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Your Penis is the Galactic Center!

by Bruce P. Grether

There is no such thing as "them and us." We are All One Humanity on Planet A. We know of no Planet B hospitable to our form of Life, so we must take care of our Earth. Your pure penis pleasure allows you to Love Life and to care intensely about yourself, Love your Phallic Brothers, and to celebrate everything in existence.

(Photos of Edward from "Ransom House Studio" used by permission;

please see the Flickr page of BAGman for more fine photography!)

Our Phallic Brother, Edward Barron, is a marvelous man who "gets it" about how interconnected everything is. After I explore the subject of how YOUR penis is the Center of the Spiral Galaxy we inhabit, you can read about Edward and see many more photos of him!

Apparently every spiral galaxy in the Universe rotates around an immense black hole, as if that is the hub of the galactic wheel.

Within every black hole is the same basic thing: Singularity! There, the curvature of space becomes infinite; evidently time stops. No one can be "other" in Singularity.

All is One.

Nothing can be separate from anything else in Singularity. Whatever may seem opposites, or even just contrasts, appear to merge back into Primordial Unity.

Every "Law of Nature" as we have imagined these principles, is suspended.

The closest parallel in human experience is the ability of your erect penis to allow you to feel connected with Everything. Feeling this set me on my path at age 7. Your penis IS your Singularity! The galaxy of you revolves upon it.

All men and boys (age 18+, of course) are gifted with these adult male genitals. As a human male, apart from conditioned beliefs and doubts, you can provide yourself and your Phallic Brotheres with this pure penis pleasure…

…which has the capacity to make you experience and feel your connection with All Things!

Your erect penis itself is your primary sex toy…

…and the rest is details!

The only game truly worth playing is the Game of Life!

Edward Barron

This beautiful man grew up in Florida. In the process, he masturbated with a number of other fellows, but they never actually touched each other. He has lived in a number of places around the country, also in Japan and Amsterdam, and eventually married and had a family.

He lived in Boston, and with the 2008 financial crisis he lost his job. As a sort of exhibitionist who loved nudism all along, he began to do nude modeling for artists and photographers as a vocation.

The modeling grew increasingly erotic. When he was asked to do a photo shoot with another male model, he found that touching another man and being touched felt incredibly sensual and exciting for him.

He had discovered his truest sexuality!

It's so refreshing and inspiring that Edward says, "I am an open book so I am okay with whatever you want to write." He has always felt same-sex attraction and loved to masturbate.

He has also said: "The only thing I like better than being nude in a public setting is being the only one nude in a public setting."

While living in Boston, Edward attended an event connected with Easton Mountain, an exquisite rural retreat center in upstate New York focused on events for gay men. Easton Mountain is where Joe Miron and I helped Joseph Kramer to facilitate the first men's erotic workshops at that location in 2001, after John Stasio became the owner.

Edward went to Easton Mountain first intending to spend a week there, and was asked to stay longer. Now has plans to spend a year as a volunteer on the staff.

I'm absolutely delighted getting to know Edward as my Phallic Brother since he contacted me, and he sent me some videos of his masturbation practice.

He is wildly enthusiastic, vocalizes his ecstatic sensations, has sensitized his body tremendously through neuroplasticity! (That's my opinion.) He's remarkable to see and hear!

Edward's nipples are extremely sensitive; you can see him reacting to the lightest touches. He agrees with me that what Yogis call "Kundalini" is basically the universal life force as we experience it in our human bodies! His penis is the Center of the Galaxy, and so it yours, and those of all our Phallic Brothers!

As you can see, Edward Barron takes good care of his body. He has done Yoga and worked out, and now he looks great! But it's his Inner Light that I find most entrancing about him!

Join the next Full Moon Group Masturbation on Z00M, November 27th, 2023

Following a few other adventures, Russell has returned to doing his monthly Lunar Sex Magick with the Phallic Brotherhood. You can sign up HERE or by clicking on the image above.

Russell is also re-dedicated to creating new material for the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans page, which is another great way to support our Mission!

If you have not checked out the incredible body of work we have already created there, please do.

You can also click on Russell's Golden Phallus (above) here to join the OF page!

This handsome young man is a major gift to the Phallic Brotherhood. He understands how his own penis allows him to touch into that sense of Oneness with Everything: the Singularity. Not in some futuristic tech sense, but in the Eternal now of Brahman. Advaita. non-separation. Interbeing.

That Great Mystery: the Galactic Center!

Much Brotherly Love,


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24 Kas 2023

Daily masturbation connects me to the Godhead in every man


14 Kas 2023

When you're mindful, you breathe consciously. When you're erect and edging, you exhale dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, etc. When you're with a Phallic Brother, you share each other's hormones through conscious breathing. We're in this together.

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