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Your Penis is Your Sanctuary!

"Sanctuary" means two important things here: a place of refuge or safety; also a holy place or an innermost recess within a place of worship. This refers to the Temple of Your Body, in which the high altar is your male genital organ. Your pure penis pleasure comforts you and provides you with a feeling of protection from the storms of the world. Your penis also provides a profound spiritual experience of connection with Source.

Look at your body as a map of the cosmic order: your heart is like the Sun, your navel like the Earth, and the head of your penis corresponds with the Lunar Orb. This message goes out at the First Quarter of the Moon (in this case on October 23rd, 2020), which signifies the Sacred Marriage in the cycle of the Moon waxing from the New Moon to its Full phase.

The Sacred Marriage is not actually a perfect union with another person. Rather, this is the integral balance within yourself that you achieve when you practice self-pleasure as an act of self-love, total acceptance, appreciation, and empowerment. In the Phallic Mysteries of Ancient Egypt (above), the male body was viewed as the Temple, the erect penis was viewed as a sacred umbilical cord to connect you with the Source of Everything.

In actual practice now, it is enough to simply allow your penis to make you feel so incredibly good that everything else in your awareness falls into perspective as pure penis pleasure provides you a place of refuge between your legs and throughout your body.

Your penis is also a Holy Image of the Divine upon the high altar in the Temple of Your Body./ This may startle anyone who still clings to old-fashioned concepts of religious propriety, but when you look at even older traditions, in Egypt, Babylonia, the Indus Valley and Sumeria, the holiness of your actual Living Phallus, your penis--is there!

This ancient wisdom makes it possible to face the strangeness of the science-fiction future we seem to be living in now. It helps you deal with the situations of maintaining solitude for safety during pandemic. Look within yourself--insert a finger in your anus, if this helps…

Explore the Inner World, the Underworld, or the unconscious dimensions below the threshold of conscious awareness, even if this simply means going down into your basement to enjoy solitary nudity and arousal.

To enact an "underworld journey" as it is told in mythic stories such as the story of Gilgamesh, or Orpheus, or even a modern Phallic God such as James Dean, perhaps all you need do to explore this is insert a finger into your anus, probe for your aroused prostate, or literally go downstairs.

When you pay mindful, alert attention to your penis. you begin to awaken more and more to its wonders and mysteries. For example, the spectacularly silken textures, the delicate surfaces, the firm, rigid inner chambers that cause it to stand up hard.

Regardless of its shape or size, your penis is perfect exactly as it is! Remember that in most phallic photographs and videos, the lens, the eye of the camera, tends to be closer to the penis than any other part of a man. Hence, the images make the organ appear larger than it is. It also looms large because of your interest in it, as a man.

In reality, most men's penises are quite similar in shape and size, while details vary endlessly. One way to explore this is through masturbatory frottage: rubbing your penis against the penises of your fellow men.

Cock2cock frottage, as it is sometimes called, is a profound and powerful means of nonverbal communication and communion that men can share with Phallic Brothers. What is communicated goes directly heart-to-heart. Not in a romantic sense, but a genuine fraternal connection.

Differences and distinctions dissolve as erect shafts and puffy penis heads rub against each other without any agenda or goal or intention beyond how incredibly good this feels!

While you and your Phallic Brother may wish to gaze deeply into one another's eyes as you squeeze, press, stroke, roll and rub your erections together, the intensity of the sensations and the emotional power as this opens your hearts may inspire you to close your eyes in holy dread, so that your inner vision may blossom with the brotherly love you share.

As you bear tactile witness to one another's most intimate arousal in this manner, the sensual and sensory power of the experience takes you beyond ordinary sensations of erotic ecstasy into a direct experience of not merely two penises rubbing together, or two men in cock2cock frottage, rather you expand towards Oneness with Everything.

This is definitely not to encourage unsafe contact with anyone during current safety parameters. However, when you actually masturbate on cam, online with a Phallic Brother or Brothers, something quite similar to cock2cock frottage occurs. You simultaneously experience similar states of ecstasy in your bodies generated by the mixture of self-stimulation and the visual enjoyment of one another's male arousal.

So this is one of the greatest gifts that 21st Century Men in our current circumstances can share--the mutual benefits of pure penis pleasure for its own sake.

The primary purpose of the penis of a 21st Century Man is not procreative, and not recreational; it is endogenously (meaning within your body) generative and regenerative processes.

This means the high states of erotic ecstasy your penis generates during Mindful Masturbation and sharing this with fellow men, when you practice semen retention both to prolong the pleasure and to increase its quality to higher levels for the enhancement of your nervous system and brain.

Your remarkable and highly evolved male organ, employed with all the skill and artistry you bring to self-pleasure restores function to damaged or neglected neural pathways in your body, and generate new neural pathways. It makes you smarter and healthier.

Thus your life may be enjoyed more fully with the powerful sensations of feeling totally alive!

Intense pure penis pleasure provides you with a refuge from other challenges, for in this realm, your enjoyment is literally in your hands, by your choice. If anything is sacred or holy, it is this profound source of well-being, joy, happiness. Your penis is holy or sacred, not in an ordinary religious sense, rather in the sense of something regarded and treated as very special and extremely precious.

Currently, we are in an ideal time for you to reclaim every promise and potential embodied in your male human penis. To explore this within your solo space is especially valuable, for in your private states of ecstasy, you have the opportunity to deeply experience this miraculous, magnificent, even magickal organ.

You might as well enjoy, experience, explore with the best of both worlds, your own personal solo sexual realm, and the realm of Phallic Brotherhood among Men. Authentic, natural maleness is only now being reclaimed by more and more men from the conditioned cults of cultural "masculinity" that distort the experience and lead men to shield their hearts. Now, in the 21st Century, it's also valuable to connect with ancient mythology concerning your penis and self-pleasure.

Even if you are not flexible to suck your own penis (most of us are not!) you may wish to explore the meaning of the ancient Egyptian mythology of the Heliopolitan Creation Story. Atum, the Complete One, the Lord of the Primordial Mound emerges from the chaotic flux of the Nile's annual floodwaters, and pleasure himself in order to avoid dissolving back into that flow. Through masturbation, he sustains his existence, creates the world, and ejaculates into his own mouth--the origin of the Egyptian Gods, his descendants.

In this book you discover the actual significance of such ancient mythology in your own body and your own existence. You also find specific, detailed instructions on Mindful Masturbation, the 3 Forms of Male SoloSex Magick, and much, much more (click image above) or click HERE. This book is not really about anything so much as it's about YOU and your relationship with your penis!

Thank you for sharing this journey of Phallic Brotherhood with me and all of the other men on similar journeys of self-discovery and bliss!

Peace & Namaste,


PS: On my Twitter feed you can witness my handsome young friend Marco (below) as I coach him in Mindful Masturbation, and his intense boost of ecstatic enjoyment can be dramatically witnessed. To view the videos and to practice with Marco and me, click on the photo:

Also, a brand new mini-series recorded for me by my friend Marcel, a marvelous masturbator in his own right, has just gone viral. You can enjoy his self-pleasure and stroke along with Marcel by clicking the image below:

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