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Your Penis is an Organ of Love!

by Bruce P. Grether

Your penis IS an organ of Love! The extremely phallocentric Ancient Egyptians knew this! Never allow your penis to be reduced to something trivial, or anything less than sacred and central to your existence. Until you discover that your penis is an organ of Love, you miss the most important point of being a man! Egyptians called pure penis pleasure "Intelligence of Heart!"

For many men, the penis becomes disconnected from their heart and mind. But it can be reconnected! This is what happens when you truly embrace daily Mindful Masturbation. The practice rewires the genitals, heart and brain back into the fully functional whole system they are designed to be: the Holy Trinity of Penis-Heart-Mind!

Do you appreciate what we do?

We need your assistance to sustain our Mission of planting a Phallic Forest worldwide without getting swept over the cataract of current events. The most direct way to is to go HERE and click the button that says "I want to help."

I feel blessed in numberless ways. I will never give up tending the central blaze, the heart-fire that illuminates and warms the naked men of our Brotherhood! Your penis is an organ of Love that helps you to love yourself and also facilitates Brotherly Love!

Phallic Brotherhood is about the fact that virtually all men (though SOME may not be so eager to admit this!) are fascinated with penises and male masturbation. Men watching "heteronormative" porn often enjoy seeing the erect penises and ejaculations. This Brotherhood is about masturbation and observing our fellow men in a this sacred activity.

I feel incredibly blessed that my dream of Penis Paradise which began when I was a very small boy has so remarkably come to fruition! Since I was a young boy, I've been obsessed with penises! But not until 1995, when I was 41 years of age, did the gates of that place of Heaven on Earth again open to me…

I have seen the effect of the penis as an organ of Love upon handsome Young Russell. I connected with him just over two years ago. While already a warm-hearted and sensitive person, I've seen how his dedication to Mindful Masturbation has blossomed his personal growth and spiritual evolution! It's as if his heart now fills his entire body! Russell has Intelligence of Heart!

Handsome Henry Meadows, I connected with in this regard just over one year ago. He has also shown swift growth of confidence and self-esteem through employment of his penis as an organ of Love. His magnificent penis helps him to increase both his self-love and his love for our many Phallic Brothers around the world. Henry has Intelligence of Heart!

We are so pleased and honored to open our arms of Brotherhood to handsome young Nico the Masseur! This lovely man who has developed his skills of therapeutic touch and erotic massage, as well as his Mindful Masturbation. We hope to begin adding some spectacular video of Nico's beautiful self-pleasure as self-love to our OnlyFans page soon.

As a boy, Nico lived with his aunt, a local curandera, or healer. This early introduction to the healing arts planted seeds of intention in him. In 2009 he became a professional massage therapist, and from 2014-16 he was the coordinator for the Body Electric School in Chicago. There, he was recognized as a Sacred Intimate.

To contact Nico about massage or masturbation coaching: EMAIL him or you can Direct Message him on TWITTER.

Nico holds awareness that erotic empowerment of men is a service! Mutual encouragement, upliftment and inspiration are the qualities of this Brotherhood, just as a Buddhist Sangha is a community of meditators who support each other's spiritual paths.

As you touch yourself in a loving spirit, those aspects of you that might sometimes seem separate, such as genitalia, heart and mind fuse back through the ecstatic sensations to their primal unity and wholeness. Penis-Heart-Mind!

Nico's skill at massage, developed through Body Electric training and his experience, led him to direct awareness that self-pleasure practiced as self-love is a transformational process.

Have you noticed that when you see an image of a man in the throes of ecstasy with his hand upon his penis there is nothing missing from the image? Thus, the Egyptian deity Atum, Lord of the Primordial Mound, who creates and sustains the world through his ongoing masturbation is called the "Complete One"!

Nico's practice is exquisitely inspiring, just as the masterful skilled dedication of Russell and Henry is also an immense gift to the men of Planet Earth. At this time of world-shaking uncertainty, to touch yourself lovingly is a crucial reminder of how good life is when you can be fully present in your embodiment!

A variety of strokes to your penis is one of the major portions of 9 GOLDEN KEYS TO MINDFUL MASTURBATION, the complete video coaching course that we offer FREE.

