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Your Relationship with Your Penis

Updated: May 2, 2022

by Bruce P. Grether

Your relationship with your penis is the key to all your relationships. This relationship is the key to your relationship with yourself. That is the key to your relationships with your fellow men, with humanity in general, with Nature, and with Planet Earth.

My relationship with my own penis has become one of deep listening. Deep listening to the pure penis pleasure it provides me with every day. Listening deeply to the simple fact that it is the literal center of my male human body. My penis tells me that is is an Organ of Love directly linked with my heart!

On this May Day (the day of writing this) you are called upon to celebrate your erect penis as the Maypole around which everyone dances, everything revolves. This is not ego-centrism, rather it is an energetic reality. Your penis and mine are the Axis of the World!

The Horned One, of whom the Celtic Cernunnos is merely one familiar form, is Lord of Forest and Field, AKA the Great God Pan, Herne, Lord Shiva, and all those Phallic Gods of Egypt that wear the horns on their heads. Springtime has arrived and the animal nature of being a human male emerges along with antlered and horned forest creatures! The Horned One is also called Lord of the Dance, patron of male masturbation.

The Nordic Rune "Elhaz" is associated with the majestic antlered Elk, the quality of natural protection, rather than defensive aggression, and with Life itself. This is also an image of a man with both arms raised in open welcome. It has a strong phallic quality due to the central, vertical stroke, which is like you stroking or simply admiring your own erect penis!

Any animal horn in Nature reflects the boner of a man that rises between his legs with his erection. Like springtime itself, like the Merry Month of May, every erection is a resurrection! May is said to be Masturbation Month, but just as every day must be Earth Day, every month is about masturbation!

Male masturbation is the most common sexual experience for humans on Planet Earth. One charming aspect of this exquisite activity is its versatility. You can masturbate simply to relieve sexual frustration or tension, to help you sleep, or to expand your awareness and to pursue profound personal growth.

Mindful Masturbation can be fully enjoyed solo, or with a fellow man, or a group of men in Phallic Brotherhood.

The ecstasy of pure penis pleasure transports you. Your penis IS your Ecstatic Transportation System or ETS, at the risk of creating yet another acronym! Above is the perfect example of how this has been understood since ancient times! The Egyptian Phallic God Min (or Lord Menu) is shown being offered the Wisdom Eye of the ETS.

This is no different from what 21st Century men experience when we practice Mindful Masturbation so that our arousal becomes Male Erotic Alchemy. The body becomes a hermetically "sealed vessel" with semen retention, to transmute mundane awareness into magnificent consciousness.

Part of this is the potent gratitude for simply being alive!

As at the beginning of this blog, the Rune Elhaz depicts the tree-like phallic quality of feeling naturally protected and safe and secure. Many men report this from high erotic states of "edging" and sustained Mindful Masturbation. This beautiful, branching, tree-like Rune (also sometimes called "Algiz") is also known as the Rune of self-interest, not only about protection but healing. It is used for Runic Magick.

Elhaz helps you deal with the exhausting demands of other people, a you return the focus to yourself. Likewise, the association with the Horned One aligns perfectly with May Day, and the Maypole itself, the masculine axis that connects Earth and Sky.

This Rite of Spring, the Dance Around the Maypole, you experience in your own body as you enjoy your erect penis, which aligns you with that Axis of the World!

Your ETS (Erotic Transport System) has this very purpose. Like all Trees of any Forest, your Phallus is a Tree of the Phallic Forest. Phallic Brotherhood recognizes the erect penis of every many as a Tree in this same Forest, which covers our Living Globe: the Earth!

Whenever you stimulate your penis, you are riding this ETS, being transported from ordinary external concerns into the Paradise Garden within you.

If you choose to ejaculate, fully surrender to the intensity! Make as much noise as you can! Allow your individual ego to dissolve (however briefly) into the Cosmic Void from which All Things arise. Honor your semen! Treat your Seed as Sacred, for it is your essence!

When I lived in Estes Park, Colorado, for twelve years from 1976 to 1988, I connected with a powerful Indigenous People's Nature Spirit called "Wapiti," meaning the Elk that roam the valleys around that town in the High Rocky Mountains. Wapiti is a survivor of the mostly-extinct megafauna that once roamed North America. In my novel, THE HOUNDS OF ELKHORN, you meet him. Plus, the narrator "Paul Goodfellow," is like me, an enthusiastic masturbator!

If you choose not to ejaculate so often, a practice many younger men are now learning the value of, your masturbation takes you to new levels of ecstasy. You may explore parts of the ETS that you never knew existed! Genuine masturbatory excellence does not come naturally to most men. Many guys get stuck in repetitive habits learned during teen years or early adulthood. This is why this site, and our coaching services are humbly offered to inspire and encourage you to new heights!!!

This year May Day comes immediately on the heels of the Dark, or New Moon. Don't forget, Brothers: We now have over 50 hours of remarkable masturbation-oriented videos available at our OnlyFans Phallic Brotherhood Page, designed to inspire and encourage you: HERE. Please join to benefit yourself, and also to help support our Mission! Those two things are One!

Also, don't miss the next Guided Group Session of Brothers! We will masturbate together at the next Full Moon: Sunday, May 15, 2022 at 11am PST/ 1pm CST/ 2pm EST. Spaces are available until an hour before the event starts. You can come 15 minutes early and stay a bit late to enjoy the Brotherhood. Sign up, and you will receive a Z00M link for the session. Click HERE or on the image above to sign up!

Much Love in this Lusty Month of May!


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May 04, 2022

If I may add, from Daoist tradition, bao yi or embracing singularity. For those of us who gravitate to Mindful Masturbation as a Way, we've found our monastery. For Springtime or Wood energy, I recommend attention to the Upward flow of sensation, root to tip.


May 01, 2022


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