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Your Penis is a Shape Shifter!

by Bruce P. Grether

The most variable and diversely-shaped organ of your body is your penis! Your penis is a shape shifter!

Your penis echoes your entire body when you stand upright with feet on the ground. Your development as an organism resembles the evolution of your species. From single-cell, multi-cellular, swimming, crawling, to bipedal, techno-primate, this is not so hard to see!

Brother Jariel: Masturbation as Fine Art!

Recently I had the privilege of coaching Brother Jariel, a beautiful man who is both an incredibly talented artist, and also serves professionally as an artist's model.

Quickly I discovered that though he might benefit from my coaching, he's already an amazing masturbator! I was not starting from Square One with him! Not at all…

Jariel proved receptive to all of my suggestions. His natural male beauty, his handsome face, beautiful body and spectacular penis all made witnessing his self-pleasure a treat!

I'm always thrilled when a man can make use of the suggestions I've learned to offer over twenty years of coaching, and who also brings his own devotion to masturbation to the session.

See how Jariel's face registers the fact that he intensely feels the pleasure he generates by stimulating that shape shifting part of himself!

He already employed both hands to stimulate his genitals and body, though like most men, he had a preferred hand, so now and then I reminded him to switch out hands.

Honestly, I feel profoundly rewarded whenever I witness a man visibly, actually losing himself in his pure penis pleasure.

Eventually I asked Jariel if he would like to ejaculate during our session, and he said he would like to. In a later blog, I will follow him through that experience.

During our last Full Moon Guided Group Session, Russell asked if the Brothers minded if he recorded just himself with his phone to share the video on the OnlyFans page. These beautiful shape shifting images are the result. Watch the entire video by clicking the image above or joining the OF page HERE.

During the session Russell employed a number of special practices we often encourage men to try, such as the 7-Jeweled Phallus of moving upward along the shaft of your penis in ascending increments from base-to-head.

See how as he climbs close to his glans. As stimulation reaches the vicinity of the frenulum just below that rosy mushroom, Russell's sensations clearly intensify.

His mouth gapes wider open as the precum begins to flow from the meatus at the apex of his glans penis, the crest of that crown also called the "corona."

The complete Lunar Cycle is a kind of crown for a man who is King of his Life. The corona of his glans penis, the acorn of the head of his Living Phallus seems mysteriously connected with the ever-changing Moon.

As the circle wanes and again waxes from New or Dark to Full, observe the various ways that the Crescent and Gibbous phases all resemble the forms of the head of the human penis.

Russell takes glans in fist, like the New Moon, the Helmet of Flesh hidden in the foreskin of an intact man, and then revealed in Full (below)!

Russell fully grasps the connection between his Living Phallus and the Lunar Cycle! The only changeless thing is change itself, and the Moon is forever in the process of transformation!

The Lunar influence is a shape-shifting power that offers creative opportunities at every phase of the cycle. That shape shifting power brings your heart's desire to fruition!

The major challenge of manifesting your heart's desire through Male Solosex Magick is to truly keep the focus of your intent clearly in your mind all the way through your powerful ejaculatory orgasm! You need to keep the simplified description or image clearly in mind!

The Golden Acorn of Male Solosex Magick

The Golden Acorn reminds us of the glans or head of the Golden Phallus. Via our Monthly Moon Magick, we plant this acorn in order to grow mighty Phallic Oaks and inspire a true Phallic Forest of Global Brotherhood to cover the surface of our beloved Planet Earth!

Some Brothers here may have wondered for a time who is this mysterious Mr. X? Recently, he revealed himself here in all his naked glory. On the "Medicine Wheel" or "Magick Circle" of the Erotic Wizards, we consider Alasdair the Erotic Wizard of the Far North.

Cultivating Erotic Energy via Semen Retention

Alasdair has practiced Mindful Masturbation for many years. He knows how to listen deeply to his penis int the process. He is a student of the modern sexological study of Sexual Response, as well as the ancient Chinese wisdom concerning erotic energy.

This exquisite man is brilliant and subtle in his profound awareness! He contributes a new syntheses of ancient and contemporary seology, which we will gradually introduce here. Don't worry about grasping all of this intellectually, as that is not how it works! Just look into his eyes (above) and masturbate mindfully!