Nothing appears quite so radiant, vibrant, alive and perfect as male genitals that are fully awakened to their deepest and highest purpose!

The emergence of Cowper's Gland Fluid, commonly called pre-cum, attests to the intensity of Nico's arousal. Although not all men produce the marvelously clear, slick fluid to the same extent, when it does appear, it is a male masturbator's great delights!

Talented and warm-hearted Nico offers online Mindful Masturbation coaching. He supports you in being conscious about your masturbation and helps you to incorporate joy into your practice. For more information please send him a direct EMAIL. Nico definitely has Intelligence of Heart!

When the Great Pyramids of Giza were new, around 4,600 years ago, they were covered with polished white limestone and capped with gold at their apexes. Study of ancient traditions reveals that the pyramid represents the head of the penis of Lord Geb, the Earth God, which points up to the Sky.

Lord Min is the Valley God, a form of Atum, also called Lord of the Lifted Arm and the Healthy Eye. He represents the virility of Kings and Pharaohs. When his image was carried through the fields, men and boys openly masturbated to contribute their energy to his. The erect phallus was considered a spiritual umbilical cord connecting you with Universal Source!

My first Erotic Wizard's Apprentice (since Blue Tyger) is this amazing young man, Russell. We are all blessed by the fact that he loves to share his body, his penis, and his masturbation practice with all his Phallic Brothers!

Russell's relationship with his penis is a perfect example of this organ employed for the purpose of Love.

His skilled and dedicated practice of Mindful Masturbation serves more than his personal growth and spiritual evolution. He deliberately offers explicit images in the form of photos, GIFs and videos with the intention to inspire and uplift you.

Your penis is an organ of Love, and Russell encourages this awareness in you by his example.

Russell understand through his experience that the penis is an organ of Love! If you adore your penis and relish the intense blissful states you can generate for yourself and your fellow men through your Mindful Masturbation and sharing the practice, you embody Love!

See for yourself how the "human image" of Russell's erect penis spreads angelic wings to reveal the "higher nature" of the human male!

Russell ushered in the Age of Aquarius at 2:22 pm on 2.22.22 with a LIVE session on our OnlyFans page. Watch it in full HERE! Please turn off any device that could distract you. Get out your lube and masturbate with him all through this remarkable session! Enjoy every second of it!

Coming soon: a totally remarkable new video series in 3 parts: THE CHYMICAL WEDDING OF DRAGON PUPPY, in which handsome Young Russell marries himself!!! This is the ultimate act of Erotic Alchemy. It is the Sacred Marriage associated with the Moon's First Quarter.

Hercules Papadakis: Major Masturbator

This is my Phallic Brother Herc, who lives in Greece. See this handsome man (above) with the brilliant artist Linda Talbot? Unfortunately, Herc has fallen upon hard times and is in financial distress. In these strange and often scary times on our planet, he has reached out to me asking for help.

Though I am well provided for, my own finances do not allow me to invest in much beyond maintaining this site and newsletter, purchasing groceries and a few out-of-pocket prescriptions required for the health of my heart.

If you have a bit more abundance than you absolutely need, please reach out to Herc! Here, you see him masturbating in a classic-style Greek ampitheater.

Hercules Papadakis has been my Phallic Brother for many years. I send him Limitless Light and Love, along with the hopes that some who read this might reach out. Contact him via EMAIL! If you do, please tell him Bruce sent you! Herc has Intelligence of Heart!

The Moon is New each Lunar Month!

This blog is published with the New Moon of March 2, 2022. This is a great day to dissolve your mind into the Void. Allow yourself to naturally emerge again like Lord Atum. Generate masturbatory bliss with a Golden Acorn of intention aimed at the Full Moon on March 18th.

Join us Friday, March 18th, 2022 at 3pm PST/ 5pm CST/ 6pm EST with the intention to plant your Golden Acorn to help propagate the Phallic Forest of global Brotherhood, either with an intentional ejaculation, or just keeping your semen within you. Come 15 minutes early and stay a bit late, if you wish.

Don't miss this marvelous hour facilitated by our own spectacular Russell, AKA Dragon Puppy III. SIGN UP!

This time, let's plant seed for World Peace!

With our Intelligence of Heart…

Love and Peace,


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