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Your Planetary Penis!

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

by Bruce P. Grether

The constantly inconstant cycles of the Moon are related to the human male generative and regenerative organ: Your Planetary Penis! The lunar influence is not only crucial to tides and many cycles of Life in our oceans. Also, living things on land and in the atmosphere depend upon the Moon.

Regardless of your shape or size, age, ethnicity, color or sexuality, the head of your penis connects you directly to the Lunar realms that move through incessantly waxing and waning, ebbing and flowing, rising and falling rhythms in your terrestrial existence.

Your 21st Center human Penis has evolved rapidly through the most recent age, the Anthropocene, which is just the last 300 years. It emerged hrough our species evolution of just over 300,000 years. In a real sense it's deeper roots stem from the history of DNA Life on Earth over 3.7 billion years or so, and before that about 13.8 billion years of evolving atomic stardust.

It's quite astonishing how highly evolved your 21st Century Penis actually IS! The primary purpose of it's enticing, almost irresistibly delicious suite of sensational possibilities is no longer to trick you into reproducing. Your penis is now a sensory organ whose purposes are to extend like an antenna and to process, send and receive erotic signals to and from your fellow men.

Your penis is an organ of communication with fellow men in Phallic Brotherhood, of communion with your Brothers. It generates profound, deep inner meditation and expansion of inner awareness inside of you. Your penis helps you connect with other people of whatever sex or sexuality and become more harmonious, balanced and compassionate.

Among today's "religious" paths, only modern Neo-Paganism is truly sex-affirming, as far as I know. Modern Pagans attempt to recreate the Nature-based spirituality of our Ancestors. Some Indigenous People are also more sex-positive and appreciative of sexual diversity, including a focus on masturbation.

The human penis helps to open the male heart and strengthen it to remain open in the widest possible embrace of Love: LOVE EVERYBODY! That's the message, and no easy to do in today's world with divisive conditioning and propaganda!

Now I'm blessed with a full "Medicine Wheel" of fellow Erotic Wizards: East, South, West and North of where I live on Planet Earth; they help me hold it all in my heart. You know those of the East and West, as Henry and Russell. Those of the N. and S. are "Secret Chiefs," meaning powerful Erotic Wizards also, but not so public.

I've gotten clear from these great men, how self-pleasure as self-love opens the heart and keeps the mind loving, kind, warm and caring. A man who shamelessly enjoys masturbation is a happy camper in his body.

The human body is the most worthy Holy Temple in which you can worship. Your own penis and those of your fellow men are the most obvious Living Images of the Divine Source, not merely symbols, but the real deal, the actual Creator of Human Life!

Phallic Brotherhood means simply keeping your mind and heart open to how beautiful are your fellow men and their penises. Or it may involve actually sharing your nakedness, penis, arousal and masturbation with fellow men, either online or in person.

My Phallic Brother Mr. Mykee

My handsome new friend who goes by Mr. Mykee is among those actual men out there in the realms of Cyberia these days, who inspires me with his personal beauty, his open sharing of his body and his penis, and his enthusiasm for masturbation--among other things!

Mykee was born without a tibia bone, which is why he is an amputee. Early on this made him rather shy. But over the years he's become a huge promoter of sex-positivity, nudity, and a respecter of many different body types.

This lovely man used to be in education, but now he works in the tech industry. He enjoys the outdoors, swimming, working out, computer programming, and quite obviously, taking photos!

Mykee certainly has what it takes to inspire his fellow men, and anyone who enjoy penises for that matter, as well as beautiful men. He certainly inspires me with his enthusiasm for sex-positivity, openness and broad acceptance of sexual pleasure as a good, life-enhancing thing!

You can find my new friend Mr. Mykee online by either clicking the above image, or click HERE!

My Phallic Brother Eli

I've known Eli online for some years now, and really appreciate his enjoyment of his penis and of masturbation. Not long ago, we re-connected online, and discussed the possibility of recording Eli's masturbation for the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans page. Hopefully that will happen sooner, rather than later!

To be honest, the many beautiful men now connecting with our Mindful Masturbation Mission are both humbling to me, and highly arousing. When Eli allowed me to record a test video of him about a week ago or so, I realized this young man really does know what the practice I advocate is all about!

Nobody needs to masturbate in any specifically fixed or certain way: we have no dogma or formulas for Mindful masturbation. The basic Keys are: 1.) Breathing Deeply, 2.) Keeping Relaxed in Arousal, and 3.) Keep the Focus on Yourself. These 3 open the Erotic Doors of Perception to limitless possibilities of pure penis pleasure!

