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Your Penis is an Instrument of Peace!

by Bruce P. Grether

Shift your focus, from the world of conflict to the inner peace you can cultivate within you! Peace emerges from within you like a beautiful plant that flourishes, and grows in your surroundings. In truth, it is the Tree of Life! Peace is not a state of passivity or fatalistic acceptance! Peace is the strength to face scary realities with serenity, a state of dynamic inner integrity, and feeling totally alive in the present moment of perfect synchronicity.

The penis has indeed been weaponized by the prevailing male-dominant culture of hierarchy, competition and aggression. But the true nature of your erect penis, your Golden Phallus is different. Your penis is about extreme sensitivity, emotional strength, flexibility when required, and a willingness to communicate, share, and keep your heart open. It is about pleasure and Peace! Plant your Golden Acorn of Peace!

In her remarkable book, FACES OF THE MOON MOTHER, my beloved friend Rowena Pattee Kryder offered her insight and wisdom concerning a sixteen-phase view of the Lunar Cycle. Today, March10th, 2022, (when this blog is published and the newsletter goes out) we are at the First Quarter of the current cycle. In her book, (p. 28) Rowena says of this phase:

“Inspiration founts where the Four Rivers rise

in the heart of the lost Garden.

Purified by water, flame and wind,

humanity refinds through commitment

a rainbow bridge to paradise.”

Our beloved and handsome Young Russell, AKA Dragon Puppy III, has created the most extraordinary video series I have yet seen! Witness him as he returns to Penis Paradise! This 3-part masturbation epic is titled THE CHYMICAL WEDDING OF DRAGON PUPPY III.

His title refers to a traditional document of the Rosicrucians, dating from 5 or 600 years ago: THE CHYMICAL WEDDING OF CHRISTIAN ROSENKREUTZ. This "wedding" actually describes the Sacred Marriage that is the essence of Alchemy. The process of inner transformation "turns base metal into gold, and finds the philosopher's stone or elixir of life."

Today, we know the secrets within the secrets--which Russell and I are determined to not only reveal, to but share with you in their simplest essence. All Real Magick is actually Sex Magick. Alchemy is about "sealing the vessel" of your body by practicing semen retention while you generate increasingly abundant, increasingly high quality self-pleasure.

Russell, AKA Dragon Puppy III, has grown greatly skilled at these practices in the last two years since he embrace Mindful Masturbation. Then he mastered Sex Magick, and hence Male Erotic Alchemy. You may wish to pursue these practices only to experience finer erotic pleasure than you ever have in your life, or also for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Now we are welcoming another Erotic Adept to our Mission of encouraging Phallic Brotherhood of Men on Planet Earth. Handsome Brother Nico the Masseur, is also a highly skilled masturbator, masseur and Sacred Intimate. (Contact him for his services as Masseur, Masturbation Coach or Sacred Intimate via Direct Message HERE or via EMAIL.)

The deepest, most mysterious and profound, challenging insight of genuine Alchemy is that of "As Within, So Without," + "As Without, So Within." This means that everything you imagine to be external to your body, your surroundings, the world you live in and the Universe itself, is actually within you! How you think and believe, your deliberate activity determines the qualities of the reality you experience. So masturbate mindfully!

What apparently exists external to your body is not entirely illusion. However, it is not what you may think and believe it to be. The realities surrounding you are far more mysterious and unknown than you may feel comfortable to acknowledge. Everything seemingly "out there" is actually "models" or "maps" of external realities that exist within you, inside your body, your nervous system, your brain! You create these images in your mind from sensory data.

Yes, as the John Lennon character keeps saying in the animated film YELLOW SUBMARINE, "It's all in your mind!" Accept this as much as possible, and you discover a major key to improving your experience of the world. Accept full responsibility for both your painful suffering and your ecstatic bliss. You are not to blame for these qualities of your experience, instead, to a large extent you can consciously generate and cultivate your experience of them! To balance out suffering, deliberately increase your ecstatic bliss.

You deal with the less pleasant challenges that inevitably arise and keep them in better perspective when you learn to practice Sex Magick and Male Erotic Alchemy. See (above) the Sex Magick that handsome Young Nico used not long ago in order to obtain improved new quarters.

Regardless of your age or appearance, you are welcomed with open arms and opened thighs as a member of our Phallic Brotherhood. We don't use article "The-" at the start of what we call ourselves, to distinguish our Phallic Brotherhood from any similarly named groups. We keep a clear focus.

Our focus remains exclusively upon encouraging male masturbation, specifically Mindful Masturbation, and the sharing of this blissful activity.

We consider auto-fellatio (as in the Egyptian myth of Atum, the Complete One) to be an extension of and form of masturbation. Unlike some groups, we do not share images of oral or anal sex between men, not because we have anything against those marvelous practices. Rather, we feel that male masturbation and the sharing of it can be potentially enjoyed by almost all men of Planet Earth without bringing in competition, control, or domination. We feel more men will feel comfortable in our Brotherhood with this focus.

Male masturbation and the sharing of it, watching one another rmasturbate, mutually masturbating each other's penises, rubbing erections together in cock2cock ecstatic pleasure, can all be enjoyed by many men regardless of how you may identify your sexuality: gay, bisexual, straight, queer, gender fluid, or however! We encourage the context be considered sharing, mutual encouragement and support on the spiritual path as in a Buddhist Sangha. Only OUR Middle Way is pure penis pleasure.

It is possible to avoid ego games, dramas of seduction, dominance, submission, the sex-hunt. None of those is necessarily bad, but male masturbation is something we encourage as a primary form of erotic enjoyment no less precious than any other! Plus, of course, the brain chemistry and hormones you generate are incredible and life-enhancing.

If you are not yet a member of our Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans page, please join as a way to enhance your own practice with our many hours of the best masturbation videos online. It is also a way to support us. We will soon share Part 1 of this extraordinary new series THE CHYMICAL WEDDING OF DRAGON PUPPY III in which you witness the Sacred Marriage as Handsome Young Russell marries himself!!! Click (above) or join HERE!

For the LIVE experience of masturbating with our Phallic Brotherhood, don't miss our next Full Moon Guided Group Masturbation Session on Z00M: Friday, March 18, 2022 at 3pm PST/ 5pm CST/ 6pm EST! Come 15 minutes early for fellowship, and stay a bit afterwards for the same warm, wonderful reason.

You are welcome to ejaculate and plant a "Golden Acorn" filled with your intention for World Peace, or with whatever you wish for. Or choose not ejaculate. Your choice, of course! This is your personal invitation, so please sign up by clicking the image (above) or click HERE!

There is no better time, in fact there is no other time at all, to focus on employment of your penis as an instrument of Peace!

Much Love,


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