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Your Penis is the Tree of Life in the Garden

by Bruce P. Grether

Stories such as the Garden of Paradise and the World Tree that represents Life itself are almost universal. Such imagery represents our primordial connection with Nature and the World Axis of the vertical energy that connects Below and Above, upright in relation to the pull of gravitation. Such stories remain profoundly meaningful today!

Nico's New Moon and the World Axis

When you pay full and close attention to your human body, it becomes a direct experience of Paradise, or Heaven on Earth! This does not mean you ignore suffering, or that you can avoid it. However, when you focus upon the generous rewards of full embodiment, your existence feels like a gift! Generate all the pure penis pleasure you can to experience this!

Gift yourself with the profound experience of being an embodied human male! Your body IS this timeless Garden, this Paradise of your natural self. Your penis is the One and only Tree in the Garden. Other tales, which represent duality and contradiction were added later.

Contact him on Twitter or via email HERE. in order to benefit from his erotic skills and his good nature! We continue the New Moon Session with Nico that I began to illustrate in the August 7th blog. Nico brings his beauty, wisdom and Sex Magick to this incredible video.

Just as this handsome young man demonstrates in his remarkable "NICO'S NEW MOON RITUAL" of July 29th, 2022, (that you can view on the OnlyFans page ) living can be an adventure, a joyous mystery, exploring possibilities: the frontier of sensations and Magick!

The penetration of a man's anus may be interpreted is as an entry into the Lower World or the Underworld. The Unseen Dimension. Often, traditional cultures describe Three Worlds: Lower, Middle, and Upper. These are also the base of the torso, the heart, and the head: Lunar, Solar, and Celestial realities.

Bring such concepts back into direct experience of your body. See Nico truly mindful and completely present in his body here. The World Axis of the penis activates the parallel World Axis of your spine.

Bruce's Penis Reflexology

The whole erection has direct parallels, according to reflexology, with the whole man's body. For my book THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN PHALLUS, I created my own version of direct anatomical similarities.

Nico generates intense waves of ecstatic sensation that surge along his spine, as well as his penis. His swollen and sensitized prostate participates internally in a kind of ecstatic triangulation.

The New Moon is a time of awareness of what is hidden by darkness, and among its revelations is that the stars become more visible with mindful attention to these mysterious yet embodied mysteries.

From root to the crown of the head, the mind may grow clear. The Underworld, Middle World and Upper World is a vertical progression leading upward into starry and galactic spaces.

If you sometimes feel starry-eyed or your head seems to fill with stars, this sensation may reflect that root-to-crown surge of fully embodied energy! Nico emerges visibly charged with the labyrinthine energy from within his body.

He roams his surface with his hands to bring himself back from within that region of the deepest roots of the Tree of Life within his body, which is both his penis and his spine.

Nico offers his Sex Magickal intention. He shares the Sacred Mystery of Cocolatl, an ancient American sacrament we now know as the pleasure of delicious Chocolate.

Furthermore, he states his express, explicit intention with a kind of sticky-note that he places upon his magnificent body at the Solar Plexus.

Nico anoints that written statement of his intention via his abundant stringy precum fluid generated by his self-pleasure during this practice.

His gorgeous foreskin enacts the New Moon Mystery as the lunar dome of his glans penis is covered and uncovered by that majestic membrane!

Nico heightens his ecstatic enjoyment of his body as the Garden of Paradise, his penis as the Tree of Life, via the "Expressway Y" practice: simultaneous stimulation of his frenulum and his nipples.

Witness how this handsome young man's blissful sensations surge even higher here as he alternates the upper hand to reach the opposite nipple.

After cultivating intense, high quality erotic energy with great skill and dedication, he heads towards planting the seed of his intention along with an actual ejaculation.

He keeps that intention "I AM A SOURCE OF PLEASURE" as his focus, with a special potency as he generates powerful pleasure through the Tree of Life of his penis…

…and a look of helpless ecstasy grips his features as he performs the final strokes prior to the moment of release…

…and here, all the imagery converges. The Serpent climbs the Tree; helices twine upward along the Caduceus of Hermes; Ida and Pingala climb the Sushumna of the spine from Root to Crown!

The Crown opens at the apex of the head to connect the realities Within with the realities Without; Below and Above merge. With the New Moon the Lunar Orb is conjunct the Solar Sphere. The two heavenly bodies appear to merge and occupy the same space.

Witness the grappling strokes that finish squeezing the semen from the shaft of his penis and how this process registers both in Nico's face and his body.

Normally during ejaculation, you surrender and dissolve in a cataract of sensory oblivion. However, during Sex Magick you seek to maintain the distilled essence of your intention.

See how Nico spreads those flares of pure penis pleasure milked from his erection throughout his body with caresses to his chest, outward along his thighs, then back yo to his throat.

He sits back with a heel pressed to his perineum behind his balls. His penis remains engorged enough to lift upwards in response to this pressure. He bends forward and runs a hand down to his ankle.

…then he lies back flat. He instinctively lies with legs wide apart, which allows the released energy to flow all around his body and allows his faithful, cherish genitals to fully relax.

A softer radiance emanates from within as he sits up. He places a cushion under his towels that he can kneel astride with thighs braced comfortably apart. Again, he brings awareness back to his body, caressing his torso and abdomen.

One more gentle visit by his hands to rest upon his genitals in a cupped gesture of containment. He thanks the Tree of Life within the Paradise Garden of his body for its role in holding up the starry Heavens, and sinking roots deep into the ourishing Earth.

Among his many talents, Nico is also a dancer. Gestures of playful movement bring him back into full awareness of YOU, the Phallic Brother with whom his New Moon intention is shared.

Radiant in the Aftermath: He IS His Magickal Intent!

At Erotic Engineering we insist that though Alchemical allegories may provide colorful symbolism, such imagery means nothing when it remains on the level of symbolism, until it gets translated into direct experience in your own body.

This is how Male Erotic Alchemy for the 21st Century becomes no mere metaphor. It emerges as the direct experience of your own body as the Garden of Paradise, and your own pure penis pleasure become that Serpent of Awakening that climbs the World Tree, the Tree of Life, which stand up between your legs to kiss the sky.

Don't miss the upcoming Full Moon Group Masturbation Session on Z00M: Sunday September 11th, 2022, 11 am PST/1 pm CST/2 pm EST, USA. You are welcome to arrive 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes after to share with the Brothers. Tickets available until one hour before the event: HERE! (Or click the image above!)

Handsome Young Russell has just returned from the Playa at Burning Man to guide the Sept. 11th Group Session this coming weekend. He is an extraordinary Mindful Masturbator and Erotic Wizard in his own right! For his excellent masturbation coaching, contact him on Twitter. Don't hesitate; his price will soon go up! (On Sept. 22.)

Erotic Engineering may be somewhat ahead of our time, in that Mindful Masturbation can help us to create a better future for humanity and the planet. But we are reaching out now to our Brothers!

Please be in touch and we will happily respond!

Much Love,


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1 commentaire

19 sept. 2022

From a somewhat insider perspective, I would like to reaffirm for everyone that the time is now. Personally, I am at that place that in the past would mean finding my monastery. Today I'm not sure what it means to have access to a practice once reserved for emperors. We have made it available here, literally to anyone. What does it feel like to nourish the shen, to feel the arrival of spirit essence, or as Bruce puts it, "that Serpent of Awakening that climbs the World Tree?" For me, it often feels like being 10 feet tall.

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