousers and touch each other's penises…

…and when you relax naked together, hold each other's hearts tenderly by holding what is between the legs of your Phallic Brother!

Your Phallic Brother profoundly appreciates your loving touch…

…which he feels in his heart as a glow of warmth that connects you!!!

Whether in a duo of men masturbating each other's penises… or in a larger group of Phallic Brothers…

…this is not only sexual or biological. It is about feeling! heart-felt!

Generously, boldly share Brotherly Love!

Kiss your Phallic Brother's nipple when he offers his bare chest for your exploration; lick his nipple, suck it and tug it gently with your teeth.

Get fully naked and fully aroused and allow your erections to sense one another…

…let hands follow suit and cross the gulf. Hold each other's erect penises and feel your Phallic Brother's heart beating in your hand as you squeeze his swollen, thick, heated organ of manhood! Kiss him and kiss him deeply. Feel the warmth in your hearts and in your hands!!!

Join and watch the full 25 minute video by clicking image Above or Below or HERE!

Much Love,


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