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Your Penis is the Center of All Things!

by Bruce P. Grether

In 2006 I read a book called THE VIEW FROM THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE BY Joel R. Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams. It challenges how science can make you feel like an insignificant speck in the vastness, while in some actual ways you truly are the Center of the Universe! For instance, as your own primary observer!

The common ancient perception of being at the middle of everything is not entirely wrong. In an expanding Universe, in an actual sense everything is at the center! Specifically when you pay full attention to your own Golden Phallus, you experience this directly! It is the Center of All Things…

The planetary alignment illustrated above peaks tomorrow (as of this writing on the 23rd) and occurs along a curve called the "ecliptic." This curve represents the apparent course of the Sun around the Earth, though it is actually the opposite. Mainly what this means is it's one of the numberless Cosmic Wheels, such as rotating planets, orbiting planets, stars in galaxies… and so on!

In your human body, which is a Microcosm of the Macrocosm, meaning it reflects the organizing principles of the Universe itself, your penis is at the center of those numberless Cosmic Wheels.

Your experience as an embodied human male is something that should never be taken for granted! Never allow yourself to slip into feeling it is mundane, or ordinary! When you apply close, full, mindful attention to your body and to your pure penis pleasure, you open the Doors of Perception and your consciousness expands…

Not only are you the Microcosm of the Macrocosm, you are the Macrocosm of those levels of organization within the matter of your body: organs, cells, molecules, atoms, subatomic particles and waves. These can all, in their own way also be viewed as "Cosmic Wheels!"

Always, all ways, your penis is the hub upon which those wheels turn: the nucleus of the atoms, the symmetry of the chain molecules, the membranes of the cells, the functions of organs, the cores of the planets, the spin-axes of the stars, the central Singularity upon which spiral galaxies turn.

It is because you are made of stardust, those complex atoms forged in the hearts of ancient stars, that your human body is so remarkable! Consider this: your stardust is the DNA of DNA. Stardust is the language in which your genetic blueprint is written! Does this seem difficult to understand? Look below…

This is my briefest book, just 170 pages. It's clear and easy to read: THE 9 REALITIES OF STARDUST: A GUIDE TO BEING HUMAN IN THE UNIVERSE. It's a manifesto according to Bruce, of post-psychedelic and ongoing ecstatic awareness. It's not a masturbation book, but my penis did participate! To find it click the image above, the title above, or HERE!

Your penis and the pleasure it provides is a priceless gift from your Ancestors! You may not be able to fully enjoy it without some lingering doubts, guilt, or shame, unless you learn to truly masturbate mindfully, to reclaim your Original Innocence and to live in Penis Paradise!

One of the great gifts of Mindful Masturbation is that you can train yourself to fully enjoy the practice solo, by yourself, as a process of loving yourself better and better, or you can share it with another man or a group of men in Phallic Brotherhood.

Regardless of how you may label your sexuality, as a human male you are likely to find the penises of fellow men fascinating. Probably you also find them arousing. It is possible to fully enjoy masturbating together with fellow men without slipping into the standard male "sex hunt" or competition.

A key to full enjoyment of Pahllic Brotherhood in actual sharing of your body with fellow men, whether via cams on the Internet or in person, is generosity of spirit: no judgement, no comparing, simply encouraging and uplifting and inspiring your shared enjoyment of pure penis pleasure!

Male masturbation as an act of loving yourself as well as possible on every level including the physical level is among our most intimate human experiences. In truth, this can be far more intimate than most sexual experiences that involve other people, but this is also why to share male masturbation with fellow men is so incredibly intimate! And HOT!

Male human fetuses have been observe via sonogram masturbating in the womb. Many guys who start masturbating young experience orgasms or multiple orgasms before they can ejaculate. Still, once you reach sufficient maturity to ejaculate, you are likely to image orgasm and ejaculation are one and the same! But they are not!

Many guys do not discover the "dry orgasm" until you begin to re-create your entire practice as Mindful Masturbation. For most men this requires actual coaching, such as Russell and Nico can provide (you can Direct Message them through those links). Or at least learn with FREE online coaching videos. Ejaculation is great! But semen retention is also powerful!

Your human penis is actually a highly-evolved and remarkably complex organ. It directly connects with your gut, your heart. your brain and every one of your many trillions of cells. Its wonders and mysteries may slumber in seeming quite ordinary and common until you awaken its limitless potentials for bliss via Mindful Masturbation!

The statement above may seem to you like hyperbole or boast, or simply a self-aggrandizing advertisement, until you are willing to try the practice. My own practice requires some genuine humility, as I seek to go back to Square One and start learning every time I masturbate!

Me: AKA Bate Master Bruce

However, because I am always rewiring my nervous system through mindfulness, it has never felt so good before! My penis is highly trained!

Russell, AKA Dragon Puppy: Erotic Wizard!

Your penis truly IS the Center of All Things when you awaken it and transform your self-pleasure from something mundane to something magnificent, mysterious and measurelessly profound. Russell trains his penis intros direction constantly!

Henry Meadows: Erotic Alchemist!

You can grasp that your penis truly IS the Center of All Things when you practice self-pleasure not only as self-love, but as a form of Male Erotic Alchemy. This handsome fellow (above) was already adept in some Real Magick: he is now a genuine Erotic Alchemist.

Nico: Masseur and Sacred Intimate

Handsome Nico is also a Wizard and Alchemist! Don't miss the next Full Moon Group Masturbation Session, scheduled for Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at 11am PST/ 1pm CST/ 2pm EST. Russell has shared this about that upcoming Moon's significance: "Do not seek approval from the outside, it will not help you get rid of your doubt and it is harmful to you. You have to trust your inner values."

After you sign up, you will be mailed a Z00M link prior to the event. You are welcome to connect 15 minutes early and remain 15 minutes after, for some special Phallic Brotherhood social time. To share your Penis Energy with your Brothers sign up HERE or click the image above!

More than ever our beautiful Planet Earth and the human species, most of whom are really good people, need the kind of strong, sensitive, joyful, vibrant, dynamic and gentle male energy that is true, authentic, natural Penis Power!

Much Love,


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