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Your Penis Touches 9 Realms!

by Bruce P. Grether

Your penis resembles the Nordic World Tree, Yggdrasil, that connects 9 Realms, from the lowest to the highest and back again! Your penis is literally wired into connection with your entire brain, nervous system and body. The Universe of YOU is wired to your penis at every level of your embodied existence!

The Norse Origin or Creation myth is one of emergence, rather than a deity crafting a world into being. Like all great mythic traditions, this is now part of our planetary heritage. It begins with Ice in the North, and Fire in the South. A Cosmic Cow licks the Ice and everything emerges from that.

At the deepest root of Yggdrasil, the world Tree, lives the Dragon Nidgogg. Our handsome young Russell is also called Dragon Puppy III. Atop the crown of the Tree, like his rust-gold head, rests Asgard, dwelling place of the Gods, across the Rainbow Bridge at his brow.

Standing between Russell's legs, rising from the glorious red-gold jungle of his loins, his erect penis is also a World Tree that connects everything in his body and all of his experience through those 9 GOLDEN KEYS OF MINDFUL MASTURBATION.

The "Expressway Y" stroke of triggering the frenulum with one hand while the other hand stimulates a nipple. 2 nips above + one frenulum below = Y! This stroke was first proposed by Alasdair, our Erotic Wizard of the Far North. Most of the blog below details Russell's practice of Golden PhallusYoga.

There is a great song from the 1960s that has a refrain that truly says it all in a poetic, yet true verse concerning Stardust! For the book, click image above or HERE; click here for the inspiring SONG!

This young man reminds me of the Nordic Phallic God Freyr, King of the Nature Gods, Lord of Pleasure, Summer, Fertility, Regeneration, Kingship and Peace!

Your penis is honestly, legitimately, and literally at the center of your identity, of your possibilities--the source of your creativity and beneficial bliss as a human male.

Observe closely, the two images above, while you masturbate yourself. Witness the significant energetic shift. Happy anticipation on the left as the fellow holds his genitals through the briefs. Then he becomes a Luminous Being on the right as he strokes his exposed erection.

This man is blessed indeed, as his upper chest tatt declares…

…this fellow is loses himself in pure penis pleasure…

…while this man finds his soul in his aroused body!

I often say that all Real Magick is actually Sex Magick. Our sexual or erotic energy is the creative, regenerative life-force of the world we live in, as experienced in our human bodies!

These men can be seen to have enchanted each other through erotic sharing by holding and stroking one another's erect penises.

So the images below here reveal handsome young Russell in the thrall of his practice. After three years of training himself in Mindful Masturbation and Sex Magick, he has developed his self-pleasure into genuine Self-Love. He no longer needs to think about it.

See (as hopefully you are masturbating also!) that Russell's confidence comes from how he has trained himself to listen deeply to his penis…

…he listening to what his penis and his body wish for! Touching a nipple…

…and resuming the ascent of his well-lubricated grip along the shaft into the vicinity of his frenulum.

His touch reaches the actual "bridle" of the horse's head, that tiny strip of ultra-sensitive tissue at the underside of his glans penis. Note his face reacting to these various locations via Penis Reflexology.

There is no acting or posing involved here--rather, this is a record of how his body and his face reacts.

See the generous amount of lovely Cowper's Gland Fluid (AKA pre-cum) that his level of arousal generates?

Ah, yes! Here is the actual secret of Spidey's Web-slinging!

Yum-EE, right? The savor and flavor of life being lived in full appreciation of what truly matters the most: enjoyment, loving YOU, so that you can love others in balance!

This practice of Golden Phallus Yoga means a man has trained himself so extensively, that he seldom thinks about what to do; he simply does it!

The practice flows and awareness flowers effortlessly into all of those 9 Realms!

Russell's ability to surrender to the beneficial, even therapeutic surges of pure penis pleasure possible through Male Erotic Alchemy encourage his natural character of kindness, generosity of spirit, and enthusiasm for living fully alive!

Witness here how his sensations radiate through his trillions of cells…

…as he employs his practice for personal transformation within him…

…at the same time that his intention is to inspire and fuel YOU in your practice!

As Shakespeare says: "What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving, how express and admirable…"

"…in action how like an Angel, in apprehension how like a god. The beauty of the world, the paragon of animals!"

Climbing the World Tree, here around Midgard, where humans live…

…and off the top, across that Rainbow Bridge!

Back again to climb once more from Realm-to-Realm…

…that lubricated glans penis in his fist, sensations of bliss inhabit his handsome facial features. Ecstasy visibly radiates through his limbs and head in the 5-pointed star that is the human form.

There is no end and no beginning to the limitless possibilities for bliss. Russell holds his erection with a certain delicacy amid fingers and thumb His breath returns within him in mindful awareness. Numberless cells radiant! 9 Realms lit up!

Take care of yourself--where it starts. In order to care for others in a healthy, empowering, balanced manner, begin with caring for yourself. This is not selfishness. It is how it works!

The Nordic World Tree, Yggdrasil, is only one way to view the possibilities of the Realms that your pure penis pleasure makes possible and then creates and continues to regenerate.

Here's the book trailer. A purchase link is under the brief vid on YouTube.

The Full Moon Groups have been a great experience of actual Phallic Brotherhood for men from around the world. Now our handsome young Golden Phallus Yogi also offers in-depth Mindful Masturbation Lessons with each New Moon.

The next is coming soon: Thursday, January 11th, 2024,  10:45-12:15 PST; 11:45-1:15 MST; 12:45-2:15 CST; 1:45-3:15 EST. SIGN UP! (Or click the image above!)

Much Brotherly Love,


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1 Comment

Jan 13

Absolutely, Bruce, touching or playing with yourself is Self Care. Personally, I can't get enough of gorgeous Brother Russell's golden phallus in action. Inspires my practice. A tip, when your nipples harden to the point of being able to tweak them, simultaneously tweak the full-moon halo of your corona. Your genitals are a microcosm of your macrocosmic body. As a Golden Phallus Yogi, stroking through the microcosmic Realms allows the entire body to experience "climbing the World Tree." Happy masturbating everyone, as we head toward Lunar New Year. - Alasdair

PS To Mindfully Masturbate while viewing an illumined penis or golden phallus is link yourself with it, rather than to view it as an object of sexual arousal. This process…

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