The Chinese Elements of tradition are a bit different from the Greek Aristotle elements. These are not literally materials of our experience, though they can be associated that way. Rather, the Chinese Five are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. They are qualities of experience, or as Alasdair explains, types of movements.

You may begin to absorb these aspects of erotic practice by taking up the practice of Qigong. Personally, I enjoy some of the Qigong routines I find on YouTube, such as this one! There are plenty of other great Qigong practices. I suggest you try doing them naked. Begin to incorporate masturbation with the positions and the mindful motions!

In Qigong there is a long-secret, powerful practice for youth and vitality, in the past often reserved for certain kinds of monks and priest, the Emperors and their favorites. Due to modern sexual inhibition, this practice called "Xi Sui Jing," or "Marrow Washing and Brain Bathing" was often withheld from Westerners and the Chines public alike.

When I described to Alasdair how I often coach men in a method to absorb erotic energy after a Mindful Masturbation sessions without ejaculattion, he told me it resembles this practice of Xi Sui Jing.

I suggest the man relaxes after reaching a high state of pure penis pleasure, lies back with arms up and hands atop his head. I guide him to visualize the pleasure spreading all through his trillions of cells, then sinking into his marrow to be stored where beneficial cells for the entire body are created in his bones.

In a discussion of shape shifting, David Spangler of the Lorian Association, quotes a woman of the Side, or the Fairies, named Mariel: "The true shape of anything isn't what it looks like, but what it is as an activity of life. It is something's function, yes, but also how life moves and flows within and around it."

"It is the intentionality that powers that movement." - Ibid.

Alasdair also speaks of "The Four Attainments," from ancient Chinese tradition, the "Elemental Maid" describes to the Yellow Emperor the ideal conditions of the aroused male organ as the Four Attainments of Qi or life-force. She described the stages of arousal as impassioned, enlarged, rigid, and heated.

The process of arousal and mindful stimulation of the penis begins as it responds to your impassioned attention, grows, stiffens, and grows hotter as the internal blood that engorges it becomes "trapped" within the organ.

See how Alasdair's penis grows and shape shifts through those stages of arousal. The Attainments also resemble the phases of the Moon. Though the first stage is sometimes called "angry," I prefer its synonym "impassioned," or as Masters and Johnson called it "excitement."

Excitement or the impassioned first stage of arousal may occur from either or both of two primary sources of stimulation: touch of some kind, or mental and emotional imagery, imagining, or erotic fantasy. Mindful erotic practice suggests that the most intense and powerful stimulation may come from self-touch and directly observing your own body.

A wide range of strategies may follow, which we will explore in further blogs dealing with how the Sexual Response Cycle relates to those Four Attainments and the Five Elements that indicate types of movement and change.

Intentionality empowers these movements. The healthy appetite for as much physical pleasure as you can generate for yourself is a worthy process for human males to explore. In order to prolong and continue to ascend through limitless levels of bliss, variety of practice and close attention to your level of arousal merge into an effortless flow of practice.

Of course, excitement or impassioned arousal is only the beginning of a mindful erotic journey. Though many men still hold ejaculation as the goal and best outcome of a masturbation session, this is worth questioning.

Ejaculation is healthy, a spectacular experience that physically mature human males cherish, and yet you may limit your experience of ecstatic states if you do not make ejaculation a choice and explore what lies beyond its frontiers!

Ejaculation is an act of creative fulfillment and a form of Sex Magic manifestation. Similarly, to retain your semen for longer periods with intention, proves transformational for the man himself from within himself--the essence of Male Erotic Alchemy!

Witness Russell's sacred act of Full Moon Sex Magick on Mount Shasta, when his semen spurted up in a distinct spiral pattern that this extraordinary young man recorded!

Don't miss the next Guided Full Moon Group Masturbation Session: Sunday, October 9, 2022 at 11am PST/ 1pm CST/ 2pm EST, USA, on Z00M. Places available until one hour before the beginning, and you are welcome to come 15 minutes early, stay 15 minutes after to bond with the Brothers. You can sign up HERE! Or click the image above!

Join us in sharing Phallic Brotherhood with the men of Planet Earth!

Much Love,


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Sep 30, 2022

Always entertaining, educational and enlightening. Lovely.

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