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Your Penis is a Utopian Story!

by Bruce P. Grether

The Super Blue Moon: Coming Soon! Then, it can continue to shine in your heart indefinitely after that event. Have you ever wondered why dystopian stories are so popular? People seem to imagine a disastrous future as if it is already decided and inevitable. In truth, what we call the future, is something we are creating now. It is uncertain.

Among my favorite Utopian stories is the one about the Valley of the Blue Moon, two films inspired by the 1933 novel by James Hilton: LOST HORIZON. The 1937 film is in B&W, damaged and dated. I personally much prefer the 1973 musical remake, though it's common to criticize it: ROSS HUNTER'S LOST HORIZON. Produced by the first openly gay man in Hollywood, it features a remarkable cast and a surprisingly strong score by Burt Bacharach.

LOST HORIZON is concerns the discovery of a valley called Shangri-La, hidden in the high Himalayan Mountains. There, the best of humanity's achievements, cultural and spiritual are preserved against a tide of chaotic destruction sweeping over the world. In this Valley of the Blue Moon, is also encoded the Tibetan archetype of the Sacred Kingdom Shambala, the Holy Center of the Mandala. That kingdom, of course, actually lies between your legs.

By creating a Utopian bliss in your own body through pure penis pleasure, you can challenge the authoritarian forces of corporate capitalism and corporate media that want you to believe a bleak future is already determined and cannot be mitigated.

In truth, you are now creating what is to come, in the present moment, in your own body and through your immediate sensations of erotic pleasure!

You are extremely powerful, despite beliefs that external authorities seek to impose upon you from outside.

From within your body you create this Blue Moon energy of Utopian ideals, aware that the actual world never needs to perfectly match what you imagine and wish for. You have the agency to create a fantastic future by believing in yourself and loving others.

Employ the existing technology of your body and mind as a sustainable energy source in order to persist; make full use of the godlike powers of communication technology, such as the Internet, in order to inspire your penis to blossom, to share it and to keep your heart open.

Encourage your fellow men to share your pure penis pleasure with you. Help your Phallic Brothers to generate pure penis pleasure. Focus mindfulness between your legs!

Your own erotic ecstasy and that or your Brothers reinforce and amplify each other and thus you can put your arms around the world.

Embrace Phallic Brotherhood as a Utopian dream that you make real with a mindful focus upon the ancestral treasures between your legs. To rub your erect penis against the erect penis of a Phallic Brother is a form of nonverbal common action that helps to heal the planet.

In ROSS HUNTER'S LOST HORIZON released in 1973, the choreographer is Hermes Pan, among the greatest ever. He choreographed Fred Astaire, and in this Utopian film there is a huge "Fertility Dance" number with dozens of fit, nearly naked men dancing, leaping and twirling about!

To create a Utopian dream is not seeking perfection. Even a dystopia can include good people and happy events. Utopian, to me anyway, simply means seeking to create a better world than history has brought us to.

Reach across any kind of gap that may separate you from your Phallic Brother and share your touch upon his erection for several reasons; the sheer pure penis pleasure is enough, but also Brotherhood can help save the world.

Competition and aggression between men, the hierarchical domination of most men by a few powerful men at the top, and conditioning about sexuality--all these oppress men.

To touch, hold and stimulate the penis of your fellow man is an enjoyable delight personally. It is also a tonic that helps to increase the Love in the world, and opens a Path to Peace on Earth!

Brotherhood is no mere idea! It is a living, breathing, pulsating, vibrant reality that makes your heart beat faster and engorges your genitalia with life-blood. The point of both Shangri-La and your pure penis pleasure are to help you to look upon the world from above, a higher perspective. The doom and gloom that some imagine is the only possible future is not!

While I understand why dystopias are so popular, having grown up with such stories as 1984, BRAVE NEW WORLD and ON THE BEACH, and aware of more recent one such as THE HUNGER GAMES, I'm more interested in Utopian stories. Aldous Huxley's ISLAND is a great one! My own latest book is not about a perfect world, but a better world, where human nature remains imperfect, and the world is in immediate danger from an existential threat.

My latest published book is an epic tale of a future society that is a kind of erotic Utopia. In the cloudwhale society, Masturbation is considered the primary form of erotic pleasure, and same-sex relations are encouraged as being more natural than opposite sex relations. CLOUDWHALE also takes you into extraordinary worlds of adventure and a saga of seeking to save the world.

While today's electronic media of mobile phones and the Internet can make reading a book a challenge for many, I've regained that skill of being able to dive into a good book to live in its imaginary world. It's a worthy skill to regain!

Just as worthy is to re-train yourself, constantly, to masturbate more and more mindfully!

Much Brotherly Love,


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Aug 28, 2023

In my opinion, people are interested in men's erections, because they are designed to communicate, telling a story of joy, pleasure, and magic. When we are mindful, the Phallic Brotherhood are already in Utopia and reaching out with our hard-ons.

Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
Aug 28, 2023
Replying to

Totally! A perfect description… thank you! 😍

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