Indeed, my Phallic Brother Eli also has what it takes to inspire many, many other men!!!

My Phallic Brother Richi

Another fellow I've connected with just recently is Richi, shown above. This lovely man describes himself as a "chilled Aussie," and told me he grew up loving to edge his penis, and in his teens discovered he could self-suck his penis as well!

You can see what a magnificent intact organ Richi comes equipped with! He said that since he discovered he could self-suck, he loves to lick up his own pre-cum and sometimes he sucks a load of semen out of his penis, ejaculating into his own mouth.

He says he's something of a voyeur, and enjoys nude beaches, open showers with other men, loves edging, and is open to requests, if you want to chat with him.

Richi has that natural flexibility + penis size--the combo that makes self-sucking possible and pleasurable, something many men, even slender fellows, cannot always manage!

Here you see Richi actually ejaculating into his own mouth, an incredible sensation I used to enjoy during my twenties when I lived in Colorado. I could get the whole head of my penis in my mouth, but no more than that!

Anyway, I am grateful to Richi for his express permission to share images of him here You can find his Twitter by clicking the image above, or click HERE! He is also on Pornhub, where you can see longer videos of him.

Toon Bators

I've noticed in recent years that many male cartoon characters and guys in comic books seem to have developed rather realistic tendencies to masturbate! In this blog I'm introducing the first of a series of special features on the subject… (The above image is by European cartoonist Alessio Slonimsky.)

Alessio Slonimsky (self portrait)

You can see from this self portrait that Mr. Slonimsky is a handsome and hunky man himself, worthy of his most sizzling and erotic imagery! He's personally given me permission to share these images, and I find his work some of the finest in this specialized realm of male erotic comics.

According to the man himself, Brother Alessio was born by the Mediterranean Sea. Later he moved to the UK and the USA to study art. In New York he earned a Master's Degree in Illustration. Always interested in pictorial storytelling, Alessio has become a master of this process. Above you see him in an actual photo with two of his characters added.

Above you see the same two characters shown with their creator previously. They are a couple of professional soccer players who have an intimate relationship depicted in the splendid erotic tome GOOD SPORTS. You can find the book by clicking the title, or the image above.

Alessio tells me, in response to my question, that "Yes of course, I masturbate when I'm making my artworks!" Growing up he loved such comics as Tintin, Asterix, and some of the superheroes. Considering what he does for them, the superheroes must also love him!

In line with this annual season of Holy Days, here's Alessio's take on the Three Kings. In Italy they pretty much replace Santa as gift-bringers for kids. Now, a special shout out to Alessio Slonimsky for letting me share his images and tell you something about him. Find him HERE!

Happy Holy Days, my Phallic Brothers!!!

To join, click the image above or HERE!

One reminder! Don't miss our monthly Z00M meeting of the Circle of Men Group Masturbation Sessions this coming December 18th on the Full Moon. That also happens to be the birthday of Yours Truly. Don'r miss it!!!

Let me humbly submit that I cannot express my gratitude: First to YOU; Second, to my remarkable collaborators Blue Tyger, Russell AKA Dragon Puppy III, and Henry Meadows. Without the encouragement, help and support of these three extraordinary and beautiful young men, I probably would have given up on this Mission years ago! Or at least it might have languished, but now it's thriving!!!

My motto is "Never, never, never give up!" And more than ever I do feel in it's own tiny way Phallic Brotherhood can actually help use save the planet!

Much Love,


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4 commentaires

24 déc. 2021

In quantum physics there are four forces- gravity, electromagnetism, the strong force and the weak force. Masturbation is a Strong Force, no doubt, perhaps its own force of nature, binding us to the universe. Each ejaculation is an expression, a celebration of that force and ourselves much like a volcanic eruption spewing its hot magma high into the air of a solar flare shooting out far from the sun.

We truly do stroke our erections hard and ejaculate for each other as much as for ourselves.

04 janv. 2022
En réponse à

The fundamental force of masturbation unites us to our Manhood and the Manhood of all men.


09 déc. 2021

Of all your erotic achievements, the one thing you cannot do, Brother Bruce, is disappoint. Your Planetary Penis sublimely states the connective force of masturbation, to our manhood, to the masculine vigor of all male beings, to God, gods and daemons.

I regard my penis as the sun of my being, around which orbits my soul, my essence, my mind and heart. It is the force that connects me to the manhood of all men.

Grateful for your wisdom

09 déc. 2021
En réponse à

Thanks so much, Brother Tim! Your words mean a great deal to me! 😍

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