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Your Phallus is Golden!

by Bruce P. Grether

I'm often asked: "What IS the actual Secret of the Golden Phallus?" Though I sometimes try to put the "Secret" itself into just a few words, what it's truly about is something that only your own penis can tell you. It is not so much a story, as your living experience.

Grasp what this means as you re-train yourself from ordinary everyday masturbation as a maintenance habit, to practice self-pleasure as a form of self-love, and even as Male Erotic Alchemy.

You can only "hear" this Secret that your body already knows somewhere deep inside when you summon it into conscious awareness. Solo or with a well-attuned Brother, both work wonders!

Even if you are a greatly skilled and long-experienced masturbator, you may have missed important things your penis can tell you about your embodied human experience.

My recent blog on Non-ejaculatory Cultivation!

Until you retrain yourself to experience far higher quality and longer sessions of cultivating your erotic energy, you are not likely to hear this Secret! I don't call it "cum-denial" myself, as to me it's not denying anything, but affirming everything good about yourself and your ability!

Of the Three Forms of Male Solo Sex Magick that I teach men, the first two are about cultivating and manifesting. The third is about the deepest listening of all within your body. I call this "Golden Phallus Yoga." For this practice, there is no fixed routine.

Book trailer of about 30 seconds for

In this book, you discover completely unsuspected dimensions to your erotic energy, also unknown history and mythology related to your body and your penis. However, the revolution in your own practice off self-pleasure the book inspires truly reveals the Secret to you.

You have everything you need in order to uncover the Secret and to explore the Undiscovered Country revealed. It's like a Magick Wardrobe opening into a snowy forest where Spirits of Nature welcome you as a Son of Adam.

This exploration becomes a life-long journey to constantly awaken the trillions of cells in the Universe of your human body, designed by at least 13.8 billion years of evolving stardust and nearly 4 billion years of evolving DNA. Your penis itself still resembles the simplest multi-celled organisms that had a head end and a tail. Still, it is also highly evolved.

Your Golden Phallus opens a Magical Doorway to Phallic Brotherhood with fellow men, each man an individual, each erect penis somewhat different, yet all men and all phalluses created according to the same universal design. A marvelous paradox!

Here's the deepest, most delicious, exquisite mystery of human male embodiment: This third leg of flesh becomes your Golden Phallus as your practice re-lives the mysteries of Osiris, resurrected by touching his own Golden Phallus.

Here's the kind of Egyptian "vignette" that actually depicts the resurrection of Osiris, murdered by his jealous brother Set, and dismembered into 14 parts. Isis, (standing on the right at the foot of the bed) reassembles him, all 13 parts except for his phallus, which was eaten by a river fish.

13 + 1 = 14: The Cycle Continues

Isis fashions a Golden Phallus for Osiris. As a vegetative Green God, he embodies an inexorable cycle of dying back and return. Osiris masturbates his Golden Phallus and thus, like vegetation returning from the root and seed, he returns to life.

We have the same ability to regenerate and restore ourself from the root and seed when we treat our penis as this same Golden Phallus that has the alchemical power of transformation and transmutation.

Here and now, the Secret is to treat your human penis as an instrument of Male Erotic Alchemy, the Golden Phallus that enables you to wield your power of Real Magick.

Real Magick is not something supernatural or paranormal at all, rather it is practiced in alignment with Nature itself, rather than against Nature.

All Magick is actually Sex Magick. Human males own this ability to employ our erect penises as a Magick Wand, as a Wizard's staff.

This is the basis of Phallic Brotherhood. The human body employed consciously is all this Alchemical process requires.

Don't view this process as solemn, and yet it is serious in the same sense that the play of children and animals is serious.

This kind of erotic play, in truth, is necessary to a healthy, happy life as a human male who continues to explore his erotic potential throughout a lifetime!

Full human embodiment opens the doors to many possibilities. All are potentials within you, like super-powers that you may assume as special identities. However, you need no particular costume to trigger these talents.

Henry Meadows, Erotic Wizard of the Far East

Handsome Young Henry Meadows is the perfect example of someone who brings his own spiritual practice of Real Magick into the realm of his practice of Mindful Masturbation and Male Erotic Alchemy.

Henry has a special appreciation for the human body as the Garden of Paradise, the hairs of the male body as garden foliage, and the Golden Phallus as the Tree of Life.

Ancient mythology rises to the surface of fully embodied experience here and now, when we realize (just as an example): The Serpent in the Garden Story is not actually evil, but is the same as Yogic Kundalini.

This Serpent Power, the Kundalini, climbs the inner "tree" of the chakras, not to advocate the end of innocence, rather, to deliver the value and importance of experience.

Thus, the Inner Child within you, pure-hearted and innocent, but not naive or gullible, thrives and lives with curiosity, creativity, and joy!

You to feel safe being open and receptive to loving, kindly, generous collaborators in your pleasure and penetrating insight, which can be fully enjoyed solo or in Phallic Brotherhood.

Also inspire yourself to new heights of pleasure!

Handsome Young Russell, AKA Dragon Puppy III will lead you and the group of Phallic Brothers on Z00M to explore new heights of self-pleasure as self-love and to practice Sex Magick, if you wish to manifest a dream.

We will meet on June 4th at 11am PST/ 12pm MST/ 1pm CST/ 2pm EST, USA. You are welcome to come 15 minutes early, stay 15 minutes after for fellowship. To sign up, click the title above, the photo, or CLICK HERE!

Much Brotherly Love,


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